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  1. Maple

    4G Equips

    Solar Nocturnal sword staff Inferno Silver Light sword staff Light sword staff Morte sword staff Reyes sword staff Weber Aquarius Tsunami Nereus sword staff Bronze Warrior Temptest White Darkness sword staff
  2. they showed up from T2 to T3, but not for T4
  3. locking! thank you to everyone who entered and i hope you all had fun ^.^ winners will be announced in the coming days!
  4. closed! the winners will be announced when possible for sky ♥
  5. Diary no. 471 Teacup took reference screenshot for my entry in art contest :3
  6. Hi Tricksters! Please help us decide which items/boxes we should release for August 24, 2018 - September 7, 2018 MyShop Update. Siffleur Box https://wikimirror.lifeto.co/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Siffleur_Hat_100.html vs. Blue Rose Box 70/170 https://wikimirror.lifeto.co/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Michel's_Wig_170.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kopurin Box http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Kopurin_Hammer_100.html vs. Pink Rose Box 70/170 https://wikimirror.lifeto.co/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Isabelle's_Wig_170.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warrior Buffalo Box https://web.archive.org/web/20150908025841/http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Warrior_Buffalo_Box_220 vs. Boxer Bunny Box 60 & 180 https://wikimirror.lifeto.co/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Boxer_Bunny_Box_180.html In the next update, we'll be adding 3 sets of boxes. So please choose carefully. Poll ends at exactly 11:59 p.m. (EDT) on August 21, 2018. Feel free to comment your suggestions for the next MyShop poll. Thanks!~
  7. Diary no. 435 Teacup played some ms2 royale while waiting for o/x~
  8. reserved~ i want to enter just for the consolation prize cus i can't draw EDIT: IGN: [Mod]Maple Entry Type: Digital Description: @Nessie has an addiction to legendaries.... i really wanted to draw her eating a card but i don't know how to draw it the setting is in alteo empire gate!
  9. Diary no. 376 Teacup stella is being mean
  10. Diary no. 355 Teacup moar gloomz
  11. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beginner Box ---------------------------------------- Box I Active Helmet Common Active Sword Rare Active Shield Rare ---- Ocean Hairband Rare Ocean Spear Rare Ocean Shield Rare ---- Traditional Bandana Rare Tau's Lily Rare Traditional Rod Rare Traditional Shield Rare ---- Spiker Tinnie Very Rare ---------------------------------------- Box II Sandman's Hard Hat Common Coronet of Gallantry Rare Marie Elle's Helmet Rare Guild Beret Rare Mischievous Chagan's Wig Rare Captain's Hat Very Rare ---- Magic Sword of Gallantry Rare Defender of the Gallant Rare Hammer of Conviction Rare Shield of Conviction Rare ---- Squire Gilbert Very rare ---------------------------------------- Box III Momo Hairband Common Banker Hat Very Rare Yuri Helmet Very Rare ---- Banker Knife Rare Hunter Sword Rare Paul Knife Rare Banker Rifle Rare Hunter Gun Rare Compounder Gas Gun Rare Banker Shield Rare ---------------------------------------- Pet Box Squire Gilbert Common Little Paul Rare Little Yuri Rare Pocket Hunter Rare Handsome Tau Rare Stern Marie Elle Rare Gallant Stefano Rare Guild Intern Esther Rare Mischievous Chagan Rare Loan Officer Lisa Rare Shy Joey Rare Royal Rosetta Rare Spiker Tinnie Very Rare Lovely Lorena Very Rare Megalopolis Box ---------------------------------------- Box I Leviathan Sword Common Leviathan Shield Common Leviathan Hair Acc. Very Rare Leviathan Very Rare ---- Rachel's Spear Rare Macaron Shield Rare Rachel's Beret Very Rare Keeper Rachel Very Rare ---- Vinosh Sword Rare Vinosh's Shield Rare Vinosh's Puppy Hat Very Rare Sassy Vinosh Very Rare ---------------------------------------- Box II Panther Blade Common Panther Shield Common Lethos Very Rare ---- Eltron Espada Rare Eltron Shield Rare Eltron Headband Rare Rosaspina Very Rare ---- Hard Luck Hammer Rare Trumps-All Shield Rare Dealer`s Topper Very Rare Card Master Taniel Very Rare ---------------------------------------- Box III Skull Blade Common Skull Guard Common Skull Hair Pin Very Rare Boxer Jeanne Very Rare ---- Swashbuckler's Saber Rare Swashbuckler's Shield Very Rare Swashbuckler's Hat Very Rare La Vida Very Rare ---- Chronos Halberd Rare Chronos Rifle Rare Chronos Shield Rare Chronos Chapeau Very Rare Apprentice Eclipse Very Rare ---------------------------------------- Box IV Vigor Blade Common Vigor Shield Common Vigor Cross Very Rare Master Louis Jr. Very Rare ---- Legendary Lotus Common Sarah's Hat Rare Flower Hammer Rare Little Sarah Very Rare ---- Pia's Casquette Hat Rare Time Keeper's Hammer Rare Time Keeper's Shield Rare Time Keeper Pia Very Rare ---- Rosemary Tie (Acc) Rare Hyena Hairband Very Rare Haughty Rosemary Very Rare Oops Warf Box ---------------------------------------- Box I Marion Hammer Common Marion Shield Common Marion Hat Very Rare Secretary Marion Very Rare ---- Hunter Yuna Hammer Rare Hunter Yuna Shield Rare Hunter Yuna Hat Very Rare Hunter Yuna Very Rare ---- Divine Spirit Staff Rare Divine Spirit Shield Rare Divine Spirit Tiara Very Rare Spirit of Nefertiti Very Rare ---------------------------------------- Box II Portina's Staff Common Portina's Shield Common Portina's Headdress Very Rare Portina Very Rare ---- Card Girl's Hammer Rare Card Girl's Shield Rare Card Girl's Wig Very Rare Card Girl Very Rare ---- Golden Spoon Rare Berry Cake Shield Rare Baker's Hat Very Rare Rosie Pastel Very Rare Strawberry Glasses Very Rare ---------------------------------------- Box III Whistle Hammer Common Trainer's Shield Common Trainer's Hat Very Rare Shara Very Rare ---- Diploma Stick Rare Diploma Shield Rare Diploma Hair Very Rare Lovely Vinosh Very Rare ---- Deep Space Hammer Rare Pachi's UFO Shield Rare Pachi's Sombrero Very Rare Pessimistic Pachi Very Rare ---------------------------------------- Box IV Silverwolf Kukuri Common Silverwolf Shield Common Silverwolf Head Very Rare Little Lycan Very Rare ---- Coral Hammer Rare Clam Shell Shield Rare Starfish Hairclip Very Rare Mermaid Girl Marin Very Rare ---- Sephira`s Staff Rare Magical Girl Shield Rare Magical Girl Hat Very Rare Magical Girl Sephira Very Rare ---- Ancient Sword Rare Ancient Shield Rare Bastet Hat Very Rare Bastet Very Rare Rose Garden Box ---------------------------------------- Box I Hawaiian Headband Common Flower Cudgel Common Hawaiian Shield Common Hawaiian Irina Rare Heart Face Painting Very Rare ---- Ethel’s Witch Hat Common Ethel’s Wand Common Ethel’s Shield Common Stargazer Ethel Rare ---- Cheerful Stella Hat Common Cheerful Stella Staff Common Cheerful Stella Shield Common Cheerful Stella Rare ---------------------------------------- Box II Danihen’s Elegant Hat Common Danihen’s Elegant Sword Common Danihen’s Coach Gun Common Danihen’s Elegant Shield Common Elegant Don Danihen Rare ---- Miranda’s Feather Tiara Common Microphone Staff Common Cockatoo Shield Common Miranda Watty Rare ---- Danihen’s Chapeau Common Danihen’s Cane Sword Common Danihen’s Locked Shield Common Young Master Danihen Rare Danihen’s Party Mask Very Rare ---------------------------------------- Box III Penta Hat Common Balancing Rod Common Magical Kitten Shield Common Magician Louie Rare ---- Squirrel Ribbon Common Squirrel Staff Common Squirrel Guard Common Darling Dorothy Rare ---- Aria Hairclip Common Aria Staff Common Aria Shield Common Amazing Aria Rare ---- Mint’s Hairpin Common Kitchen Knife Common Kitchen Eagle Common Winged Kitchen Shield Common Marvelous Mint Rare ---------------------------------------- Box IV Sassy Shades Common Sassy Hammer Common Sassy Shield Common Sassy Tipreth Rare ---- Master Hat Common Cluster Cane Common Saint Shield Common Hunter Master Rare ---- Tera Hat Common Tera Sword Common Eloy Spear Common Little Tera Rare Azteca Box ---------------------------------------- Box I Cletta Hairclip Common Cletta Spear Common Cletta Shield Common Little Cletta Rare ---- Poirot Flat Cap Common Poirot Staff Common Poirot Gun Common Detective Poirot Rare ---- Rose Fairy Hairclip Common Rose Fairy Dagger Common Rose Fairy Shield Common Petite Rose Fairy Rare ---- Arlene’s Boho Hat Common Arlene’s Boho Dagger Common Arlene’s Boho Gun Common Arlene’s Boho Shield Common Fusion Master Arlene Rare ---------------------------------------- Box II Mirabo’s Headband Common Mirabo’s Spear Common Mirabo’s Shield Common Mirabo Watty Rare ---- Roseus Head Piece Common Roseus Dagger Common Roseus Gun Common Roseus Shield Common Item Girl Rare ---- Harvest Tiara Common Harvest Rake Common Harvest Shield Common Blossoming Nefertiti Rare Harvest Glasses Very Rare Harvest Ring Very Rare ---- Elencia Hood Common Elencia Sword Common Elencia Pistol Common Elencia Shield Common Explorer Reina Rare ---------------------------------------- Box III UFO Sombrero Common Deep Space Staff Common UFO Shield Common Charismatic Kochi Rare ---- Innocent Hat Common Innocent Dagger Common Innocent Gun Common Innocent Shield Common Prodigy Cochma Rare Innocent Glasses Very Rare ---- Witch’s Ice Staff Common Witch’s Ice Shield Common Wicked Befana Rare Purple Butterfly Mask Very Rare ---- Bunny Ear Common Bunny Hammer Common Bunny Shield Common Little Bunny Maid Rare Special Town Tapasco ---------------------------------------- Box I Wedding Cake Knife Common Wedding Candle Common Cupid's SMG-143 Common Wedding Shield Common Wedding Cape Common Wedding Hat Rare Wedding Shades Very Rare Bride La Befana Very Rare Groom Tau Very Rare ---- Aquatic Kris Common Rainbow Shield Common Hibiscus Hairpin Rare Haughty Rosemary Rare Little Bunny Maid Rare Little Lycan Rare Little Paul Rare Little Tera Rare Blue Frame Glasses Very Rare Sunny Esther Very Rare Sunny Yupika Very Rare ---------------------------------------- Box II Goldfish Hairpin Common Coral Sword Common Dolphin Staff Common Shark Gun Common Lantern Shield Common Wave Cape Common Hawaiian Glasses Rare Pocket Hunter Rare Royal Rosetta Rare Yukata Dorothy Very Rare Swimsuit Rosetta Very Rare ---- Engagement Sword Common Engagement Staff Common Engagement Gun Common Engagement Necklace Common Engagement Cape Common Engagement Tiara Rare Engagement Bouquet Rare Little Yuri Rare Little Sarah Rare Bride Venus Very Rare Groom Mireru Very Rare ---------------------------------------- Box III Marital Blade Common Marital Scepter Common Marital Revolver Common Marital Shield Common Marital Pendant Common Marital Tiara Rare Marital Cape Rare Bride Joey Very Rare ---- Rook Hat 140 Common Rook Hammer 140 Common Rook Shield 140 Common Rook Gloves 140 Common Rook 140 Rare ---- Rook Hat 240 Rare Rook Hammer 240 Rare Rook Shield 240 Rare Rook Gloves 240 Rare Rook Cape 240 Rare Rook 240 Very Rare ---------------------------------------- Box IV Rosalyna's Crown 80 Common Rosalyna's Spear 80 Common Rosalyna's Shield 80 Common Rosalyna 80 Rare ---- Rosalyna's Crown 180 Rare Rosalyna's Spear 180 Rare Rosalyna's Shield 180 Rare Rosalyna's Cape 180 Rare Rosalyna 180 Very Rare ---- Cielo Gladius Common Cielo Staff Common Cielo Gun Common Cielo Shield Common Cielo Ring Common Cielo Hat Rare Cielo Cape Rare Summer Stella Very Rare ---- Piscium Headband Common Scorpii Sword Common Tauri Staff Rare Matsuri Angel Very Rare Groom Leonardo Very Rare ---------------------------------------- Box V Leonis Hammer Common Sagittarii Bow Gun Common Aquarii Shield Common Arietis Cape Common Cancri Backpack Rare Capricorni Necktie Rare Librae Scales Very Rare ---- Starlight Edge Common Twin Star Cane Common Grand Star Impact Common Shooting Star Ray Common Magical Star Shield Common Quick Sterling Common Royal Star Muffler Common Wonder Star Band Rare Geminorum Glasses Very Rare ---- Lina the Fallen Very Rare Singha the Redeemed Very Rare Jen the Fallen Very Rare Azhi the Redeemed Very Rare
  12. Diary no. 338 Teacup glooming for tomarrow~
  13. Diary no. 317 Teacup @Cloudy bullied me to deff :(
  14. Diary no. 300 Teacup when bae doesn't mind slaving for you <3
  15. Diary no. 280 Teacup dailies~
  16. Diary no. 253 Teacup more drilling, but with @Cloudy ;)
  17. Diary no. 229 Teacup drilling away in techi
  18. Diary no. 181 Teacup shopping
  19. Diary no. 153 Deer watching @Nessie getting a soul master, and also peeked on cute miss Davi
  20. Maple

    Whirwind (Typo)

    dang, pls nerf
  21. Diary no. 123 Teacup glooming~
  22. this is a substitute post for @Nessie as she is away from home for one day, if this isn't allowed then please disregard this post! for clarification's sake, she sent me the screenshot and i'm posting for her Diary no. 95 [Mod]Nessie "Drilled for swamp questies before I had to leave! "
  23. Diary no. 91 Teacup HE DOES EXIST!!!