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  1. Diary no. 68 Deer questings!!!
  2. Diary No. 32 Deer today, i got my baby sheep to 3rd with @Nessie's kitty~
  3. congrats to the winners and thank you sky!
  4. Maple

    Nessie's Guide to Guardians

    confirming this
  5. What about 5 second cool-down instead?
  6. Maple

    LifeTO Web Updates

  7. Diary No. 581 IGN: [Mod]Maple opened new boxes with some guildies!
  8. Maple

    Help us fill our Wiki!

    https://wiki.lifeto.co/index.php?title=Main_Page some of it has been done by Ray and Muchi, but it's a lot of work and it'd be nice to have some help from those who are able ^.^ *it's mediawiki, not wikipedia Here's a helpful guide; don't forget to register to start editing! Active contributors will get a special forum title; "Wiki Contributor" Levels 1 - 10. It works like so; someone creates a page just to get the title will get the basic title(Level 1). Send me a private message with the pages you created!
  9. Maple

    Help us fill our Wiki!

    Please don't post others' guides on the wiki without permission~ Image heavy guides don't work very well either
  10. Diary No. 548 IGN: Teacup finished snow hill on bun today~ found this cute little spot in the monster guild!
  11. Diary No. 476 IGN: [Mod]Maple spotted a stuck fox while finishing event quest, i got her unstuck!
  12. Diary No. 445 IGN: [Mod]Maple prepping for gloom farming!
  13. Maple

    4G Equips

    super big thank you to the dev's for letting me get these in the test server! and @Twicey for letting me borrow his lion! Can I wear ears with the hats? yes! i did not wear them as the cat ears collide with a few and i don't like the look of inconsistency in the gifs How do I get these pretty shinies?! @shanni wrote a great guide here!
  14. Maple

    LifeTO Appreciation

    Maple from NekoPara ;)
  15. thank you so much for the previews! super helpful
  16. Diary No.363 IGN: [Mod]Maple sky sat next to me
  17. Maple

    LifeTO Appreciation

    YOU GUYS thank you everyone for being so nice, forgiving, and enjoying our server!!! we can't make everyone happy with changes or features but we try
  18. not sure why Armor Squirt is dropping these all of a sudden but... yeah edit: from wiki.... http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Torture_for_Morons_2.html "only droppable in summer"
  19. Diary No. 340 IGN: [Mod]Maple people playing card battle!
  20. Diary no. 288 IGN: [Mod]Maple finally won another round of harkon! gg to all <3
  21. Diary no. 274 IGN: [Mod]Maple got sylvia pet! she's so cute~
  22. Diary No. 231 IGN: Willow trying out baby harkon by myself
  23. Maple

    Gacha Item Boxes and Prices

    good ideas!!
  24. Diary No.159 IGN: [Mod]Maple screming in mega with ubey!