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  1. Diary no. 137 IGN: [Mod]Maple today, i annoyed ness with a bunch of galders c:
  2. Diary No. 106 IGN: [Mod]Maple finished episode 6! plot twists galore!!
  3. Diary No. 78 IGN: [Mod]Maple sick for the first time in years & feeling cruddy so i crawled back into the mines to slave :(
  4. Diary No. 39 IGN: [Mod]Maple yelling at ray to help his poor pet
  5. still crashing i am a public safety hazard
  6. Diary No. 21 [Mod]Maple I GOT INNOCENT GLASSES!!!!!!!!!! KISSING CARD GIRL GAVE ME LUCK ^ with timestamp
  7. Maple

    Patch Notes [2018-07-01]

    thank you sky & ray!!!
  8. Hawaiian Cape - Hawaiian Irina set Rosie's Cape - Rosie Pastel set Strawberry Glasses - Rosie Pastel set Hawaiian Glasses* Goldfish Hairpin* *both from a Tapasco category but wiki does not support the page http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Marital_Tiara.html Martial Set http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Wedding_Hat.html Wedding Set http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Classic_Red_Hat.html Classic Red set Hibiscus Hairpin Blue Frame Glasses http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Happy_Wedding_Hairband.html Happy Wedding set ........ maybe just all of tapasco's stuff and an extra thing, all mycamp gacha items for about 300k to 500k each box
  9. oops that's my pet sorry.... she even makes me crash myself
  10. Maple

    Re-colour Suggestions Thread (Fashion)

    cuuttee!! would love to see 1st & 3rd when you have time <3
  11. based off of our time setting on the site, it would be helpful(and cute) to have a 'sunrise, day, sunset, night' theme https://www.belltreeforums.com/ does exactly what I mean, changes color depending on the time of the day night screenshot day screenshot i hope i make sense, sorry if i don't
  12. 1. Basics: What name do you go by? How old are you, and what timezone are you in? I'm Aly! I'm 21 and my time zone is CDT! 2. When did you start Trickster? When did you start playing on this server? when I was around 10(damn, time flew). started this server in 2015 :D 3. What's your favorite class and why? cats and sheep! cats are so glamorous, fun and cute~ sheep are very fun with how customizable they are! 4. Which set is cosmetically your favorite? for a boss set, same boat as a few others here with blood set. XD cute stuff; bunny ears, hyena headband, banker hat.....there's too many cutes in trickster! 5. What do you usually do on Trickster? questing! now that I'm mostly done with those, I just sit around or drill 6. Do you have any goals in this game? get the stuff that I've always wanted, but couldn't 7. Did/do you look up to anyone in-game? @Nessie 8. Other than gaming, do you have other hobbies? listening to music, reading web comics
  13. Diary No. 23 [Mod]Maple Helping out Mr. Kaio!
  14. Maple

    Open reward coupon

    Fixed, thank you!
  15. Maple

    Art and Cats

    super duper cute! i love them! you could absolutely set up a commission shop for galders! welcome to the game ^_^
  16. Maple

    Give Cherry Blossom a use!

    it's such a beautiful map; so why let it go to waste? an idea: put the gacha fashion & galder coupon npc in the stalls! example; please write any other ideas!
  17. Maple

    Hello Everyone

    i know this so well............. welcome to LifeTO!! ^_^
  18. wine requires you to install winhttp and wininet libraries through winetricks and the reason we never released the Mac client was because we couldn't get myshop to work!
  19. Maple


    welcome to LifeTO!
  20. Maple


    welcome to LifeTO!
  21. Maple


    welcome to LifeTO!! <3
  22. Maple


    welcome to LifeTO!!! :3
  23. Maple

    Nessie's Guide to Guardians

    good job