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  1. Maple

    Well Hi

    welcome to LifeTO!!! we hope you enjoy this wonderful server <3
  2. Maple

    Invisible Equipment Thread

    Wicked Befana also still invisible along with Afrina Blaze 240 -------------- Sky Update: Fixed
  3. green tenter spear? nawh cute little star that smushes enemies to nothing? heck yes! ffffffffffffff- in all seriousness... it'd be a dream come true if we could fuse uniques~
  4. Maple

    Invisible Equipment Thread

    Ethal Shield, Ethal Wand, Ethal's Witch Hat (160), Stargazer Ethal are invisible Hawaiian Headband, Shield and Cudgel are invisible Hawaiian Face Paint is invisible and.... timed?????? Hawaiian Irina pet is....... paula named 'bear sec'?! and not exactly relating to this thread but it is at the same time.... with Oops Warf Box IV, it has a very random drop of Repair Powder
  5. Maple

    Eclipse's Gacha Fashion

    thanks boo
  6. aahh, sorry i couldn't be of more help
  7. i don't know if this is just a perk to being a 'happiness manager' or not, but click your avatar > account settings no siggy's yet but i'd love to have them :3
  8. Maple

    Your most NOOB moment

    very first character, an annoying little cat, i put most of my points into HP(to survive- HP build wasn't a thing yet)....and then into DA, WT, MA (?!?!), some MP...