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  1. Negligence

    Global Drops

    Already made suggestions about fiesta.. Sadly theyre too bc to approve or implement it
  2. Negligence

    Increase drop rate of Treasure Boxes

    Finally, somebody who understands Treasure boxes do give lots of crappy junks like Who wanted arcana cards from them? You already get that in card packs Rng is already a bitch then you put 4 more junk in its rotation Plsss remove this from boss treasure boxes: Arcana cards(smart,brave,love,dream) All elixers black/white/green/blackgreen/whitegreen Repair powders Total 10 junk items that can be collected easily in other ways so plss remove them in treasure boxes to give rng more good chance to roll actual boss equips
  3. Diary no. 116 IGN : DeadlyKite Oooh yis, finished a harkon def today, imagine after this you gotta play for Gacha Boxes.. ohh pls ohh pls @Sky
  4. Negligence

    Making Worn & Old map treasure hunting more fun "part.2"

    Thx for taking the time to read this but you already did something with elixer ( e.g reina event) which is nice, soo its okay if this is last priority
  5. Diary No. 93 Ign: DeadlyKite Drill faster you slaves !! the new boxes are coming !!!
  6. Diary No. 30 IGN: DeadlyKite 2 people Harkon Def !! woot woot, but sad, only 2 of us do harkon and 1 got chronos shard and I dont
  7. Negligence

    Fiesta Time !!

    Uuuup you go baby no.2
  8. Uuuup you go, I hope sky see this baby
  9. Negligence

    Catching up with everyone

    Welcome back sire sky
  10. Sad they are so many duplicates
  11. Negligence

    Maintenance [2018-10-12]

    Oooh nice-su Thx for all the hardwork More power to you sire's
  12. Negligence

    Maintenance [2018-10-08]

    Are the Polls for new Boxes also up ? or just surprise boxes after this maintenance ?
  13. Just tossing an Idea here, Cause lately more people are participating in Harkon (thx to reina scavenger hunt event ) but why stop there ? For what I understand.. peoples motivation to go to harkon is to get shards, get shards then get 4g, and 4gcards = Shiny Equips, can be weapon (infernos) , but Mostly people use it for Fuses ( who wouldnt? its shiiiny and cool) but majority of players now have this Shiny's already, so no more or less motivation to go soooo... If the Prize of harkon is for fuses.. lets ADD MORE FUSES by adding Gacha Boxes Here !! This is how: What if... all the players in the Harkon Room, AFTER they DEFEAT CHRONOS, They get Teleported to Fiesta Room 10 (same 10mins) BUT instead of Dropping FIESTA MARBLES.. make them drop GACHA BOXES (totally random town from Beginner >> Special town) with the Drop rate according to the difficulty/mode of defense If players defended: Gloom - 20% gacha boxes drop rate Kira - 30% gacha boxes drop rate Boss mode - 40% Droprate This way, we really apply our Play-2-win motto, adding an alternative besides buying them from Eclipse and ADDING motivation to Finish Harkon besides 4g's fuses
  14. Negligence

    Fiesta Time !!

    Just noticed.. I made a pretty good sets of prices here(pats myself in the back) Like Gift box D is really good for mid lvl players(180-250) who are collecting eggs and certs for equipment, eggshop pets or capes The gift box E is really good combo you can get cf 215 or tempering gold, really good for tempering char boxes And gift box F is also good for powerful equipment makers you can get nikarium or cf305 for tempering it + random boss broom for boss hunters Ohh pls oh plss.. make this nxt event or much better permanent feature
  15. Diary No. 240 Ign: DeadlyKite Pls buys people, need funds