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  1. Hey there!

    Was thinking of something that could be interesting for people using the Marketplace on the Website. That would be a list of items sold, like a receipt (like database data transaction, using show * for example), or maybe of last week-month-year.

    The reason i suggest is to know what items are "hot" to sell, like what stones you sold or equips recently. I believe that right now we can only see the open items to be sold.

    Just a suggestion, i feel it would be a plus for the Marketplace feature. Wich by the way is very very cool, well done! Same goes for items transfers.



    EDIT: @Skyjust saw an older topic with same suggestion. You can close this one it :)

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  2. Hey there

    Just noticed a small bug on the "ITEM MANAGER" tab.

    So i went to check some equips on my char inventory, and on the game my ICE SWORD is lvl 2 (refined). However, on the ITEM MANAGER tab online, it shows she is LVL 4. (same goes for others equips, GLS,...)

    Images are below. Not very important but felt like reporting in :)


    (in-game inventory- lvl 2)



    (item manager, on the website -lvl4)


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  3. So i was looking to get some ores to refine my equips, and headed over to Techichi mine (on field 4).

    When i got there, instead of mine entrance there is a SIgnpost and something else, one on top of each other,

    Upon clicking it, shows at belows. No refining for now i suppose. Hope it helps :)


  4. I too believe that SOME buffs durations are annoying, like MANA REFLECTOR. It lasts few seconds, at least it feels like when killing a boss (it supposed to be hard i guess, but i don't enjoy casting every few seconds). 

    Maybe at least double the duration time can already solve it.

    Hey, double or nothing! :)

  5. Sadly, i missed the screenshot

    But basically, i went to Fiesta Zone, to grind a bit, and chosed to leave the zone(from the portal below ITEM GIRL). Was ZONE 7 due to the level.

    I was going to be teleported to Ceremonia using the portal, and then got 2 errors messages with pop-ups (one was like 'EXCEPTIONAL ERROR'; the other message didn't pay attention :( )

    Hope it helps!

  6. Hello there! Lets get the hands on:

    1. Item Name: 

    • Card Master Raccoon Box 240
    • Dark Shadow Box 240
    • Inventor Lion Box 240
    • Bard Sheep Box 240

    2. Suggested Price: 10, 15 or 20 eggs (not sure how much is worst tho!) per box? (since its random item)
    3. Reason for suggesting: i might be wrong, but having good gear late game its not too easy to get at first, spicy for example, i find myself using most of the times same ones and old pieces. Good option for grinding. Also, its a nice set, decent stats and good stetics. As title says, just a suggestion :)

    4. Photo/s of the item: (only found 2 of the 4 boxes photos, so will link those 2; others are broken)



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