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  1. I was trying to put hardant on my Rook 240 pet(2slots) when I saw that the free Pink and Amethyst Elixirs from mail(Lv. 360) doesn't work but Amethyst elixirs from the current Reina event works. Is this a glitch on the free Elixirs?
  2. Has anyone noticed that Kitty Earring 190 which has 80% movespeed is slower than the Lv. 110 MS sprint which has the same movespeed. Also the Lv. 110 sprint feels the same as the Lv. 230 sprint which is 90%.
  3. Hi, Recently there was a patch that was applied so Mermaid Palace monsters will drop Lv. 95 stones. All monsters drop Lv. 95 stones now except the Waterweed Witch(Lv. 95). She still drops 80 stones.
  4. Diary No. 578 CarpalTunnel Dear Diary, First time I went out with my pet Rook and it was so much fun
  5. Danix

    More Viable Racoon Builds

    I actually think zero CD is best since it's both a buff and debuff at the same time.
  6. Diary No. 557 Gado Dear Diary, Today I learned that I'm too hot for @MagicianHana so she follows me around
  7. Diary No. 545 CarpalTunnel A lone fox in a dark cold weather.
  8. Diary No. 525 Danix When sheeps about to curse you...
  9. Diary No. 490 Danix When spicy drops all kinds of equips
  10. Diary no. 431 Gado Got my first Spicy Card
  11. Danix

    Mind's Eye Skill

    So any fix for this?
  12. Diary no. 340 Danix When you're about to open 50 spicy boxes but you are scared...
  13. Diary No. 317 Gado When you just want spicy eggs but you get mobbed...
  14. Diary No. 290 Danix When you are excited to kill the boss, but the boss room is empty
  15. Diary no. 247 Puffles When you're finally ready to fry a lizard...
  16. Diary no. 207 Gado When you got these fortune but you are laggy :3
  17. Diary No. 185 Gado When you were able to trade 2 amethyst elixirs with Reina.. But it isn't enough
  18. Diary no. 157 Gado When you didn't know Spicy Dragon drops chaos equips...
  19. Danix

    MyShop [2018-09-10]

    Can you post the set bonuses too?
  20. Diary No.112Draku When your boy is about to expire...
  21. Danix

    Reina's Scavenger Hunt

    Nice. Sounds interesting
  22. I just got a Rook 240 Pet. It said that one of its features would be the Autoloot. But he's not looting the galder that is dropping. Also he's a voice pet but I don't hear anything.
  23. Diary No. 44 Gado In search of the last piece...
  24. Diary no. 13Danix First time buying 2 gacha boxes and I got a Rook 240 Pet and I'm loving it
  25. Danix

    Autoloot BUG?

    Are you going to fix it in the future? It's kind of a waste to have that pet but not have the autoloot