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  1. Diary No. 306 IGN - Mikiberry These little shoppies are so cute~
  2. IGN: Mikiberry Entry Type: Digital Description: I pretty much spent the entire summer playing trickster online. I got to relive my childhood nostalgia again, which was a blast. Im still learning a lot in game that I didn't get to experience when eTo closed. But the pinnacle of my summer was farming 1600+ cards and hunting for Sc's for my legendary guardian and seeing chaos erupt at the bad furies. And here is a piece describing such events with my cat +other shannenigans. Cheers~
  3. Diary No. 507 IGN: Mikiberry I have finally descended into card id hell
  4. Diary No. 389 IGN: Mikiberry Managed to card id both 1 and 16 in a day, what are the odds... Im not ready to get 800 more cards
  5. Diary No. 380 IGN: Mikiberry This was a morning surprise Not sure if I should keep it or feed my gacha addiction.
  6. Diary No. 368 IGN: Mikiberry I've never seen so many shops at mega Ive totally forgot to keep up w my diary Got 3rd job on my fox and sheep though. Yayyy. I feel my carpals dying.
  7. Diary No .265 IGN: Mikiberry Finally, shelled out the MS points for a new recolor outfit/hair dye because i need to be a goshdarn special snowflake I live for the fashion life. TAKE MY MONEY GALDERS. That chicken is like big MOOD. I see a lot of posters here and there. And im much to shy to speak to anyone. But id love to have friends ; u ;
  8. Diary No.211 IGN: Mikiberry Finally got one piece ~ yay I love all these new emojis.
  9. Diary No. 170 IGN: Mikiberry Is it christmas yet? Im tired of summer already
  10. Diary No. 140 Mikiberry He taketh, he giveth
  11. Diary No. 112 IGN: Mikiberry I wonder how many times i have to do this run until i get the equips... Other than that, I love all the riddles and trivia~
  12. Diary No. 82 IGN: Mikiberry Everytime I go down to the mermaid palace it reminds me of undersea diving adventures in pokemon. Nostalgia trip for dayzzz~
  13. Diary No. 52 IGN: Mikiberry This place is so pretty. It's my favorite colors~ Blue and purple I unconditionally find the storyline so far up to episode 3 really cute but also extremely cheesey w true love prevailing amongst the princesses.
  14. Diary No. 11 IGN: Mikiberry Trying to escape the land of fire irl