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  1. mrmarvel88

    Eclipse's Gacha Fashion

    Question ! Where is this ? And how do i get these
  2. mrmarvel88

    Give Cherry Blossom a use!

    Or you guys should make it the 'official' event area, so when the GM's want to run an event blossom should be the meet up area, then it will become a nice social area where people can hang out and interact with GMs. OR !!!! rent it to a guild and it could be a Guild HQ ! cost is 20mil galders a month ! of course i will take a % of the rent due to being my idea...right sky ?...please
  3. mrmarvel88

    Hello everyone!

    Hello Guys, My names Marvel i'm new to the LifeTO family and just wanted to introduce myself also known as marvel in discord if ya'll wanted to chat, i will most likely player power type or mage so if ya'll need a grinding partner i'll be around as i don't have a char yet. I'm friendly unless you mess with my friends then i'll hunt u down in the game of course hahaha i'm British but live in Canada now .. also i'm an old man so be nice to me haha i count 30 as old .... yes im 30 i played eTO when i was in my teens -__- made myself feel even older haha .. Gamer for life Thanks for checking me out ...-insert wink face- Hope to see ya'll in-game don't be scared to say hi