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  1. It's supposed to be high risk, high reward. There are other places where you can farm it peacefully. Regarding quests that might come in the future, you can always try going there at different times of the day or buy the items yourself from players that have done said quests :)
  2. These two crucial Champion skills are reliant on accuracy, just like any other skill is. However, there is a random chance of missing for absolutely no reason. These skills are paramount for a Champion in both PvM and PvP scenarios. The fact that they can randomly miss on Torobbies regardless of you having 3k AC goes to show how broken and unreliable these skills are right now. This might make people stray away from using this class altogether.
  3. Basically, didnt ask. Just posted this cus Sky asked me to post it HERE
  4. It was. They just never fixed it in eTO due to being lazy. I knew the GMs there, they told me the owners didn't care. Berserk should also get fixed. Tesla Field isn't as important in PvM or PvP scenarios