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  1. Diary no. 275 Koyomi spending money feels good
  2. Diary no. 257 Koyomi No new boxes today so that must mean tomorrow, can't wait!
  3. Diary no. 236 Koyomi shopping while waiting for patch soon^tm
  4. Diary no. 214 IGN: Koyomi a lil bit of glooming on this rainy saturday morning
  5. Diary no. 201 Koyomi maintenance whennnn
  6. Diary no. 181 Koyomi why nobody want 4g cape
  7. Diary no. 163 IGN: Koyomi waiting for new myshop boxes
  8. Diary no. 143 IGN: Koyomi only 1 person at harkon today T_T
  9. Diary no. 119 IGN: Koyomi hecate shard farming
  10. Diary no. 96 IGN: Koyomi a little bit of glooming cause I am an idiot who wasted a bil trying to get sheep 4 slot
  11. Diary no. 74 IGN: Koyomi invaders must die
  12. Diary no. 43 IGN: Koyomi harkonnn
  13. Diary no. 7 IGN: Koyomi Actually not a bad number of shops in mega today
  14. Diary no. 309 IGN: Koyomi 4g capes are so beautiful, glad i've been going to all these harkon defenders
  15. Diary no. 281 Koyomi We got all the way to Chronos spawn today without a blocker, so close!