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  1. Diary no. 3 IGN: Koyomi Got a really cute pet from O/X last night!
  2. Diary No. 583 IGN: Koyomi when you walk into the wrong neighborhood
  3. Diary No. 567 IGN: Koyomi 160 levels gained through gloom farming, what are quests
  4. Diary No. 556 IGN: Koyomi i wanna be a crazy rich dragon too
  5. Diary No. 544 IGN: Koyomi I wonder if I'll ever get to see Chronos some day...
  6. Diary No. 530 IGN: Koyomi Been saving galders for the Amelie Bard Boxes that will never come.
  7. Diary No. 519 IGN: Koyomi $$$
  8. Here for my consolation prize ! IGN: Koyomi Entry Type: Digital (drew this by hand but colored it with paint, so digital?) Description: I discovered 3 Secret Card 16's this summer when I started card IDing for the first time within a day! Easiest guardian ever.
  9. Diary No. 474 Koyomi nobody showing up to harkon nowadays
  10. Diary No. 451 IGN: Koyomi Sky, please add Amelie Bard Boxes soon T_T
  11. Diary No. 423 IGN: Koyomi The new dragon clothes are so snazzy, BLESS
  12. Diary No. 310 IGN: Koyomi Today marks exactly 1 month since I started LifeTO (and finally reached 1k MA)! Also the last day before I start my new job, hope farming money IRL is as easy as gloom farming
  13. Diary No. 284 IGN: Koyomi Nice alternative to Path to Oops when sick of Sten Guns
  14. Diary No. 264 IGN: Koyomi Looking into the harbor after a successful day of slaving for signs of any ships carrying Amelie Bard Boxes
  15. Diary No. 254 IGN: Koyomi bard amelie box when
  16. Diary No. 155 IGN : Koyomi Some gloom farming + leveling done. Dreaming of the day when Gloom Sten Guns are removed from the game.
  17. Diary No. 129 Koyomi Changed from wind/earth -> fire/elec. gloom farming isn't as fast but hopefully i'll be more useful at harkon defense =]
  18. Diary No. 103 IGN: Koyomi Started this game exactly 3 weeks ago finally got my first level 10 :')
  19. Method: Google/RedditKeyword: "trickster online subreddit"