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  1. MagicianHana

    Tapasco Spa

    So I know no one really quests in Tapasco Spa, but I did notice while I was drilling that the items being drilled up on floor 3 should actually be coming from floor 4 (according to the wiki). These items are Magma Moss, Magma Earthworm, Tapasco Hot Sauce and Spa Salamander Eggs. The ones that should be drilled up from floor 3 are Mud Herbs and Herbs Pocket. Floor 1 and 2 drilled items are where they should be. I don't have access to floor 4 so I can't say whether or not the drilled quest items just got mixed up between the two. Also since I'm at it, there seems to be a lag when attacking monsters in the entirety of Tap Spa. When the monsters are attacking me and I use my skills on them, there is a roughly 5-10second lag where the monster is still continuously hitting me before it dies (or the damage shows up on the monster). This only happens when the monster is currently attacking; if I attack the monster first from a distance and it isn't currently targetting me, there is no lag between the attack hitting and the monster receiving damage.
  2. MagicianHana

    Daily Diary Event (October)

    Diary No. 79 IGN: MagicianHana Not a slave of the mines but of a volcano hot spring~
  3. Diary No. 624 IGN MagicianHana Time to make some monies~
  4. Diary No. 555 IGN MagicianHana Just spending some time with friends
  5. Diary No. 540 IGN MagicianHana Finally got my legendary Never again ;___;
  6. Diary No. 524 IGN MagicianHana Forgot to get stuff for my Harkon for the guardian. Good thing drilling gives sense empathy
  7. Diary No. 481 IGN MagicianHana Card ID for that guardian
  8. Diary No 364 IGN MagicianHana Getting ready for more alts
  9. Diary No 341 IGN MagicianHana Gimme cards
  10. Diary No. 291 IGN MagicianHana And thus begins my trip to the mines
  11. Diary No. 266 IGN MagicianHana Out scavenger hunting~
  12. Diary No 239 IGN MagicianHana More Phantom Dungeon farming (aka procrastinating on hw )
  13. Diary No. 161 IGN MagicianHana Gotta make some passive monies c:
  14. Diary No. 116 IGN MagicianHana Perpetually poor from sheep boxes and not enough time to grind with uni homework due constantly
  15. Diary No. 73 IGN: MagicianHana Another day of farming