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  1. can't seem to access server or it is for everyone?
  2. Diary No. 137 IGN Gabe Still at Megapolis =D
  3. Diary No. 107 IGN Gabe guruguruguruu
  4. Diary No. 87 IGN : Gabe Still observing
  5. Diary No. 68 IGN : Gabe SOOOoo is the server stable now?
  6. Diary No: 586 IGN: Gabe Nothing New just doing mandatory daily diary log
  7. Diary No. 568 IGN: Gabe kinda off month huh...hopefully october will be much more cheerful =D
  8. Diary No. 550 IGN: Gabe Yeah this place =D
  9. Diary No. 531 IGN: Gabe Vending for a change
  10. Diary No. 513 IGN: Gabe Questing...
  11. Diary No. 475 IGN: Gabe Everybody Dced
  12. Diary No. 445 IGN: Gabe Literally empty
  13. Diary No. 393 IGN: Gabe When will the show start?
  14. Diary No. 366 IGN : Gabe Why is Stella such an arsh hole
  15. dIARY nO. 323 IGN: Gabe Not too crowded today~
  16. Diary No. 295 IGN: Gabe Lets go on an adventure ~
  17. Diary No. 275 IGN: Gabe Slow Day
  18. Diary No. 248 IGN: Gabe Drilling is not a lifestyle, it's a way of life~~
  19. Diary No. 232 IGN: Gabe Little Crowded today
  20. Diary No. 209 IGN: Gabe Finally have free time to play but its laggy as duck
  21. Diary No. 169 IGN: Gabe Made this guy into plus 10 :D
  22. Diary No. 143 IGN : Gabe Can someone sell me SC 12 pls =D
  23. Diary No. 121 IGN: Gabe Sorry for polluting the beach =(
  24. Diary No. 100 IGN: Gabe almost forgot I also have this awesome daily diary event prize =D...
  25. Diary No. 76 IGN: Gabe Finally last month daily diary reward finally arrived! Can't wait for next month =)