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  1. Hello Tricksters! As it has been a while since we've hosted an O/X Quiz, we've decided to tweak the prizes a little! For this particular O/X Event, we will be distributing "Double Rewards" prizes (e.g. 4x GM Gift Certificates instead of the usual 2x & two different sets of boxes rather than one) as a huge thank you for everyone's continued support of the server! Join us on our special 14th O/X Quiz on January 19, 2019 at 10:00 p.m. (EDT)! Interested players may proceed to Event Garden - Ceremonia to get a chance to participate in the quiz. 75 pcs. of O/X Quiz Tickets will be distributed randomly to the players in the area shown in the photo below: NON-NEGOTIABLE RULE: 1. PLEASE TAKE YOUR PETS OFF WHILE WAITING IN EVENT GARDEN OR WHEN INSIDE THE O/X QUIZ MAP. REMINDERS AND WARNINGS WILL BE MADE IN-GAME. THE GMS WILL MOVE YOUR CHARACTER TO MEGALOPOLIS IF YOU FAIL TO FOLLOW THIS SIMPLE RULE. TROLLS WHO WILL PERSIST TO BREAK THE RULE REPEATEDLY AFTER SEVERAL ´╗┐WARNINGS AND CHARACTER TRANSFER WILL BE TEMPORARILY IP BANNED FOR 4 HOURS. 2. 1 CHARACTER PER USER, ANYONE WHO'S JUST FOLLOWING (RIGHT CLICK > FOLLOW PLAYER) A PLAYER WILL BE ASSUMED AS AN ALT OR A MULE AND WILL BE KICKED FROM THE O/X QUIZ MAP WITHOUT ANY WARNING. Freebies and Prizes Distribution Legend: (F) Freebie & (P) Prize @ Event Garden Ceremonia - Between 9.40 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. | 1 item per player (random) (F) 75x O/X Ticket Note: These rewards will be used 1/26/2019.
  2. Hello & Happy Spooktober, Tricksters! As Halloween is just around the corner, we decided to base the poll around this holiday. Please help us decide what to release for the next MyShop update. This Poll will end at exactly 11:59 p.m.on October 23rd, 2018. The patch will be up this coming week. 1st/2nd Box: 1. Incubus Box (G) 90/210 AND Succubus Box 90/210 (includes Cross Tattoo Box 90/210) Incubus Box: Incubus Box G: Succubus Box: Cross Tattoo Box: OR 2. Ninja Noxx 70/190 AND Nurse Nyxx 70/190 Ninja Noxx Box: Nurse Nyxx Box: 3rd Box: 2010 Halloween Box 30/90/160/240 OR Trick & Treat Girl Box 140/210 2010 Halloween Box: Trick & Treat Girl Box: Thanks! Feel free to suggest your favorite boxes for the next MyShop poll. I hope you all have a spoopy day~
  3. Start Date: August 24th, 1:30PM (EDT) | End Date: September 14th, 6:30PM (EDT) - The thread will be locked at this time - Welcome to the End of Summer: LifeTO Art Contest! We have noticed that there are so many talented individuals playing on our server after seeing everyone's beautiful posts under the Skill Showcase section of the forums and some of your Daily Diary entries. As Summer 2018 is coming to an end, we have decided to host an official forum event for players to showcase their creative talents. The theme will be: Summer Memories. What has been your most memorable moment this Summer in LifeTO? Capture it in a drawing below! Event Rules 1. This event is open to everyone, including Moderators! 2. Each player is limited to one entry; you have the option to draw either traditionally or digitally. 3. All entries should be submitted to this thread only. 4. Please do not use any unofficial Trickster art (fan-made art) or art that is not yours. Plagiarism is a very serious offence, and you will be disqualified if caught plagiarising. If any plagiarism is suspected, please PM me @Calico on the forums or via Discord: Calico#1251 to avoid any public drama. All matters will be discussed with the rest of the staff team. 5. Please do not submit any "troll", sexually explicit, or offensive entries. Keep it PG please! 6. You are welcome to reserve a post and edit it, adding your entry later on. How will the winners be chosen? There will be a total of four winners - two winners from each category. Please bear in mind that you may only enter once. It is your choice to submit either a traditional or digital drawing. As this is an event for the community, winners will be chosen by the community. You may like/react to as many entries as you like Consolation prizes will be given to those who have chosen to participate in this event. Main Prize - Two Digital & Two Traditional Winners Sailor Hat 120 Watermelon Rapier 120 Summer Shield 120 Summer Child 120 3x Ocean Box 170 50x GM Gift Certificate 5x 5mil Galder Check Consolation Prize - Participants of the Event 3x Ocean Box 170 5x GM Gift Certificate 3x 1mil Galder Check How do I enter? It's easy! All you need to do is draw a picture and follow the format below: Description is optional but encouraged! Example: IGN: Calico Entry Type: Digital Description: Desert Beach has always been one of my favourite maps. I feel so nostalgic whenever I go back here~ I used to love hanging out in Paradise and visiting all of the MyCamps. Paradise O/X was always so fun too! I go here whenever I AFK now, so this has been one of my most cherished memories of this Summer. I hope you enjoy my MS Paint skills; I'm sure your drawings will be much better than mine. Have fun and happy drawing!