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  1. Diary no. 308 IGN: anidori Finally finished Monkey_T for my sheepie too. Adios Ghost Blue~
  2. Diary no. 290 IGN: anidori TO was my first mmo ever, so I used to wonder where monsters got their equip drops from. (Dead people? Trash?) I later learned it's just a common rpg feature, but I didn't know that then.
  3. Diary no. 259 IGN: anidori So many Cora Pyupyus in one screen. Haven't seen this much of one monster type in one screen space in a while.
  4. Diary no. 238 Osgood Getting started on the next phase of my Trickster journey.
  5. Diary No. 203 IGN: Osgood Time for Monkey_T again. I thought I might be too over-leveled for this guy, but I still got 3 levels out of it.
  6. Diary Number 159IGN: anidori When someone buys the item you wanted...
  7. Diary No. 138 IGN: anidori Can't believe I ever stuck so long to the idea of a pure bunny back in the day. I love having AoEs and deep pockets! Hurray for 1441 sheeps!
  8. Diary no 123 IGN : anidori Getting quest items for my fox and trying out my new skills.
  9. Diary no 78 IGN : anidori Learning and mastering a bunch of new skills!
  10. Diary no 67 IGN : Osgood Spent time with Mint and her pet today.
  11. Diary no. 44 IGN: anidori A nice person helped me advance to third job today. I'm a witch now!
  12. Diary No. 5 Osgood I discovered that my drill is too low for some spots in Nora Dungeon.
  13. Diary No. 649 IGN: Osgood Finally learned what that sound foxes do before drilling was!
  14. Diary No. 638 IGN: anidori Part 3 of discovering npcs hiding in random places:
  15. Diary No. 625 IGN: Osgood I love this server's quest rates. Monkey_T quests always get me multiple levels worth of TM experience.