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  1. Diary NO: #33 IGN: Parttime Im thankful for having good people around me!!!
  2. parttime

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    This looks fun
  3. ehh, I didn't make it, but everyone had a nice entry ^^ But my favorite was PolkaMocha art too!!!
  4. IGN: Parttime Entry Type: Traditional Description: I started playing LifeTO at the end of the summer. I have never got this far in any server (or even original game it self). Currently I am really strugling with getting the secret cards for my guardian this past week or more. I am stuck but I feel like I have to go on and try even harder. I ended up with Traditional art but I messed up coloring. I feel really bad that my line art is wasted now but I still decided to post this.
  5. parttime


    Yes, I noticed that. I fgured that out too and I guess that's gonna take some more time, but thx! ^^
  6. Well, i have been trying to get a Guardian for a quiet a while now but nothing seems to work to get the last 6st point in magic. I have tried everything, checked every site that said something about how to get this point but nothing seems to work for me. Can anyone help me please?
  7. Diary No. 491 IGN: Parttime Slowly preparing for 2nd job. Can't wait for it. P.S.- Look at that face
  8. Diary No.460 IGN: Parttime Still figuring out stuff