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  1. kayetan15

    PVP Cat

    Both jobs are okay for PVP. But most people would go for Diva. For stat wise, they spend their stat points in HV. Some in HP. Depending on your playstyle. You can even play with your stats or test some stuffs like for example, 2 hv 2 hp or something like that. It's up to you on how would you play your class/job :3 -Retired Dark Magician Noctis
  2. kayetan15

    Invisible Equipment Thread

    I finished all boxes and gonna reopen again some boxes for double checking... Invisible pet and Error: Wicked Befana
  3. kayetan15

    Invisible Equipment Thread

    Invisible Items: Marion shield Hunter yuna Hammer Marion Hammer, Hunter Yuna shield Ethel witch hat 160 Hawaiian Shield Ethel Shield 160 Ethel Wand 160 Hawaiian Headband Flower Cudgel Aria Hair Clip Poirot Staff Pet (Untranslated Text): Lovely Vinosh -------------- Sky Update: Fixed
  4. kayetan15

    Invisible Equipment Thread

    So here are the 3 items that are invisible: Rachel Shield, Leviathan Shield, and Macaron Shield. Just as what's in the picture. I couldn't purchase anymore gachas because i dun have money anymore IGN:Tinnky(Retired Dark Magician~) -------------- Sky Update: Fixed