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  1. Diary Number 125 IGN: Nami Dear diary...still farming as always, I'm starting to feel like one of the cursed souls trapped inside of the place I now call home... ;~;
  2. fairy

    Bal rate changed

    Currently, anyone is able to farm between 20-60m galders an hour, yet the myshop rate is $1 for 2000 points. That means if on average you can get 40m an hour (40k MS) it would cost you $20 for something you could earn in-game in around an hour. Most people don't make this kind of wage in their everyday job, I know I don't. I feel like the rate should be at least $10 = 100k MS. I don't mean for this to conflict with the "play to win" motto, but I still feel this is more than fair, so that even if you don't have the means to donate, its still easy enough to get money in-game. But this would still give you a feasible way to donate and support the server, and its growth, and still feel rewarded enough to do so!
  3. Currently the maximum amount of galders that can be stored in the bank is only 99,999,999 and 100m feels too easily reached for this small maximum sum. I think the bank should be able to hold 999,999,999 galders to fit this Trickster's economy better. It feels nice being able to store your galders in-game without having to log out every 10m, and not feeling the urge to spend your money each time you get a small amount of money. I've currently been logging out each farming run to throw it in my online bank, but I think it'd be fun and useful to be able to hold more in-game if at all possible! If not, then thanks for reading either way! :3
  4. fairy

    Secret Card Exchange

    Currently there's no guarantee to getting a Secret Card, which leaves almost no newer players getting Guardians. Only veteran players seem to have them, and most people give up on ever even obtaining a guardian due to the rarity of getting all 16 secret cards. I believe there should be a guaranteed, albeit, long path to getting the secret cards besides grinding card ID. Something interesting would be an exchange list that asked for either a lot of one card, or random monster cards in exchange for each secret card. Example: 1,000 Bad Fury cards for Secret Card No. 16, or 10 of each black swamp monster card for Secret Card No. 15. Not only would this help newer players to get guardians, it would also promote farming in different areas, and add more economical value to certain items.
  5. fairy

    Global Drops

    EDIT: Misread the guildlines - I thought it said to put the suggestions in a list, so I threw them all in one thread stupidly. I'm very sorry! I'll fix this mistake tomorrow and make a thread for each suggestion, for now I'm turning this into a single suggestion: I suggest new and unique drops from monsters depending on the fields they're located. Sort of how the gacha system had items based on the field, I think each location should have their own interesting drops (very) rarely. Kind of how the Absolute Uniques were (where any mob had a small chance of dropping an item) It would increase the motivation to kill mobs on fields, and add use for places otherwise unused for other reasons than just farming for quest items. Think of how barren and unused places like rose garden, snow fields, and ghost blue are. The drop could be anything, for example; gacha boxes, random fuses, evenb boss boxes based on the locations, anything would be amazing to see! Something to add more notable features to the game and reason to use these locations! Also another fun location would be the Fiesta fields. Fiesta is currently unused, and if they had a chance to drop neat items it might show and add some livelihood to it.~
  6. fairy

    Stats Scrolls Are They Really Needed?

    Almost everyone uses them for compounding, 4 of the scrolls give a LK boost, that'd be a huge blow to mature compounding in general. They're also relatively cheap at 10k galders per scroll, for 5 minutes of a boost, which anyone who spends 10 minutes at PD could afford hours of scrolls.
  7. Diary Number 84 IGN: Nami Dear diary, I filled up my bank coffers again (finally) hopefully I'll be able to leave it alone this time!
  8. Diary Number 312 IGN: Nami Dear diary, I tried to add a new friend today...but it didn't work out so well... :c
  9. Diary Number 298 IGN: Nami Dear diary, I collected 100 Daily Coupons! Time to get the 1st anniv skill!~
  10. Diary Number 231 IGN: Nami Dear diary, nothing much happening so I decided to grind my fox a few levels~ She'll be my main compounder once she hits level 400!
  11. Diary Number 222 IGN: Nami Dear diary, I can't get anything other than hats, I even got 2 in a row... ;~;
  12. Diary Number 202 IGN: Nami Dear diary, decided to take a break and sit around at the beach...well and farm a few cards~
  13. Diary Number 183 IGN: Nami Dear Diary, I can't stop buying gacha boxes! I use what little money I have trying to get cute stuff, send help!
  14. Diary Number 158 IGN: Nami Dear diary, my staff hit level 12! 1 more level and it'll pass 400 MA :3
  15. Diary Number 125 IGN: Nami Dear diary, still working on gathering all the boss equips...not going very well, but I won't give up easily!