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  1. Diary No. 56 IGN: Krismee Been so busy irl How is everyone's day?
  2. Diary No. 18 IGN: Krismee Haven't been on in a hot second. It's nice to see everyone again.
  3. "Count Blood's Secret Room" IGN: Krismee
  4. Diary No. 551 IGN: Aestival Doing questies
  5. Diary No. 541 IGN: Krismee Must keep drilling
  6. Diary No. 464 IGN: Krismee Hi I'm broke
  7. Diary No. 435 IGN: Krismee Working on my key quests
  8. Diary No. 394 IGN: Krismee Cleaning up trash
  9. Diary No. 376 IGN: Krismee Drilling cus I'm poor.
  10. Diary No. 345 IGN: Krismee Reached level 200 today. Halfway there
  11. Diary No. 289 IGN: Krismee Finishing up the Mirage Island quests!
  12. krismee

    Compact Quest Item Shopping List

    I know this is late but your guides are super helpful and in-depth. As a returning player that forgot a lot of this stuff, it helps me out a ton. Really appreciated
  13. Diary No. 264 IGN: Krismee Chilling out @ mega.
  14. Diary No. 243 IGN: Aestival Working on my key quests.
  15. Diary No. 227 IGN: Dreamer Finished the mermaid palace key quests.