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  1. Diary No. 336 IGN: Reuku More shops today!!
  2. Reuku

    Hello, everyone!

    Welcome back to Trickster Online. I also didn't get very far in trickster online. I was mostly goofing around with friends in Camps. I came back years later when the game was ending and got to episode 4. I was also there for the game's final moments. I hope you have as much fun reliving Trickster Online as I have.
  3. Reuku


    환영 I am not Korean, but I hope you enjoy Trickster Online.
  4. Diary No. 305 IGN: Reuku Oh no, less shops today.
  5. Diary No. 291 IGN: Reuku TIme to be lazy and set up a shop
  6. Diary No. 277 IGN: Reuku I remember this place
  7. Diary No. 258 IGN: Reuku Finally done with Mermaid Palace
  8. Diary No. 233 IGN: Reuku WHALE JAWBONES!!! AHHHHHH
  9. Reuku

    Be gentle, this is my first time...

    Welcome to Trickster Online.
  10. Reuku

    Hello, Nostalgia everywhere!

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay. As stated discord is pretty helpful. You can also find some information on the backed up version of the ggftw wiki.
  11. Method: GoogleKeyword: Trickster Private Server Details: I was playing another private server but didn't like the events too much since it required so much grinding. So I searched for another one and found this ps.
  12. Diary No. 204 IGN: Reuku Reuku's shop has no weaknesses
  13. Diary No. 186 IGN: Reuku Still doing Mermaid Palace Quests. I'll finish them eventually.
  14. Diary No. 145 IGN: Reuku Man, no time lately
  15. Reuku

    New to lifetrickster

    I mean you can buy everything with ingame currency, so it's very F2P friendly in general. You can follow this guide I guess: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/926855-trickster-online/44168520 Not sure if everything is up to date but its a good starting point. You can also check out the character guides on this forum.