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  1. Diary 121: Ign:AznDragon Afk Farming~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. Dairy No.20 Ign:AznDragon Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces past, and I'm home bound.
  3. xAznboyzx

    Polar Bear Class

    It'd be great to have another class to play
  4. Welcome to my mansion Ign:AznDragon Too many pictures so here is the link: https://imgur.com/a/c0dh5i2 I'll leave my mansion in Megalo throughout the day so people can go on a tour!!!
  5. Discord integration to show that we are playing LifeTo or Trickster Online?
  6. Dairy No.652 AznDragon Who dis?
  7. Diary no. 412 IGN:AznDragon Still trying to find some ginseng after 2 hours