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  1. Diary No. 267 IGN: Shanny farming with moon
  2. i'm really shocked!! RNG is on my side for once! sadly can't say the same for my pwf chrome loool ; ; thank you for these events as always & congrats to all of the winners!!
  3. Diary No. 404 IGN: Shanny ms. kimberly lippington approves xo
  4. Diary No. 360 IGN: Shanny BRIDE VENUS AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. Diary No. 357 IGN: Shanny first box magic
  6. Diary No. 335 IGN: Shanny another harkon success!
  7. Diary No. 305 IGN: Shanny another driller boy..... i don't want him!! pls no more mine slaving - i'm done with it all!
  8. Diary No. 298 IGN: Shanny only 3 of us at harkon but we did our best! woohoo~
  9. Diary No. 279 IGN: Shanni pavane is such a cutie! laic boxes next, yes?
  10. Diary No. 252 IGN: Shanny finally hit TM 395 yesterday, so i'm finally allowing myself to afk drill for the first time on this server!! woo! love being a mine slave
  11. Diary No. 241 IGN: Shanny slowly climbing up! i loooove u guys sm :*
  12. shanni

    Re-colour Suggestions Thread (Fashion)

    cat hair re-colours!
  13. Diary No. 216 IGN: Shanny
  14. shanni

    Re-colour Suggestions Thread (Equips)

    accepting requests!
  15. Diary No. 193 IGN: Shanny plz fill this part of mega @ sellers