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  1. Diary No. 191 IGN: FoxStormD i went yeyyy today.
  2. Diary No. 148 IGN: FoxStormD got the last valentine pet :))
  3. Diary No. 136 IGN: FoxStormD Not many shops ON, idk... lazy day for me :<
  4. Diary No. 89 IGN: FoxStormD New fuses i got today *_*
  5. Diary No. 40 IGN: FoxStormD waiting for PVP, also got a new look today
  6. Diary No. 17 IGN: FoxStormD Got my guardian *_*
  7. Diary No. 252 IGN: FoxStormD Oh boy, its finally over o//
  8. Diary No. 247 IGN: FoxStormD Was doing card ID, no luck with SC15 tho
  9. Diary No. 239 IGN: FoxStormD Walking with my fox
  10. Diary No. 219 IGN: FoxStorm Chillin Here with my new friends
  11. Diary No. 210 IGN: FoxStormD Now i have a Shiny Weapon
  12. Diary No. 200 IGN: FoxStormD hum, some shops ON today
  13. Diary No.135 IGN: FoxStormD Not Sure What to do today :<
  14. Diary No.102 IGN: FoxStormD Knock Knock? I like this door
  15. Diary No.92 IGN: FoxStormD Pow, Mashed Potato