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    pure LK, or DA for my fox?

    Alright, I am planning on starting a 1144 fox alt, because I am sick and tired of the game's stupidly low chance of getting ANY good stats with mature compounding, and well me failing when it comes to drilling. Not really their fault, because my duke, and diva(yeah, I decided to make both, and I am the creator of the duke/diva guide) and my bunny all have only 1 in sense, placed the 4 stats in power for dukes/divas, cause without elemental attribute compounding, which is not what they should focus on when it comes to compounding in the first place, the normal attacks would be pathetically weak otherwise, which would suck for early levelling before I get my 2 aoes, and during downtime when my AOE's are on cooldown, plus it makes my bossing skills weaker since it scales off AP, champ cause that just makes them more durable, though luck determines flaming fist accuracy, I will worry about that issue when I come to it, and see how much I can hit with that skill, with weight pouches being in the myshop that could be purchased with ingame galder, it is not like I need sense for weight. Still, the DA loss, and the horrible RNG that is associated with mature compounding is EXTREMELY annoying, so I decided to give up, and make a fox alt focused on mature compounding mainly, and drilling quest items for my other alts, mailing them to alts on my main account, and dual client trading with alts on my other account. The problem comes with deciding the stats of my fox, I am stuck between pure LK, or pure DA, supposedly, a fox's damage is based on DA, DA is of course used for drilling, and compounding success rate is determined by DA, though 90 DA is pretty much the ballpark where raising DA does not matter anymore when it comes to drilling, so I lose a lot of utility from this stat after that point, LK on the other hand is mainly there for my to reduce the RNG associated with mature compounding, and give me better results, because that is what this fox is there for in the first place, so my alts can give their gear, and the mature compounding mats, and my fox works her magic, and gives them much better mature compounding gear than they would have gotten by themselves, along with mailing drilled quest items if the quest is too annoying for the other characters, and there are skills for the class based on mature compounding that is influenced by luck when I looked it up on the wiki, also block probability, and crit rate of course, but I always ignored them. I guess the main thing I am trying to decide between is higher DA for more damage, and they are better at drilling early on or higher LK for better mature compounding. I am legitimately stumped on what I should do with my 1144 fox, can you guys help me out? I know that I can get elixers to improve mature compounding chances, but still, XD.
  2. The Duke/Diva guide to being the ultimate tank, and looking incredible-By Marke34 I am finally done with this guide, this guide looks like a freaking mess right now, I will clean it up soon, also the pictures look WAY TOO BIG, but otherwise it is done for the most part, might also think about what pictures to add earlier in the guide, it is kinda lacking, but it is kinda tough to figure out some good pictures for these sections, I am EXTREMELY tired, and worn out right now though, so I will focus on that later. If you can read past my bible, you deserve a medal, it took an ETERNITY due to the hiatus, but I am finally done with this guide for good, and added all the content ANY charm type ever needs to ask about this class. If anyone wants help about this class, just link them to this guide once I clean it up, and they can read through all of it. I luckily have sections to make it much more manageable, but it is still extremely long, but I did it, and now you guys can read it now that I am done with my hiatus. Anyone is welcome to read if they can, more dukes/divas are always welcome, defensive tanks like them are not very popular ingame, guess nobody likes support classes, and wants DPS classes, XD. Either way, more dukes/divas are welcome if anyone is interested in following this guide, and making one, they are very under represented ingame, or at least back in open beta they were, and I hope this guide convinces some of them to give it a shot, follow this guide and make a make a tank alt soon, XD. It is fun to play ingame IMO once you get past the early game hell, covered later in this guide, I certainly had a really great time maining this class back at open beta. I am going back to this server for good! Now to decide between a coon, or a kitty for this class to get back to the game, guess I will flip a coin, XD. My ign is meatshielding if you ever wanna hit me up, ask for some help for duke building, and want me to tank for you guys once I get to a decently high level with my duke/diva, I will be testing out a character following this guide, so I will see how effective it is, and adjust the guide accordingly, because I never actually fully followed it yet, and I am just guessing for the most part, XD. Hit me up sometime! I still have college to manage, but I will be online very often, particularly from anytime starting 12-4 o clock PM on the weekdays, and ending whenever I want, weekends I will be online pretty long, XD. See you all there. This guide IS technically finished, but I am looking to update it, and add some shiny new pictures soon, XD. Introduction: Hiya guys, and welcome to my very first guide! This will be the duke/diva tank guide, focusing on protecting others. I have started trickster online on this server, without even knowing anything about the game beforehand back when this server was still in the testing stages, never even joining official trickster online server back when the server was still alive, and for the few months I played it before I went on a long hiatus, I really enjoyed the game. I have always been a person who prefers to play immortal tank type characters, supporting them, and preventing potential damage coming towards them by controlling who the monsters attack in MMO's, protecting everyone from harm, never dying, having insanely high defensive stats, and laughing at the amount of damage monsters deal to me, so when I looked into the classes, I naturally picked the charm type without question, and went with the duke job, after looking into the classes, and finding out that they are the most defensive, and tankiest class out of the charm types, I also created a champion that I was planning to level, because i loved durable melee DPS, especially single target ones to melt bosses, so those 2 classes came naturally to me. I had been focusing on my duke tank, and despite how painful starting any charm type was, the character has blossomed into an immortal wall that had a really tough time dying with its insane defensive stats, and it even put out a pretty decent offense once I got past the beginning stages that every charm type hates to deal with. While I had been having fun on the test server for a few months with my duke tank, I sadly went on a hiatus for quite a while for various reasons, but now I have finally returned from my eternal slumber, and I am ready to play my duke tank again on the live server... Which meant that my duke tank's data from the test server got wiped, and I have to start back to square one, seeing the wipe as a fresh new beginning, I decided it is finally time to help others out, and impart all the knowledge I learned from the test server when playing around with my duke tank, and from other guides, and compile all that info into this one guide to help out other charm types who want to be aspiring duke/diva tanks like me, since there are no guides out there that talk about them specifically. Catty's cat guide on this forum didn't really delve into them too much sadly, plus the advice I gave to the 4141 duke tank on the charm section of the forums was way too long in the first place, and it inspired me to make a full guide to help. This is a very ambitious, and huge guide, so it would probably look like an unformatted, unorganized mess with no pictures for a while until it is finally done, but I think I am up for the challenge. I love this class, and trickster online really did a great job with their tank classes, fulfilling everything that I envisioned a tank to be, a badass protector who defends the everyone else from the enemies, with incredible durability, a shield, tons of defensive buffs, and much more. I am getting WAY too ahead of myself though, most of you guys probably think I am speaking Swahili considering all the info I just pumped out in this introduction without explaining it properly, so let's start from the beginning. Table of contents: 1. What is a charm type 2. Pure VS hybrid classes, differences between Diva/duke, Primadonna, and Gambler classes, and the main difference between a Duke, and a Diva 3. Pros/Cons of Dukes/Divas, and a warning before you start levelling a charm type, how this guide will cover the skill build of both the Duke/Diva 4. Build Graphs, Stat builds, Power VS sense for Divas/Dukes, Pros/cons of a pure HP, HV, and DP build, what each of the 3 focus on, and what skills the 3 builds mainly use for aspiring grinding/bossing dukes/divas, mature compounding 5. 1st Job Teacher/Model Skill Build suggestions, and the pains/struggles of levelling a charm type at the beginning 6. Second Job trials-becoming a Cardmaster/Entertainer to see the light at the end of the tunnel 7.Third Job Trials Duke 8.Third Job Trials Diva 9. Cardmaster/Diva Skill Build 10.Duke/Entertainer skill build 11. Further suggestions for what skills you can focus on after following my recommendations 12. Conclusion 1. What is a charm type? Now, in trickster online, there are 4 types of character archetypes the classes focus on:Power, magic, sense, and charm. dukes/divas, which my guide is focusing on, primadonas, and gamblers are all labeled in the game as charm types. What are charm types exactly? Well, charm types are melee focused characters similar to power types:, the difference is that power types focus on dealing as much damage as possible to kill enemies quickly by pumping tons of AP, and charm types(well at least MOST of them, but I will explain the exception a bit later in my guide) focus mainly on raising their defensive stats to sky high levels to become immortal tanks who never die in parties, and with their immense amount of defensive buffs, CC, ridiculously high defensive stats, and you most likely focusing on raising the defensive stats itself as a charm type, you perform this role really well. They are extremely tanky guys who can take, and dodge tons of hits, and keep on fighting as extremely mobile guardians/paladins who just never die. The charm types have 3 stats they focus on, HP which is your health, DP which is your defense, and HV which is your evasion. Believe it or not, unlike the other classes, the skills for most of the charm types actually scale off the defensive stats mentioned above unlike the other classes, so most charm types pretty much purely focus on raising their HP, HV, or DP respectively to become much tankier, and to raise their skill damage, more on that in a later section. Basically, if you want to play a tank, or be a tanky damage dealer for most of the classes, go make a charm type. This means that both Power, and charm types use swords, and shields, since their normal attack damage, and almost all the skills of a power type, and some of the skills of a charm type scales off AP. Also, play this class if you want to have a good looking character while levelling, though bunnies, and sheeps look cute as well, my champ is going to be mai waifu, so don't take her away from me! Well, I most likely won't ever actually get anywhere with this champ, after all, she is in a videogame, and she is more focused on finding her boxing gloves, winning the competition, and killing stuff, so I would probably get rejected, maybe I will try my hands on the sheep instead. Still, one can only dream right? Well, with my attraction to the bunny out of the way, I think it is finally time to get started with this guide. 2. What is the difference between Duke/Diva, Gambler, and Primadonna, the main difference between the Diva, and Duke itself, and Pure VS hybrid classes. Alright, while this guide is focused on the duke/diva subclass, I feel that I should mention the other charm types in case you want to try them out instead. In this game, there are 2 pure classes per archetype that further moves the base class down the path, and gives them more skills that follow the structure of how they were during the second job, and 1 hybrid class that gives you skills from their class counterpart from the same archetype to make them more versatile, since the skills that the 2 classes from the second job receive might follow the same archetype, but they are focused on different areas from the archetype, even if both classes are exactly the same with their first job if that makes any sense, the hybrid 3rd job class gets the TM requirements for the other 2nd job class they double dipped in increased by 50. For example, a bunny(mai waifu) can continue down the path of being a 1v1 master to become even better at bossing/PVP by further focusing on the single target DPS skills that they gained from their second job, boxer by becoming a champion, the pure job of the bunny:, or they can gain the AOE skills from their more AOE DPS focused counterpart, the bufallo, so they can have an easier time levelling by allowing them to kill multiple enemies more quickly, and become a duelist, their hybrid job:, giving them both powerful single target skills, AND AOE skills, with the AOE skill TM level requirements from the bufallo 2nd job increased by 50, instead of just making their single target DPS skills more powerful, completely neglecting AOE entirely like their pure job path, the champion did. Also, I totally didn't use bunny as an example, because I am infatuated with her, and in denial about her rejecting me, nope! Well, cats, and raccoons follow the same principle. Both cats, and raccoons have pure, and hybrid jobs. The pure job for the cat is the primadonna:, the 1v1 charm type character who focuses mainly on taking down bosses/PVP, who might as well be classified as power type. Why? Well, most primadonnas mainly focus on raising AP, which is a POWER TYPE STAT, so they can deal massive damage making them an extremely powerful damage dealer believe it or not, because the primadonna job is based on making the evolution form more powerful by adding various offensive skills to evolution form, evolution form increases the cat's AP/DX, and decreases their defensive stats. The evolution based skills you get will scale from mostly from AP, though HV also increases the damage of a couple skills, but HV actually gets a penalty in evolution form, so AP is generally better for these skills, the primadonna job gives cats even more DPS based skills that you can only use in evolution. Some primadonnas like to also increase HV for more damage outside of evolution form, since you will not be in evolution form all the time, with skills such as volley kick as well as being tankier, you would want to level up volley kick no matter what though, because the damage from an evolution skill as a primadonna is partially based off the level of your volley kick skill, or some people run a hybrid between a AP/HV primadonna, regardless, primadonnas are much more damage, and offense oriented than the other charm type jobs, having a bunch of single target DPS oriented skills, with very few AOE skills making them very hard to level, but very good at bossing/PVP, making them pretty close to power type in my eyes. Think of primadonnas as a champion who is dependant on evolution, huge melee damage, and tons of fun skills that come with the form, especially as a pure AP primadonna, both of them can melt bosses really easily since both excel with killing quickly, and single target damage, both are great, personal preference I guess. Primadonna also keeps their defensive buffs, and deadly funk for extra survivability which is nice, but it is best to think of primadonnas as another power type who most people go pure AP with, despite being a cat. If you want to be a Primadonna instead, Follow this guide on our forums for more information if you are interested: https://forum.lifeto.co/index.php?/topic/181-cattys-guide-to-cats/(Credits to Catty for making a really good Primadonna guide, it certainly look a lot nicer than my guide right now, and she is a lot better spoken than me, XD.) The gambler: is the raccoon pure job, in contrast to the 1v1 focus the primadonna has, the gambler focuses more on their AOE attacks, making levelling easier, and clearing out packs of mobs. This makes levelling/grinding quicker for many than the other charm type classes, many people like HP for power charging, and heavy hit, which can hit for REALLY high amounts, and makes grinding a breeze for charm classes once they are off cooldown, with max HP, these skills are DEVESTATING when off cooldown, giving really high damage potential, but since the cooldown is quite long, and the damage is based off current HP, not max HP, the damage can be inconsistent. HV gamblers meanwhile use full house, a really powerful AOE with a short cooldown that you can easily chain with other skills for really good damage, and their damage is consistent, the recoil once you fail a full house if you do not evade the attack can hurt really badly though. Both builds are good, pick the one you like better. Gamblers are still pretty durable, they still keep their second job defensive buffs without having to sacrifice their defensive stats unlike primadonna, and their main stats are HP/HV, plus with skunk pouch, they actually make a pretty tanky damage dealer, even if they are the more offensive of the 2 raccoon classes, pick it if you want to have tons of fun with AOE while being great at PVM as a tanky charm type DPS class. Diva/Duke:-This is the hybrid class for the Cat/Raccoon respectively. This hybrid class is known to be the most tanky subclass out of all the options making them nigh immortal, if you want to protect your whole party, laugh at the damage of enemies, and be an all out defensive tank as opposed to the more offensive tanky DPS option that is the gambler mentioned above, be a Diva/Duke. The reason the Diva/Duke is so tanky is, because this hybrid class combines the defensive buffs, and CC from both the 2nd job raccoon, and cat classes to make an indomitable tank. They are extremely hard, and annoying to kill. While this class has worse AOE, most likely making it worse at levelling than the gambler, I believe that all the defensive buffs they have to make them never die as an immortal defensive wall more than makes up for it, with this class still not being so bad to level once you get into it, and even outside of all their insane defense, and CC, they are actually pretty versatile with their damage, being good at both bosses, and AOE grinding depending on the stat build, unlike the specialists. Still, their offense is most likely worse than a gambler/primadonna, and this class is mainly touted for its insane tankiness, and defensive capabilities, They are invincible machines who are extremely tough and annoying to kill, perfect for a tank class to protect others. If you want to pick an extremely defensive tank as opposed to the more offensive options mentioned above, and want to protect, and be the ultimate support class along with light witches/priests with your friends through thick, and thin, making sure they never die by preventing, controlling, and reducing damage intake in the first place, pick this class. All 3 classes are good, so pick the one you want based on which one sounds best to you. This guide will focus on the Diva/Duke, so if you are interested in a prima/Gambler after seeing my overview, then go look at another guide. Now, despite the 2 hybrid classes sharing almost all the same skills at the end of the day, there is one pretty major difference that can make or break your choice depending on what you are more interested in, outside of when you actually get the aforementioned skills. Divas, being cats keep their evolution skill from second job, which increases their offensive stats at the expense of defensive stats, with their skills scaling from AP so if you want to have more AP to deal more damage all of a sudden after finding it a bit lacking, you might be interested with delving into evolution. Dukes on the other hand, being raccoons keep the Metamorphasis skill from their second job, it raises your DP, and HV to sky high levels while lowering your AP, luck, and DX, which would sound like a nice trade off since quite a few skills scale off defensive stats, but you cannot actually use them in metamorphasis form, so you do not have a decent way to attack, most people don't seem to like metamorphasis as much as evolution for that reason. Basically, metamorphasis for insane DP/HV to really feel immortal at the expense of your offense, or evolution for the opposite to be the case if you felt like your AP is a bit lacking, or your offense is a bit lacking sometimes, pick the one you want, they are sometimes quite useful, even if they are situational, for instance evolution can be useful to take down some enemies quicker for 3rd job trial, for a few grinding spots, or to take down some chaos tower bosses faster, if you want some more offense/defense for whatever reason, it doesn't hurt to take the choice of having either metamorphasis, or evolution into consideration when choosing either a raccoon, or cat, it is not required to invest in the skill though, but it can be useful sometimes, so it is purely personal preference at the end of the day. 3. Pros/Cons of Duke/Diva After all that stuff about dukes/divas are said and done from my last section, if you guys are still reading my guide, I think it is best to put everything I said about them into a pros/cons list, so it is easier to understand, here goes. Pros: The ultimate tank-with all these defensive buffs you get by double dipping into both the 2nd job raccoon, and cat classes, you are an insanely tanky class, and the perfect bodyguard for any party, as the most defensive/tanky charm class out of the ones I mentioned in the 2nd section, in general dukes/divas are extremely tough nuts to crack due to all the bulk from their defensive buffs, and dukes/divas focusing on raising one of their 3 defensive charm stats since the damage of their offensive skills is scaled off their defensive charm type stats, so they are extremely defensive, and tanky beasts in general. No matter the build, you just never die. You are the ultimate class for protecting your friends, so choose it for that reason. Great Crowd control- With deadly funk, you can control a whole group of enemies at once, and make it impossible for them to move, pretty useful for some bosses, PVP, and even for a few mobs to prevent their AI from using some really annoying skills, since using deadly funk does not draw attention to the mob. Use it on a PVP player, boss, or a mob, and unload your damage on them without them being annoying, and moving out of range of your skills, pretty useful as a melee character. Versatile- While dukes/divas are known for their defensive benefits as a tank, and rightfully so, it is unwise to write off their offensive capabilities entirely. With Siren Song, and Impelling rage being great AOE damage skills, Dukes/Divas are going to have a relatively easy time levelling, especially with their durability, both skills are perfect for grinding, especially if the player focuses on HP/DP due to impelling rage/siren song scaling off HP/DP. Due to that, their AOE damage potential is actually pretty good, and grinding/levelling shouldn't be too bad for a HP/DP coon using Impelling Rage, and Siren Song, making grinding much easier. Once they are done grinding, they can easily change to a bossing build by focusing compounds on HV/AP, and use card skills/lady luck/volley kick skills that scale off HV/AP for much more single target damage to make bosses much easier to handle. Due to their versatility, and them not losing much once they switch from a grinding to a bossing build, they are pretty versatile, and can do both grinding/bossing pretty well if they want, even if they are not as great in either category as their more specialized pure class counterpart. Due to this, a pure HP, HV, and DP build all work equally well for different reasons in PVE, and both a pure HP, and HV build work well in PVP giving you a bunch of options on where you want to take your duke/diva tank in the future, and you can change the build at the fly any time with a stat reset, and with you changing your mature compounding around when you are finished with levelling/grinding, and want to move on to bossing, so they can be pretty good at both if you build them correctly. This class is acutally very good at soloing bosses all things considered, and can solo them at a relatively early level, even if other classes who are more focused on single target DPS outshine them in this category. You will find out their damage is actually really good at its own right, as long as you don't compare it to other DPS classes(I REALLY want to go back, and remake my champ as a side project to this one, guess i will see how much time I have to focus on both characters at once, plus I want her to notice me, and stop rejecting me, XD.) Great in PVP/GVG-due to all their defensive buffs, their deadly funk skill, and their huge bulk, they are actually great at PVP/GVG. Due to all the damage reduction, tankiness, and CC, dukes/divas have, they make wonderful candidates when going up against other players. Plus, they along with light priests are the perfect support in parties to make them have much more survivability, and make them last longer, they are the glue that holds the party together, and dukes/divas are even better at their tanking role if a light priest decides to support them, so both dukes/divas, and light priests are incredible support in parties, and GVG, and synergize really well together, so the party will both you, and the light priest, and you light priests are awesome for you. Mindnumbingly Easy class-This class pretty much only worries about applying all these defensive buffs, using pots when needed, and then just use your AOE skills off cooldown while levelling/use your spammable volley kick, and card skills while bossing, that's it. It is really easy, and the rest of the time, you get to sit back, relax, and make a sandwich/watch your favorite anime, you don't have to worry about anything else like the more squishy classes. You never die-This is a huge pro, you never die during levelling, and hopefully through bosses, of course your damage is not the best, but survivability is a huge issue for every single other DPS class...except you, and maybe gamblers/power types, so your invincibility is a ginormous advantage, so this is incredibly useful, and makes levelling a cakewalk for you, of course, it will take a while before they can mount up a decent offense, but you will never die while waiting for your charm type to kill stuff, except maybe magic types, and it is easy due to your incredibly high defensive stats making them very good at outlasting opponents, and really good at levelling in their own right. This should make sense, and this is the main advantage us support classes have while levelling compared to the less durable DPS classes, light priests are also pretty durable with shield of heaven, but this is not a guide for light priests, it is a guide for dukes/divas, XD. Cons: Not as specialized as the other charm types-While dukes/divas are versatile, they do not excel in either bossing, or grinding with their offensive skills like a primadonna/gambler respectively, who gets better single target/AOE skills for their respective job classes, so their offense is most likely never going to be as great as either of the two specialists at the end of the day. That's OK, because dukes/divas were never meant to be an offensive subclass anyway, they were meant to be the ultimate defensive tank who can take a bunch of damage from monsters, while controlling them, and keep on fighting where other classes would have died long ago, making them the perfect protectors, but just keep in mind that the duke/diva would never have the single target DPS of the prima, or the AOE of the gambler. Mindnumbingly boring-Alright, even after the early game hell, and they mount up a pretty good form of offense... there just isn't much to do with this class, it is really easy to master, and never die but that is what makes it so boring, so many folks would probably not like this playstyle as opposed to the more action oriented DPS classes they were accustomed to. Personally, I have a bunch of fun just laughing at the damage the enemies dish out at me, and feeling immortal, and it is actually a fun class once you get used to it, but for many people, it will be incredibly boring to play, and I cannot blame them for that, it takes a long time for the action oriented people to like it, but I love it, and once they do get adjusted, they will most likely not be very disappointed, but it is not for everyone. Lower damage than the DPS classes- a given considering that they are tanks, but they cannot kill as quickly as the DPS classes, while they can mount up a pretty good form of offense, it will NEVER match the DPS classes who can kill enemies more quickly, and have a bunch of advantages over you offense wise. You, and light priests are support classes at the end of the day, and extremely good ones at that, making it much harder to kill the whole party at the end of the day, so your DPS will not be the highest, even if it is pretty good, and it will never match the other DPS classes, accept that your main task as a support class in the party is to make the others much more durable, and protect the whole party, preventing potential damage they could have taken, massively increasing their survivability, and have you, and light priests become incredible picks in any party, and move on, XD. You are great for parties, and are incredible picks, but you are not meant, or known as, or should ever be known as a major source of DPS/offense, because that is simply not their role, so levelling/boss killing will take longer for you than the other DPS classes, except maybe the priest, and the single target DPS classes, especially at the beginning, I personally like how quickly they can kill enemies once they get going, especially with huge stacking of defensive stats, and I don't find it too painfully slow to level once they get going, but others who are more used to the DPS classes might find this a huge issue, your call on whether this is a big issue for you or not, considering how much survivability they have. Rough Start-Let me make this clear right now as a potential warning for all you guys, all the charm types, not just dukes/divas suffer one huge problem at the beginning, their levelling early on sucks, their offensive skills for the first job are really bad, unless you have a bunch of galder, and spam glader throw, while having quite a few pretty useful defensive buffs. This means that most people at this point either get a bunch of defensive buffs, and completely neglect their offensive skills entirely, relying on normal attacks to do damage, or they get galder throw, and level all the defensive buffs except sturdy shield/shield all, instead focusing on levelling those 2 buffs when they reach their third job, since those 2 DP buffs start becoming more relevant after 3rd job, personally, I fall in the former camp, I want to get all my essential tank stuff right now, charm types are meant to be immortal, and never die. Besides, you level more quickly on this server than on the original server, so the early game nightmare that charm types go through is much easier to deal with on LifeTO. In either case, until the middle of the second job when raccoons/cats get their AOE skill, it will be pretty miserable levelling a charm type, but hang in there, and tough it out. Once you reach TM level 100 for raccoons to get impelling rage, or TM level 90 for cats to get siren song, all this hardship would be worth it, and your charm type character would shine like gold, with them actually mounting up a pretty decent offense if you build them correctly, but until then, you are going to not have a very good time. Of course, it would be really hard to KILL a charm type tank before that point, but it would also be tough to kill any enemy in return, making it really slow and boring at the beginning, if you are willing to work past that rough start though, you would be rewarded with a really powerful tank that can wipe out enemies surprisingly quickly, even if they would never match the level of a power type. More on this issue in a later part of my guide. Inconsistent/unreliable AOE damage- While Impelling Rage, and Siren Song have the potential to be incredibly devastating moves, the AOE range of siren song is erratic, and both Impelling Rage/Siren Song scale off CURRENT HP, not max HP, so while their damage is extremely devestating at max health, with lower health, the skills will not be quite as powerful, so one of the main criticisms of the AOE that charm classes have is that their damage is really inconsistent, fluctuates a lot, and is unreliable, it can either be really powerful at max HP, or less powerful at low HP. Thankfully, you can use potions to heal your own HP back to full, and getting higher DP in addition to making your siren song stronger can also make the damage of your AOE more consistent, since you would lose less health every attack, making you lose less damage, but you lose the higher damage potential that impelling rage, and siren song gets when you are at max HP, so most people prefer compounding only HP since you get more than enough DP from pets, your buffs, your gear, and refining, and DP compoundable gear is really rare, so you don't need to worry too much about compounding DP, even though DP is important for the two AOEs the raccoon has. Still, while the damage of the AOE's are inconsistent, the potential damage your AOE's deal at max health is really high for charm types, taking out mobs quite quickly, and the AOE from Impelling Rage, and Siren Song are easily your two best offensive skills you will ever have when it comes levelling your Duke/Diva tank. Also, Impelling Rage, and Siren Song both have a cooldown attached to their skills, so you cannot use these 2 AOE's all the time, when they are on cooldown...you would mostly use your normal attack, or your only spammable skill, volley kick if you have some good HV/AP gear lying around, so the downtime when those 2 AOE skills are on cooldown, really sucks for dukes/divas. You are also really helpful in parties, protecting everyone, making them more durable by increasing their defense, making it hard for them to die, and preventing monsters from getting close to them. You also get more durable the more party members you help out by increasing their DP with shield all, by multiplying your own DP, making it a win win situation. You are the glue that holds the party together, and are the ones that ultimately make the DPS live much longer with your defensive buffs, and by redirecting all the monsters towrads you instead of the squishier members, making you the ultimate support class, alongside light dragons, keeping the party alive, and giving them much more survivability, after all, why do you need to be healed if you can prevent damage altogether? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That said, light dragons are also extremely good at support, so don't discount them at all. To put it simply, if you want to be the ultimate defensive tank with great CC, and versatility, being great at both grinding, and bossing, then be a Diva/Duke. If you want to have more offense as a charm type, and specialize in either bossing, or PVM, don't pick this class. Now, because Dukes/Divas have a different skill path, where entertainers get their raccoon/cardmaster skills as a diva, and cardmasters get their entertainer/cat skills as a duke, I structured my guide, so I cover the second job cat skills in section 9 of the guide, which raccoons will follow when they become dukes, and covered second job raccoon skills/the skills your cat will invest in when they reach their 3rd job as a diva in section 10 of the guide. So raccoons start on section 10 for their 2nd job skills, and move on to section 9 for their duke skill build, cats start on section 9 for their second job skills, and section 10 for their 3rd job skill build as a diva, it is almost exactly the same, just add 50 TM levels to your skill requirement, since 3rd job hybrids always have a 50 level higher TM level requirement before they can learn the skill, no matter the class. Also, because Dukes/Divas have a different 3rd job advancement, there will be 2 different sections dedicated to them, section 7 for the duke, section 8 for the diva. 4.Build Graphs, Stat builds, Power VS sense for Divas/Dukes, Pros/cons of a pure HP, HV, and DP build, what each of the 3 focus on, and what skills the 3 builds mainly use for aspiring grinding/bossing dukes/divas, mature compounding Now that we are done with the overview with this class, we can now actually start getting into the nitty gritty details about the dukes/divas, starting from the very beginning of your life as a diva/duke...actually creating your potential tank in the first place in character creation, and picking your build, you always need to start somewhere, and picking a good build is vital to making a Duke/Diva powerhouse, so this section will help you figure out which build you want to focus on for your Duke/Diva tank. Now, when you select your charm type, whether it is a cat, or raccoon in the character selection screen for the first time, you are presented with this image: What does this graph mean? Well, let me explain. The way stats work in trickster online is that there is a bar under each stat, every 4 points that get put into that stat allows your character to level it up, and you get the stat increase for your character, this graph right here shows how many points goes into each stat in your stat type every level up, so the build shown in that picture, also known as a 3124 build means that you get 3 points in every power type stat automatically when you level up, 1 in magic, 2 points in sense, and 4 points in every charm stat. Each stat type has 3 stats associated with the type that the points shown in the build graph gets allocated to every time you level up. Each character type gets 4 in their primary stat type no matter what, you cannot change the 4 in the graph no matter what, so power types always get a 4 in power, magic types always get a 4 in magic, sense gets 4 in sense, and charm of course gets 4 in charm, so no matter what, your character will get 4 point in every charm stat when they level up. You do have 3 extra points that you can place in whichever stat you want, and move them around, so you could move the second point in sense to power instead, turning the 3124 build to a 4114 build, so you gain 4 stat points in every power stat when you level up, and only 1 stat point in every sense stat when you level up instead of the 3 points in power, and 2 points in every sense stat like the example given by the build graph, make sense now? The lowest you can go is 1 BTW, you cannot go down to 0 sadly, nor would you want to, XD. You also gain 4 extra bonus points every time you level up that you can place in whichever stat you want, HP, HV, DP, whatever. When you see builds like pure AP champion, or DX bufallo, that means that the character allocated 4 points to the AP/DX stat respectively with their bonus points. Stats that are associated with power types are AP, or attack, AC, or accuracy, or DX, attack speed, the lower the DX is, the faster you attack in this case. Magic gets MA, or magic attack, MD, or magic defense, and MP, or mana, unless you are a magic type, don't ever put more than 1 into magic, it is just not worth it, while you do have mana problems at the beginning, at later levels when MP starts to scale up, your mana would become much less of an issue, but mana consumption would always be high for this class, so stock up on MP pots! Also, charm types actually have a pretty good way to deal with casters, so while having more MD is nice, and I actually recommend you mature compound it in the future if casters are giving you trouble, putting more than 1 in magic just for that is not a good idea. Sense is associated with WT, or weight which is actually a pretty important stat, the more items you carry, the higher your weight percentage, once you reach 90% weight, your character is forced to walk, once they reach 100% weight, they cannot carry anymore items, so all characters want more weight, a weight pouch make lack of weight much less of an issue, DA is associated with drilling, the higher the DA, the higher your success weight will be when you start drilling, though supposedly 90+ DA is all any character ever needs, so reach that number as quickly as possible, it also supposedly determines refinement chance, and compound success rate, but I cannot confirm nor deny that, luck deals with your chance of dealing critical hits, blocking, getting hit by a critical(which is USELESS for this class, I will explain why later,) and magical skill accuracy, which is useless since you are not a magic type, so you use AC instead. Charm deals with HP, your health, DP, your defense, and HV, your evasion, all useful stats for your duke. Now, as you can see, while magic is useless for us, both power, and sense can be pretty useful for this character, power for more normal damage, which is very important when your skills are on cooldown, and stronger volley kick/card skills for your bossing raccoon, sense gives you weight, better drilling, and higher critical rate the other sense stats do not matter too much. Personally, I recommend you go 4114-4 power, 1 magic, 1 sense, and 4 charm, so move that 2nd sense point over to power. You can solve the weight problem quite easily by buying a weight pouch in myshop, and since you can get myshop items for free with ingame currency, I personally recommend you to buy one as soon as you can afford one, you would be holding a bunch of potions, especially as a charm type who has a bunch of HP, with their offense based on current HP, so weight will be a massive concern until you get one, your power type stats, especially AP are quite important, and it is more difficult to fix lower amounts of damage like that, you will be doing a bunch of normal attacks, or spamming volley kick when your AOE's are on cooldown, both scaling off AP, plus your volley kick/card skills for bossing scale off AP as well as HV, so you really want that stat for more damage. So, to better deal with the normal attacks you will inevitably have to do when your AOE is on cooldown when fighting monsters, and to improve your single target DPS skills, I recommend 4 in power, though your normal attacks will never be powerful, at least the damage from 1 normal attack will not be horrible, plus it makes the beginning nightmare of charm types much easier to deal with. I recommend 4114 for that reason, though you can remove 1 point in power, and place it in sense if weight is too much of an issue, anymore than that though can be dangerous if you are not careful. I am also planning on making a fox, so the lack of drilling/compounding success is less of an issue for me, XD. 4114 build- Pros: TONS of damage makes your autoattack skills somewhat decent Strengthens your bossing skills, since they scale off HV, and AP tons of power makes early game hell more manageable, and makes you do more damage, and attack quicker with your autoattacks once your AOE skills are on cooldown Cons: Low weight-Low weight is a major issue for most people who have only 1 in sense, but for power, and charm types, I usually do put one in sense, and max out my power, and charm, sense, and magic types get much more sense for obvious reasons. Regardless, until you get a myshop pouch, your lack of weight WILL SUCK, and it will be very annoying to deal with. Still, now that you can buy stuff in myshop with ingame galder, this is much less of an issue. Low DA-Low DA is a major issue for this class, 90 DA is around the ballpark where increasing your DA does not become anymore useful, and you will most likely NEVER invest in that stat, so you will never get too much of it, unless your weight pouches, charm gear, or charm type pets have it. Since you would never invest in this stat, even at the level cap of 400, you would only get 25 DA naturally, luckily, there is tons of gear, weight pouches/accessories, and pets that enhance it, and are related to the charm type defensive stats you want to invest in at all times. This is a huge issue, and makes drilling tedious, and time consuming. If you want really good drilling, just go make a fox, XD. This issue is going to be a massive hindrance when questing no matter what. low block chance-you would never prioritize block so much in the first place, but it is just something to keep in mind My thoughts-My favorite stat build, it gives tons of damage potential through auto attacking, which is essential to deal with the painful start before you get your AOE skills, when your AOE skills are on cooldown while levelling, and to make your bossing skills more powerful, the improved offense from the 4 in power makes you much better at killing quickly, and power is essential for all charm types, the lack of weight can be solved with a weight pouch, and the lack of DA is annoying, but I have a fox alt to take care of that, XD. 3124 build- Pros-more weight than 4114- this is a HUGE pro, do you realize how little you can carry before you move slower than a magikarp as 4114 without a weight pouch? Yeah, I thought so, this makes your life so much easier while questing, especially without a weight pouch, and considering how much you want to naturally carry in the first place, high weight is pretty much required, and is a godsend, especially iwthout a weight pouch, and while you can myshop, and get a weight pouch, these things are EXPENSIVE, so more weight is a life saver for quests. More DA-Yup, now you can reach the 90 DA cap more easily, making quests much easier to handle where you have to constantly drill to get a quest reward, I hate drilling with my power/charm types as much as the next champ/coon, guess that is the drawback of being extremely powerful, and durable, makes these stupid quests much less annoying to handle. Now you don't need a whole new alt to be good at drilling cons: less damage/power, worse at the start, worse at single target DPS/bossing, since the skills focused on that aspect, namely volley kick, and the card skills scale off HV/AP, and guess which stat you lose when you invest less in power? Yup! Also makes your auto attack damage less powerful, so the downtime when your AOE skills are on cooldown, and the starter levels where you do not even HAVE any AOE skills scalign off defensive stats is a true test of your patience. You lose a bit of power in general. Now, once you decided on your build graph, it is time to start the game. Every time you level up, as I mentioned, you get 4 bonus points that you can place on whatever stat you want depending on the build you are going for, I think it is time to discuss the 3 builds you can use as a duke, see which one sounds good to you. Since offensive skills scale off your defensive stats, your defenses ARE your offense mostly, so you focus mainly on getting as much HP, DP, and HV as possible with your bonus points, and compounding. First off is pure HP, this build is very tanky, and current HP is the stat that gives the most power for your AOE skills, the more HP, the more powerful your AOE skills, impelling rage, and Siren song would potentially be, so a pure HP build is an AOE centric build mainly designed for PVM grinding/levelling, if you want to level quickly, I recommend you place all your bonus stat points to HP to make your AOE skills more powerful, also compound all your gear to HP if you can, if not, go DP/HV instead, if you can't do that, I guess AP, or elemental attribute is the next best option. Since you will most likely be grinding/levelling at the beginning, I recommend that you start with this build, great for beginners. You should also get a bunch of DP gear, a DP pet, and refine your armor a bunch, because DP directly influences your siren song damage, and DP makes your AOE damage more consistent, since you will lose less HP per attack from them, which correlates with more current HP, which translates to more AOE damage. Pure HP/DP build pros: Insane AOE damage potential due to your 2 AOE skills scaling off HP, and DP excels in PVM, and levelling/grinding due to the power of the 2 AOE's you have in your arsenal, so for extra grinding/levelling speed, get this build Cons Not as great at bossing/killing 1 enemy at a time as a pure HV build AOE damage is dependant on your current health, so the AOE damage can fluctuate quite a bit without some DP, and potions Next up, pure HV, this build is great if you want to be better at killing a single enemy, and ESPECIALLY for bossing. This is because your single target damage skills, the spammable volley kick, and all your card skills scale off HV, so if you want higher single target damage for bossing, focus your bonus points on this stat. With this build, your main skills would be tailored towards single target DPS through volley kicks, and a combination of all your card skills, and lady luck, a combination of all these skills can really take down a boss quickly. So, I recommend it to people who are done with grinding/levelling with their HP build, and are now moving on to bossing, just reset your stats, and move all your HP points to HV if they can. Focus most of your compounds on HV of course, but if you cannot compound HV on your gear, compound AP instead, since volley kick, and the card skills also scale off that stat, both are pretty useful. HV/AP build pros: Tons of single target damage from since your single target card skills, and your spammable volley kick skill scales off HV/AP Excels at bossing due to all the single target damage the HV/AP build can dish out Cons: Not the best at levelling since all the HV/AP skills are single target damage skills, so it will take more time to grind and level with this build than with a pure HP build Finally, the DP build. This is a niche build that is not a mainstream charm build at all. This build is designed for one purpose only, to take damage, tons and tons of damage, that is what this build is good at. Since dukes/divas actually avoids all crits(that will be explained in a later section), focusing on DP is actually by far the best stat to massively increase your survivability, and make you a true immortal tank who protects the party, and never takes damage, shrugging off tons of attacks, and laughing at damage coming your way giving you much more staying power than HV, or HP coon. The downside to this build is that your skills..suck, they are not going to be as great as your HP, or HV build, so your skills, and offense would be much weaker than the other 2 builds, so this is not a high damage character, it is an extremely tanky character with almost no offense. This is because none of your skills, except siren song, which scales better from high HP in the first place scales off DP, it does of course make your damage more consistent, but at the end of the day, the damage potential is not as high. You should fix this issue through compounding, follow the HP build compounding instructions for grinding,and then follow the HV build instructions when bossing. Of course, you already get high DP through gear, defensive buffs, pets, and refining. Due to their nonexistent offense, while this is no means a bad build, it is not nearly as offensively oriented, and powerful as the other 2 builds damage wise, so I recommend you go with the other 2 more traditional builds for your first raccoon before trying this one, because of their slower killing/levelling speed Pure DP build pros: the tankiest build, you laugh at the damage monsters dish out Cons: You are not going to be as great offensively as a HP/DP or a HV/AP build not newbie friendly Of course, all 3 builds are great for different things, pick the one that sounds best for you. I recommend you start with HP for grinding, then resetting, and moving over to HV to become better at bossing if this is your first time playing, but that's just me, if you want to focus on just 1 build, go ahead, and do so. You might also consider compounding MD if magic enemies are giving you too much trouble, which they could if you are not careful. Also, I forgot to mention If you feel like the auto attack damage is too low, get some elemental attribute compounding. For pure HP/DP builds, you would be auto attacking a lot when your skills are on cooldown, so if your gear does not have HP, or DP compounding, to me, if you do not want more magic defense, or the gear does not allow it, get some elemental compounding if the game allows it, it really makes your autoattacks more powerful. Which brings me to mature compounding. What is mature compounding exactly? Mature compounding is a system where you get stones for your specific stat that you can apply to your gear to give them additional stats to strengthen your character, stones have level requirements, the higher the level requirement of the stone, the more powerful/effective the stone is, but the higher your gear level needs to be to apply it, for example, if you have a DP stone 290, you can only apply that stone to a level 290 piece of gear to increase its DP. Each gear has 3 sockets that allow you to place stones in, and certain gear allows only certain types of stones to be applied to your gear, so one gear might allow AP, HV, and AC, but might not allow you to compound HP onto that piece, so all the HP stones will not work on that piece, look at the gear itself to see the stats you can adds to the gear. Once you have your stone close to the level of your gear, and the gear allows you to place a compound a stone into it, go over to alchemist nate, and place the gear/stone in the mature compounding screen, and watch you get more DP once the DP stone gets applied. There is a specific range of min/max amounts of stats a stone can grant, so you might get lucky, and you get a higher amount of HP from your stone, or unlucky, and get the minimum amount of HP the stone can grant, so it is pure RNG sadly, you might be in the high end, or the low end of the range of the stats the stone can grant, supposedly luck, DA or something like that influences the min/max range of stats the stone can grant, but no one is really sure, if you don't like the compound you put on your gear, or you got unlucky with your RNG, you can remove your compound by using nate's bottle at the myshop, a max of 3 compounds can be placed on each gear. You can get stones form monster drops, card identification, and of course, myshop has the best ones. Mature compounding is EXTREMELY useful, and adds a lot of stats/customizability to your gear, so it is extremely useful. Of course, since you are a charm type, you should compound all your gear to include defensive stats if you can, because the skills for dukes/divas scales off defensive stats for the most part, I gave suggestions on what to compound back when I went over the 3 builds, they make your defensive stats insane, and make your diva/duke even more tanky/powerful than ever. You can also apply 1 hardant to your pet which you can buy from the myshop, that you apply to your pet by going to pet trainer shara, it is very similar to mature compounding, except that the hardant gives extra stats from your pet, not the gear. Pets, and general stats in gear in general follow the same stat priority as compounding. 5. The immortal Teacher/Model skill build, and the pains/struggles of levelling a charm type at the beginning Congratulations! You finally created your character after deciding on your build graph, and the stat build you are going to pursue! Give yourself a pat on the back, because deciding what you want to do with your duke/diva, and what your plans are with this character is always tough, especially for a class as versatile as a duke/diva, now that you have finally mastered the basics, and you decided that a duke/diva is your calling, along with figuring out what you want to do with this guy/gal, you can finally start levelling your raccoon/cat! Well, I got some bad news, until you get either Impelling rage for coons, or siren song for kitties, your AOE at TM level 100/90 respectively, you have no good offensive options. The beginning is horrible for pretty much every single charm type in the game no matter the subclass, and unfortunately, there is not much you can do about it. For all charm types at the start, you will never run the risk of dying if you apply all your buffs, oh, you would survive, most likely with a bunch of HP, you can survive a bunch of hits that none of the classes can ever take, and most of the hits could be evaded even at first job due to all the defensive buffs that you can utilize already. You would also not be able to kill enemies very quickly, because you would most likely use normal attacks, and since you are applying all your bonus points to defensive stats, most likely to HP to strengthen the AOE you would get later on, your normal attacks are going to be very weak. Thankfully, once you do get the AOE skill, it gets much better for them, and you would find out that their offense is actually surprisingly pretty good, but until then, you are stuck normal attacking, this is a test for endurance every charm type has to deal with, and unfortunately, there are no viable shortcuts out of this. Again, their offensive skills once you do get them are actually really good if you invest defensive stats into them, and are surprisingly extremely powerful in their own right, making them a pretty good character, they would never match the damage of a power type, but they were never meant to, it's just a shame you get don't get them for a while. Good news is that you level more quickly on this server than on the official server, so the beginning for charm types will not be quite as painful as on the official server, but it still takes a while for them to get going, and it will be a test of endurance trying your patience, if you are dedicated, and can muscle through it, you will see an extremely good character though, so keep at it, and it will all be worth it for your character in the end. Go ask some DPS friends for help to break the monotony if needed. Now with this warning out of the way for anyone thinking of levelling a duke/diva to not give up hope if they feel like a slog during the beginning, I think it is finally time to get into actually building your first job raccoon/cat. Since all the offensive skills except throw galder are pretty bad, we will use first job to master all the defensive buffs that you can learn, because those defensive buffs are really, really good actually, and form the cornerstone of your defense for your charm type later on in life, so don't neglect them. While I would personally recommend not skipping any of the defensive buffs your duke can get, if you want to skip shield all for now, and master it at 3rd job instead, and master throw galder instead to actually get some decent offense to get you through the beginning levels, you can do so. Now, without further adieu, my skillbuild Teacher/Model skill build Dodge Mastery(TM level 10) Master-No matter the build, master this skill first, this is your bread and butter charm skill, giving you a huge HV buff, and this buff connected with quite a few other buffs due to them scaling from HV, and is the foundation for your melee defense, massively increasing your survivability, allowing you to dodge most attacks coming your way, so master this skill. Mana Reflector(TM level 20) Master- Reflects magic damage, this skill is AMAZING, it is great in PVP/GVG against magic types, and is your main defense against magic type enemies, which is going to be the bane of your existence as a charm type, this is the only form of defense you would have against magic use outside of just tanking/evading their hits entirely for a while, sumo suit would be gotten at 2nd/3rd job depending on whether you are a duke or diva, and there are other skills that are more important than magic meltdown, so get this skill to have some chance when it comes to dealing with magic mobs. Due to this, charm types can actually do somewhat well against magic mobs, but it is mana intensive since you refresh it quite often due to its lower skill duration at first, of course, if magic enemies are too tough for you even with this buff, compound some magic defense. This skill scales with HV, so cast Dodge mastery before this scale for maximum effect, and cast this skill before sumo suit for the effects to stack. Shield all(TM level 25) Master- This skill gives you a huge boost in DP, combined with sturdy shield, most monsters will hit you for 0 damage at early levels due to all the DP you have, this skill is quite useful for increasing your defense to really high levels, so master this skill, works on multiple party members Sturdy Shield(TM level 30) Master- Another buff that gives you a huge boost in DP, combined with shield all, most monsters hit for 0 damage, master this skill to get insanely high defense and make you tankier as a tank duke Skunk Pouch(TM level 40) Master-this skill allows you to prevent enemies from moving, making it a great way to prevent those pesky players, monsters, and bosses from moving away from your attacks, after that, unload your attacks on them, as a melee character, this skill is quite useful, so they will not move out of the range of your attacks/skills, and since this skill also does not draw attention, it is great for some mobs who would explode or use a skill if you attract their attention, so master this one, it is pretty useful, especially in PVP. Physical Training(TM level 45) Master-This skill is a passive skill that raises your base HP, because you are most likely running a HP build while grinding, and levelling, MASTER THIS SKILL, your powerful AOE's scale off HP, so it would only make sense to get more HP when you can to make your AOE's more powerful once you start getting them, do you want high damage from your AOE attacks? Then master this skill. And that is it, first job is finished, your raccoon/cat is ready to move onto the second job since your character would be TM level 50 by the time all these skills are mastered, actually WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY past that point if you master all 6 skills, in first job, XD. Both coons and cats move down to section 6, then for coons, move down to section 9 for your second job skills, for kitties, move down to section 10 for your second job skills. 6. Second Job trials-becoming a Cardmaster/Entertainer to see the light at the end of the tunnel Well, you are around halfway to your AOE skill that makes levelling much less painful, or in the case of the cat, slightly more than halfway through, so hooray for cats I guess! XD. Regardless, if you reached at least base level 60, and TM level 50 for your character, you are ready for second job. To begin, either go to megopolis, go inside the skill garden go upstairs, and go to the right room, or go to relics town by going southwest from megapolis, continue going south until you get to relics field one, then go west to relics field 4, then go north to get to the town. I personally recommend the latter option in this case. You will see why in a bit. For kitties, go look for entertainer Elicia, for coons, look for card master taniel. You should get a quest requiring you to get 3x 100k galder coupons, a growth badge, and a cat/coon badge depending on your class. Then, go open up your level 50, or 60 gift pack, and you should recieve 3x 100 galder coupons, so you already finished one of the requirements. That was easy! The other 2 would be tougher, go below relics town(this is why I recommend starting this quest in relics town, less travel town compared to megopolis,) go down into the caballa relics dungeon, and keep going through portals on your map until you reach caballa relics dungeon 4, keep going until you see a monster looking like this: . This is what you have to kill, most classes starting out has a REALLY tough time killing him, power, and charm types like you have the best chance of killing him at base level 60, you should not have too much trouble killing him with your insane durability, and defensive buffs, but if you cannot do it yet, go ask others for help, it never hurts. He should drop a growth badge when killed, and he has a chance to drop the kitty/coon card for you, if you do not have it yet, kill him a few more times, and it should drop for you. Also, remember to run away from him if he turns red/berserk at low HP, he should go out of that state soon, if you get hit in that state, YOU WILL DIE, so don't do that. Afterwards, go back to entertainer elicia/cardmaster taniel, and congrats! You reached second job, and are closer to getting past your early game hell! 7.Third Job Trials Duke Congratulations! Your coon finally reached 3rd job! You are now almost done with all the required skills in my build! Now, to start 3rd job, go to the skill garden in megapolis again, and go to that huge door. You get a quest. You need 3 1 mill galder coupons, and 1 ticket of the valiant, both pretty tough to find. Luckily, one of the levelling gift packs makes this task somewhat easier by giving us one 1 mill glader coupon, we still need to get the other 2, and the ticket of the valiant, but it is a good start. To get the ticket of the valiant, go southwest, and continue going south again just like job, this time until you get to caballa fields 2, then go west to get to caballa fields 3, go into the mines in that field, go down until you see the closed mines, go east to get to the 2nd closed lot of the mines, and look for a red leprechaun like this: , the other ones are green leprechauns, but kill this one to get the ticket of the valiant, this place is also the perfect way to get your 2 mill galder required for this quest, just constantly kill monsters there, they should be easy they drop TONS of galder, just run away form the blue circle if you ever see it, if you stay there too long, you get transported back to megapolis, and you have to start all over again, still, it takes a while even at this grinding spot. Back in Open Beta it took FOREVER to find that red leprechaun, so I used an alternative way to get it, still got my galder at the closed mines though. Go into relics town again, go northwest to get to the path to black swamp, go northwest, to the gate of swamp field, go west, until swamp field 2, go south to 4, then go east to get to the swamp town, go south to until swamp field 5, then go into the swamp dungeon I think, I forgot how to get there, either way, drill in the swamp dungeon until you find the ticket. After you get your 2 1 mill galder coupons from andrew once you got all that money, and got the ticket, go back to skill garden, talk to the door again, and you will see 2 shadows. Since you are going to be a duke, or the hybrid class, or else you would not read this guide, go talk to the flashire snake messenger, and get the duke job advancement quest from him. Now get out of the skill garden, go northwest from megapolis, and talk to card master tamiel from the forest, answer you want to be a duke, and he will ask for you to get a white opal from madame fondue, and sacred water then go back to megapolis, and go back to black swamp field, drill to get sacred water, then go back to megapolis, go northeast to event garden ceremonia, and then go northeast to get to rose fields 1, go north to get to 2, and go southwest ot get to 3, madame fondue is there. Then, after killing her, and having her drop the white opal, go back to the forest, and talk to card master tamiel. 1 down, 2 more to go. Now go northwest from the forest, and continue going north until you get to gate of snow hill. Go talk to Happisto Stallone, and he will ask you to get a bunch of materials for the compass frame we will get back to that part later. For now, we will get the harkon, go northeast from the gate to get to snow field 1, then go east to gate 2, and the mine is there. Take the quest from Blacksmith marx there, which is repeatable, and mine 5 pure tantelum from the 1st mining lot, and 5 flawless opal from the second lot, then complete the quest 5 times to get your harkon. Two down, one more to go. Finally, go back to megapolis again, go back to the rose fields, at rose field 3, I believe go northwest to #4, go inside the building, and go north to vamp dungeon 2, kill iron knights there until you get 9 magnetites, go to 3, get 9 iron from the iron knights, go to 4, and get 9 magic powder from bone magicians, and get 9 glass pieces from bone warrior at 5, go all the way back to the gate of snow hill, complete the quest 3 times, and then go back to northwest forest, and cardmaster tamiel to finish the long quest chain. Then go back to the skill garden, go inside the door, go talk to the flashire snake master again, and you have 16 trials to complete full of 3 monsters to kill 5 minutes each, now, while you will not die very easily here, you might run out of time due to your lower offense, but for the most part, it should be pretty easy. Afterwards, go back to flashire snake master, and congratulations! You are finally 3rd job raccoon! Now, take your 3rd job skills from entertainer elicia after you are done with your 2nd job skills, XD. 8. Third Job Trials Diva Congratulations! Your Kitty finally reached 3rd job! You are now almost done with all the required skills in my build! Now, to start 3rd job, go to the skill garden in megapolis again, and go to that huge door. You get a quest. You need 3 1 mill galder coupons, and 1 ticket of the valiant, both pretty tough to find. Luckily, one of the levelling gift packs makes this task somewhat easier by giving us one 1 mill glader coupon, we still need to get the other 2, and the ticket of the valiant, but it is a good start. To get the ticket of the valiant, go southwest, and continue going south again just like job, this time until you get to caballa fields 2, then go west to get to caballa fields 3, go into the mines in that field, go down until you see the closed mines, go east to get to the 2nd closed lot of the mines, and look for a red leprechaun like this: , the other ones are green leprechauns, but kill this one to get the ticket of the valiant, this place is also the perfect way to get your 2 mill galder required for this quest, just constantly kill monsters there, they should be easy they drop TONS of galder, just run away form the blue circle if you ever see it, if you stay there too long, you get transported back to megapolis, and you have to start all over again. Back in Open Beta it took FOREVER to find that red leprechaun, so I used an alternative way to get it, still got my galder at the closed mines though. Go into relics town again, go northwest to get to the path to black swamp, go northwest, to the gate of swamp field, go west, until swamp field 2, go south to 4, then go east to get to the swamp town, go south to until swamp field 5, then go into the swamp dungeon I think, I forgot how to get there, either way, drill in the swamp dungeon until you find the ticket. After you get your 2 1 mill galder coupons from andrew once you got all that money, and got the ticket, go back ot skill garden, talk to the door again, and you will see 2 shadows. Since you are planning on going diva, or the hybrid class, or else you would not read this guide, go talk to Amethysta's Messenger, and get the diva's advancement quest from her. Next, go to entertainer elicia in rose field 3, simply go back to megapolis, go northeast to event garden ceremonia, and then go northeast to get to rose fields 1, go north to get to 2, and go southwest to get to 3, elicia should be there. She will tell you to get sacred water, and dark amethyst, get the amethyst first from Fish Gaurdian tink in mermaid palace fields 2, then go to swamp fields, and drill up the sacred water. Then go all the way back to Rose fields 3 to finish the quest 1 down, two more to go. After that, get out of event garden, go northeast from megapolis to get to northeast field. Now, go northwest from the forest, and continue going north until you get to gate of snow hill. Go talk to Happisto Stallone, and he will ask you to get a bunch of materials for the compass frame we will get back to that part later. For now, we will get the harkon, go northeast from the gate to get to snow field 1, then go east to gate 2, and the mine is there. Take the quest from Blacksmith marx there, which is repeatable, and mine 5 pure tantelum from the 1st mining lot, and 5 flawless opal from the second lot, then complete the quest 5 times to get your harkon. Two down, one more to go. Finally, go back to megapolis again, go back to the rose fields, at rose field 3, I believe go northwest to #4, go inside the building, and go north to vamp dungeon 2, kill iron knights there until you get 9 magnetites, go to 3, get 9 iron from the iron knights, go to 4, and get 9 magic powder from bone magicians, and get 9 glass pieces from bone warrior at 5, go all the way back to the gate of snow hill, complete the quest 3 times, and then go back to Entertainer Elicia at Rose Field 3 to finish the long quest chain. Then go back to the skill garden, go inside the door, go talk to Amethysta's master again, and you have 16 trials to complete full of 3 monsters to kill 5 minutes each, now, while you will not die very easily here, you might run out of time due to your lower offense, evolution for cats if you invest in that might help, but for the most part, it should be pretty easy. Afterwards, go back to Amethysta's messenger, and congratulations! You are finally 3rd job Kitty! Now, take your 3rd job skills from Cardmaster Tamiel after you are done with your 2nd job skills, XD. 9. Card master/diva skill build- 2nd job coons/3rd job kitties. For coons, congratulations for making it this far into the early game hell! You are at around the halfway point in terms of your TM level from getting the skill that will make your levelling experience much easier. So don't give up, and keep grinding! It will eventually be worth it in the end. For both kitties, and coons, this job actually has a grand total of only 2 skills that are very important for the levelling process, all those card skills, and bodyguard are certainly important, but like I said before, it is made for single target DPS/bossing for the HV/AP build, and for helping tank in parties respectfully, so focus on mastering them after levelling all the vital skills in my skillbuild first. That said, both of these skills are EXTREMELY important, and vital for your class, so even though you only master two skills for now, they are a gamechanger, so you want this job. Super hips(TM level 55 coons/105 kitties) master-TM level 55 coons/TM level 105 kitties- This skill is a GODSEND for your class, and you REALLY want this skill. Why am I praising this skill so heavily you might ask? Well, remember all those painful memories of the monsters critting you while levelling before getting this skill? Yeah, they were the bane of your existence, the normal attacks did not deal much damage, so they were no problem, but those monsters critting you was extremely painful, and was the worst thing that ever happened for charm levelling, besides arguably magic types, because even with your high DP, the hits still did a bunch of damage. Well, this skill makes you evade ALL CRITICAL ATTACKS as long as the monster level is not too high above your character level. Yes, you heard me right, so all these painful memories of getting critted are gone for good. This is also why focusing on raising DP gives you so much more survivability than the other 2 stats, because without all those crit hits, all that DP pretty much reduces the amount of damage you take from monster normal attacks significantly, so you take very little damage with high DP. Get this skill, you will love it. It is a major cornerstone of the class, and improves the survivability of the charm type drastically. This is the time you coons can focus on getting metamorphasis if you want, but you won't use it for a while, because the few offensive skills that DO scale off defensive stats scale off HV, so you will either use this skill for bossing, or you will not use it at all basically, it will never be great offensively, but it makes you much more durable. I personally don't invest in it until much later, but I can see the use of it, and it is a pure personal preference/optional thing, get it if you want. You will not get your second skill for quite a few TM levels, so might as well dump them somewhere, you will max all your skills from every single job no matter what when you cap your TM level, so you will get it sooner or later. For kitties, if you decided to focus on galder throw back in first job, now is the time to invest in your 2 DP buffs, because DP is going to be so much more important starting 3rd job. Impelling Rage(TM level 100 for coons/150 for kitties)- You did it coons! You finally went through early game torture, and you reached the pot of galder at the end of the rainbow. This is one of the two main AOE skills that justifies you putting all your stat points into HP while levelling, and one of the two AOE skills you will learn to love while levelling, melting monsters so quickly. Still, this skill is not perfect, like I mentioned before, it has a relatively long cooldown time of 6 seconds, and guess what you do once it is on cooldown? That's right! You use your weak normal attacks. Also, this skill is based off CURRENT HP, so without significant amounts of HP potions, and DP, this skill is going to be really erratic, and fluctuate a lot in terms of damage. Still, despite these two flaws, the sheer amount of burst AOE damage you can dish out when it is off cooldown more than justifies me praising it as a godlike offensive skill for levelling, you get to kill TONS of mobs in a short amount of time with this skill making this a godsend while levelling. You have been grinding up to this point coons, and you finally got your reward after all this torture, you earned it. For both classes, this is a vital AOE skill, and makes your levelling so much easier than ever before. And that's it for second job for coons/third job for kitties, yup, the rest of the skills are going to be saved until after you invest all the needed skills you get as a duke as a raccoon. For coons, continue down to the next section after going up to section #7 that deals with 3rd job trials for dukes, for kitties, move down to section 11, where we talk about what we do after getting all the core job skills, and my suggestions. 10. Duke/entertainer skill build-3rd job coons/2nd job kitties- For kitties, congratulations for making it this far into the early game hell! You are slightly past the halfway point in terms of your TM level from getting that skill that will make your levelling experience much easier. So don't give up, and keep grinding! It will eventually be worth it in the end. For both kitties, and coons, this job contains a bunch of nice skills, a defensive buff that reduces both physical, AND magical damage, a really powerful AOE skill, an AOE version of skunk pouch that replaces the regular skunk pouch to control the movement of a whole group of enemies, and a buff applied to your DP if you improve the survivaiblity of your party members by using shield all on them, the more party members affected, the stronger your DP buff, making parties really great for you. team bolster(TM level 65 for kitties/115 for coons) Master- This skill is AMAZING if you are in a party for levelling, and especially GVG. In a party, if you improve the survivability of the party by using shield all on them, you get a DP buff yourself. This makes you amazing in parties, since you act as the perfect guardian, and wall that prevents the enemies from coming close to your allies, while acting as the perfect support class alongside light dragons, preventing damage for the party if they ever did get hit, making them die much less often with your buffs, so by improving the survivaiblity of other members, and doing your job, you get rewarded by improving your own durability. A win win for both sides of the party transaction, and the perfect skill for parties, and especially in GVG, this class starts off with a bang, so master it. If any kitties wanna max evolution as soon as possible, now is the time. I can certainly see why you want this skill, it makes you better offensively by buffing your AP, back in open beta I certainly hate how low my auto attack damage was when my AOE's were off cooldown, so I can certainly see the appeal of it, get it if you want, it is purely optional. I personally would not get it until much later, when I am done with all my essential skills, but I can certainly see the appeal of this skill. You would get it sooner or later regardless, since you would max out every single skill from all three jobs once you cap your TM level, so you would get it no matter what, it only changes when you will get it. For coons, if you maxed out galder throw first job, now is the time to master your 2 DP buffs, because DP will be much more important starting 3rd job. You would get a gap from team bolster to siren song, so might as well put all the points somewhere if you want. Speaking of siren song... Siren Song(TM level 90 for kitties/TM level 140 for coons) Master- You did it kitties! You finally went through early game torture, and you reached the pot of galder at the end of the rainbow. This is one of the two main AOE skills that justifies you putting all your stat points into HP while levelling, and one of the two AOE skills you will learn to love while levelling, melting monsters incredibly quickly. Still, this skill comes with a couple harsh drawbacks, and is not perfect. Like I mentioned before, this skill has a relatively long cooldown time, this skill has a cooldown of 8 seconds, and guess what you do once it is on cooldown? That's right! You use your weak normal attacks. Also, this skill is based off CURRENT HP, as well as DP, so without a significant amount of HP potions, and DP, this skill is going to be really erratic, and fluctuate a lot in terms of damage. Besides, the damage of this skill DIRECTLY SCALES OFF DP unlike impelling rage, sure the DP damage does not scale as high as current HP, but with it being less erratic with high DP, you want to focus on both of these stats, and raising DP, especially right now once you get this skill if you haven't done so already, both stats are really important for this skill, raising the damage directly unlike impelling rage. Still, despite these two flaws, the sheer amount of burst AOE damage you can dish out when it is off cooldown more than justifies me praising it as a godlike offensive skill for levelling, along with your other offensive AOE skill, you get to kill TONS of mobs in a short amount of time while using this skill along with impelling rage, making you a sawblade that just cuts through everything, and making both skills a godsend while levelling. You kitties have been grinding up to this point, and you finally got your reward after all this torture, you earned it. For both classes, this is a vital AOE skill, and makes you levelling so much easier than ever before. Sumo Suit(TM level 135 for kitties/TM level 185 for coons) Master- This is an extremely valuable defensive buff for both coons, and kitties making you a tough nut to crack defensively, massively reducing the damage for both physical, and magical attacks, so this buff also allows you to much more easily deal with these pesky magic type mobs/magic type classes in PVP, you don't need to rely only on mana reflector to do that job with this skill. Now, this skill does have a HV point where it becomes most effective, it becomes most effective at 301 HV, thankfully you should reach that cap really easily by now with the HV you gain by levelling up, and dodge master. Also, keep in mind that magic reflect does not stack with this skill, but this skill DOES stack with mana reflector, so use mana reflector before this skill to get both of the buffs. Regardless, this is an extremely useful defensive buff that massively increases your survivability, and makes you so much more durable than ever before, making you so much better at tanking than before, by adding this skill in your collection of defensive buffs/passives, so get this skill, you take much less damage from both physical, and magic type mobs with this skill mastered, making this skill a godsend, especially for magic types. Deadly Funk(TM level 160 for kitties/TM level 210 for coons) Master- This skill is the AOE version of skunk points with all the same benefits, you can just affect a whole group of enemies with it unlike with skunk pouch, where you can only affect a single target, so master this skill. It is REALLY good for restricting movement in PVP, you do not get aggro when using it, making it great to prevent monsters from noticing you and exploding cause of it, you get to prevent them from doing anything for a short time, and prevents them from moving away form your AOE skills, so this skill is really great for levelling/bossing/ESPECIALLY PVP/GVG, so no matter what, master this skill, it replaces skunk pouch, so don't have both of them in your bar at the same time Well, that is it for 2nd job kitties/3rd job coons. For kitties, move back up to section 9 for your 3rd job skill build after looking at section 8 for your 3rd job trials as a diva, for coons, move down to the next section of the guide, dealing with what skills I suggest you to focus on after getting all your essential levelling skills from those 3 jobs. 11. Further suggestions for what skills you can focus on after following my recommendations So, you mastered all your essential skills for kitties/coons eh? Great job! For the most part, levelling should be smooth sailing from here, get your 16 secret cards, and get your guardian, of course, there are some rough spots while levelling, especially with magic type mobs, but you should be equipped well enough to deal with them with my skill build, of course getting tons of healing items is recommended. After all that, anything goes, all the skills look pretty great for the most part, so you cannot go wrong. Here are my suggestions on which skills to focus on mastering when starting out If you see yourself having MP issues, and you don't mind sacrificing some HP, get flux capacitor, it sacrifices some of your HP to get MP back, with how durable you are, sacrificing some HP for MP, which is much harder to deal with is personally a great tradeoff if you hate constantly guzzling MP potions, though losing HP does force you to use an HP potion or two to keep the damage of your AOE skills high, personal preference regardless. Now is the time to get your card skills/volley kick for bossing, since you would most likely do some bossing soon, and respec to a pure HV/AP build, so invest in all these skills, that combined with a HV/AP build ups your single target DPS SIGNIFICANTLY, making you much better for bossing than before, so get them as soon as you can, I usually focus on them after getting all my core skills. If you have too much trouble with magic monsters, consider getting magic meltdown, it reduces the amount of magic damage you take from monsters SIGNIFICANTLY, it mainly scales off HV making it much better when you are off facing magic type bosses, but even for regular levelling as a pure HP coon, this sounds like a really great skill to invest in to make fighting against magic type monsters MUCH EASIER, of course, it is also great in PVP/GVG to deal with the pesky magic types there. Get final blow to become a more offensive oriented counter tank, with this skill, the more HP you lose, the more damage the enemy takes, so the enemy gets hurt whenever they attack you, a perfect form of offense for a defensive focused tank that I personally think looks great, never tried it though, it sounds really great for the kind of class you go with though. If aura shatter is added to this server, that is a really good skill for PVP/GVG, if you are planning on focusing on that soon, get that skill, cancelling buffs as a duke/diva makes the lives for your opponents a nightmare, plus it hurts them if they try to buff themselves. Get bodyguard if you feel like your other members get hit too much while you are in a party for levelling/GVG to redirect that damage back to you, making you a much better tank than before, and reducing/controlling the damage intake of the whole party, making you even better at support, you would be much better at protecting your friends. Get magic defense breaker if you ever want to help these magic types, by reducing the magic defense of monsters to increase their DPS for levelling/GVG parties, of course, it scales off HV just like magic meltdown, making it much better for bossing/GVG if you go HV/AP there, since you would go pure HP/DP for levelling, still it is great while just levelling, or in a pure HP/DP build for GVG. Honestly though, this skill does not sound too great, so it is somewhat low on my priority list compared to the other 4 skills mentioned above, you would not party very often as much as I want that to happen, and you need a magic type for this skill to do well, still, this skill is great for them if they are in your party, so use it at that point of course, but it is useless solo. After getting all the single target DPS skills you want, you do not feel like you have MP management issues, you feel like you do a great enough job tanking, and do not hate magic monsters, get evolution/metamorphasis, and focus on those skills, they are situational at best, but these skills can be really useful sometimes, so now is the time to get these skills, since you do not have many good ones left, so get your evolution/metamorphasis, and get their offensive skills, they can be really useful in the right situations as situational as they are, so invest in them. Galder skills-well, now you can get your galder skills, while you lose money, they can be a great way to get an extra source of offense for levelling if you do not have a HV/AP build for bossing/PVP, and are looking for a good spammable set of offensive skills to use when your 2 AOE's are on cooldown for your HP/DP build, since volley kick would be somewhat weak without a heavy investment in HV/AP, so if you are looking for a great set of spammable skills while levelling, and are tired of your weak auto attack damage, and you don't have any elemental attribute compounded gear, give these sets of skills a try if you can handle the loss of galder. If this server allows it, get mass destruction after that-honestly, I do not like this AOE skill too much, it kills off your current HP, which you need for your OTHER AOE SKILLS to deal some massive burst of damage against enemies, considering that you kill enemies really quickly already with your AOE skills if you focus on HP/DP for levelling, I do not really prioritize this skill. Still, if you ever feel like you are willing to lose tons of HP to deal some monstrous AOE damage against enemies, get this skill. I just feel it sucks for consistent AOE DPS without tons of pots, and it kills off your survivability, plus you need to be above 80% HP for this skill to be worth it. I do not value it too much personally, but it is better than nothing, I just don't think it is that great considering the costs. Still, place your own judgement on this skill if the server has it, I personally think it is bad, but at the end of the day, it is all subjective, and do whatever you want with your points, if you like the sound of it, invest points in that emergency AOE DPS skill. I won't stop you. Finally, Power blow/titanium wrist. Alright, let me vent for a bit. The developers were retarded when they thought that this qualified as offense, actually, that would be an insult to retarded people. This is our only form of offense outside of galder throw which uses up galder for first job charm types, and THESE SKILLS SUCK ASS!!! I'm sorry, but they are shit, and the fact that our only form of offense during first job that is halfway decent is a skill that uses up galder should really show you why charm types have such a painful early game experience, if the skills were even halfway decent, this would never be an issue, plus the defensive buffs were so useful that the offensive skills paled in comparison. The problem is that these skills do not deal very much damage considering how expensive they are, seriously, they are really expensive, and their offense is mediocre at best. I mean, yeah it is better than auto attacking, but that's not saying much, it's like comparing getting cancer to contracting HIV, both are painful things while levelling, one is just less painful than the other, but both are bad, and considering how expensive they are, these "skills" are not worth investing into in the slightest. What will the devs thinking when they made them? Yeah, I know charm types should not have great offense considering how durable they are, and if the devs are trying to make the road painful on purpose to give them a magikarp power like system where it is painful early on, but gets much better later on with their AOE skills, then I give credit, and to be fair, all types besides power suck at the beginning, but charm is easily the worst one. Still, I guess they gave us these skills to balance out all our insane durability, so they gave us horrid offense, I mean we never die, still doesn't make it any less painful that these are what qualifies as our offense, if that was their intention, then I can get behind it. Still, fuck these skills. I know value is subjective, but these skills objectively suck no matter what. Just put points in there, because we invested everything into the other skills, and we need something to put our last few TM points in. And that is my skill build post 3rd job, honestly, besides power blow/titanium wrist, they all are great at something, and bring something to the table, this section is by no means a bible, and just my suggestions, anything goes with this build, and you cannot go wrong with this build unless you decide to focus on power blow/titanium wrist first. Most of these skills are great in my mind, so place it where ever you want, these are just my suggestions/guidelines, do whatever you want with them, unlike the previous section, we are done with the vital skills we really need, so it is pretty much a sandbox where you can place them in where ever you want, even if you focused on power blow/titanium wrist first, you would still be a pretty powerful, and dangerous tank who never dies, and has a surprisingly high amount of offense considering their role. 12. Conclusion And this is my guide, I will clean this up soon, it is probably way too long, if you read all these text, then thank you for making it these far into my comprehensive encyclopedia where I talk about everything that deals with dukes/divas, and how to be a dangerous tank. They really are a great support class who is great at never dying, and protecting the party/preventing damage, their skills scale off defensive stats, the monsters get damaged whenever they hit you, making you the perfect counter tank, you have tons of buffs making the party more durable, and you can even make the mages more powerful by reducing the magic defense of enemies. With all of that combined with all their defensive buffs, and ginormous defensive stats naturally, and through stats/compounding, you are an incredibly dangerous, efficient, and intimidating tank who crushes enemies, and has tons of durability, you never die with a surprisingly great amount of offense considering their role, even if it would never match the other DPS classes, as long as you can get past the torture that is the early game that every charm type has to go through before getting their first AOE skill, and even after that, once they are on cooldown, they have to autoattack the rest of the time, so they certainly have some issues, but considering their role, they are extremely great at it, and are really good at both levelling, and soloing bosses, even if they are not the best at both. I highly recommend you try this class if you want to be a great defensive tank like me, because they really do their job well, because it really is a great class, even if their offense is not the best compared to the DPS classes, plus they are really great to look at(though mai bunny waifu is even better to look at in my eyes), which makes sense considering they are charm type classes, XD. After my eternal hiatus, it is finally time to start playing again, I love this game, it really is a great underrated gem that I sadly could not have focused my time on again until now due to school work, and my millions of other games, I am happy to play this game again. I am finally back, and I am going to test my own theoretical build myself, if anything changes, I will change my guide to reflect it, but for now, it is finally done outside of cleaning up after all this procrastination, XD. I fully recommend you try out this class, and follow my guide for help on this class, you will not be disappointed. I am finally done with this guide, yay! Thanks to-The trickster online wiki for providing TM levels, and scaling for all the skills The wayback machine, and the GGFTW forums, there were a couple really great guides back in the GGFTW forums that unfortunately got taken down, decided to consult them to help out The rest was my own legwork PS:as much as I would want to make a 20 page long champ type guide as well for mai waifu, it would be pretty fucking hilarious to read if that ever happened, and would fit my current avatar until I get a good looking kitty, or coon, honestly, champs are pretty simple characters, and are much easier to learn than charm types, which are very different, power types are pretty popular in general, and I love levelling one as my main bossing machine/PVP alt, along with a priest to support others, they seem to be the best class for that job specifically, though they do have some competition with primas, and dark lords if dark resist is not high, and they are easy to get used to, but their mobbing isn't the best, TLDR: go 4114 with a weight pouch, go full AP, compound luck if you are using flaming fist regularly since it is considered a magic type skill, and magic skill accuracy is determined by luck, otherwise compound tons of elemental attribute, and use normal attacks, have fun OHKOing monsters, or compound AP for extremely powerful skills if you prefer using skills instead of normal attacks, both work, then master your buffs first, and master your quad punch, tetra punch, and guard before 3rd job, then master the rest of your attacking skills, since champ skills are composed of buffs, and attack skills, it is pretty simple to build them in general. Plus, there is ALREADY a guide for champs made by kyzuumi on wayback machine for ggftw that i am following right now(the trickster online forums back on ggftw before it was taken down contained a really good power type guide, and she would most likely do much better at it than me, I am a duke main, not a champ main, though she is one of my main alts along with a priest, so read that instead, she did the job for me, and it is redundant to make one here since there is already a good champ guide https://web.archive.org/web/20121227104753/http://ggftw.com:80/forum/power-type-guides/33812-kyzuumis-champion-guide.html.) Basically, it would be much shorter, and more simple than this monster of a guide, but I can certainly add some stuff, and put my own view of the champion, and what I do for them if I focus on levelling my champ, and now that I actually look at what i say, it is certainly a bit complicated, maybe I will actually consider making one, but not now, this mess still needs to be cleaned up.
  3. marke34707

    Tanky Coon

    Hiya! I am actually a pure DP 4114 duke(which is actually a really good build, since super hips makes you avoid crits, defense is actually by far the best stat to focus on if you want to be immortal, and have the most staying power while never dying, so I am much more insanely durable than even a HP coon, or HV coon, my offensive options are not nearly as great as a HP, or HV coon, but I do have some, and my compounds are tailored towards HP, going to focus on HV/AP/ele compounding when I start bossing, so DP coons have by far the most durability, but their damage is nonexistent, making them by far the most defensive one, and the definition of an indomitable meatshield/stone wall tank that deals no damage, but takes no damage, and protects the party, so it is an extremely difficult, and niche build that you should not try as your first raccoon due to their nonexistent offense compared to the more traditional pure HP/HV build making levelling extremely painful unless you get some good HP compounds, they are good at taking no damage though if you want to truly feel immortal, I don't recommend you try it for your first raccoon though) who was looking to make an immortal racoon tank just like you, so I can offer you some advice on how it would work. Levelling charm types at the beginning is always EXTREMELY painful, no matter what, your offensive skills are horrid for your first job unless you have tons of galder, and you have quite a few really good defensive buffs already to really increase your survivability that you want to get as soon as possible, so you mainly focus on getting defensive buffs, and use normal attacks. As a result, you are virtually unkillable, and it will take a LONG time before you go down, but it takes forever to kill someone, and with just 1 in power, that problem becomes even worse, the beginning is easily the worst part of charm types no matter what for that reason. Luckily, if you are willing to stick it out, and work past the incredibly painful beginning parts of charm types, it might actually work out once you get impelling rage at TM level 100, if you put all your stat points to HP, and compound your gear with HP, your impelling rage damage would be pretty devestating. That move can deal crazy amounts of AOE damage with high HP, and since charm type offensive skills are scaled off defensive stats, and impelling rage scales purely off HP, impelling rage is one of the 2 best offensive tools raccoons have for levelling if you are like me, and just focus purely on charm type stats, and go duke. Until then, levelling a coon was painful for me as well, even with 4 in power. Since you want to be an immortal tank like me, I assume you would be going duke for your 3rd job instead of gambler for sumo suit, and team bolster for even more insane tankiness, especially in a party, and deadly funk for even more CC potential by disabling multiple mobs from battle instead of just 1 of them like skunk pouch does. Gambler gives you better AOE, but less tankiness/survivability if you are willing to go that route though, but levelling both gambler, and duke can be pretty painful, even if gambler is faster. If you are going duke, then siren song would also be really good for you to invest in, since it is another offensive AOE that scales off HP, and DP, those 2 offensive skills are going to be your best friend for levelling due to their insane damage, and AOE potential, so keep them keybound. Other than that, you would mainly just use defensive buffs, potions, deadly funk, and that's pretty much it, levelling a charm type is easy, and simple, you don't have to do much with them in general, especially since you are unkillable, and it is safe, they can surprisingly enough even mount up a pretty decent offense with those skills that scale off defensive stats, even if it would never match the power types, it just sucks that their offense is nonexistent until you get them, levelling them is just painfully boring though, the biggest issue would be magic type enemies due to your MD never being high unless you are a magic type, but you have sumo suit, mana reflector, magic meltdown, and your ridiculously high HP/evasion to easily deal with them, the same thing applies when facing off against other magic types in PVP, XD. Sadly, those 2 abilities do have a cooldown, so you would be normal attacking quite a bit, and considering that you have only 1 in power...yeah, when those 2 skills are on cooldown, you are going to be in trouble since your normal attack damage would be pitiful. Luckily, since you have 4 in sense, you will never have to worry about weight, which is always annoying as a 4114 duke for me unless I have a myshop pouch, so you can fully focus on compounding defensive stats to make yourself an immortal tank, or even add some AP/do some elemental compounding with your weapons to make your normal attacks insanely strong, so you can at least somewhat mitigate that issue without too much trouble if you want, especially since you have more options to go with for compounding/gearing, since weight would never be an issue for you, so while it is a prevalent issue, don't worry about it too much, you can at least make it more manageable pretty easily once you start compounding if you are willing to sacrifice some defensive stats, compounding is a lifesaver. DP is also pretty useful for those 2 skills, because you will lose less HP from monsters since both AOE skills scale off your CURRENT HP, not max HP, so the less HP you have, the less damage your AOE's do, making them somewhat erratic, finicky, and unreliable in terms of power, DP makes them more reliable, and consistent in terms of damage output, making them great for longer battles, but there is less damage potential once you have max HP, HP is generally preferred for raising the damage of the 2 skills, since siren song damage actually scales more from HP than DP, and impelling rage does not scale from DP directly in the first place, though DP is pretty helpful in raising siren song's damage regardless, so you want DP. Still, DP is going to be pretty high no matter what from all your gear giving you massive amounts of DP naturally without compounding, and through refining, plus you always have HP pots that can heal you up if you lose too much HP, but just keep that in mind. You can always change the compounds once you get some endgame gear to be an immortal endgame/PVP tank, and just add some offense to make levelling easier if you do not want to rely on your DPS friends all the time. Also, you can focus on HV instead for stronger card skills, and volley kick(though that skill scales off BOTH HV, and AP) which is actually a spammable skill if you are going to be bossing soon, or if you want to focus on 1 mob instead. Basically, focus on HP/DP, and impelling rage/siren song if you want some really good AOE options for levelling, HV/AP, and card skills/volley kick for bossing, or just focusing on 1 mob. They are surprisingly versatile, because divas/dukes are pretty good at both levelling, and bossing even if they do not excel at either one of them i.e. the primadonna for bossing, and the gambler for grinding respectively due to them being able to switch from a grinding to a bossing/1v1 build at the drop of a hat without losing much if you just rearrange your stats, and you get some more insane tankiness, and CC on top of that, so ANY of the 3 pure charm type stat builds work really well for them for different reasons, and in PVP all 3 of them work, so they are really flexible. Due to that, their offense is actually pretty decent in my mind even if we ignore the additional tankiness/CC dukes/divas get, them not being as specialized as the other 2 charm types does cost them though, and usually I do prefer the champion over the duelist/gladiator to focus on bossing for my power type bunny, but this is a bit of a special case(actually, it is misleading to call a primadona a charm type at this point, primadonas are just glorified power types that are more tanky, but you get my point, XD.) I think that just covers my advice on how my experience as a tanky duke was, and how great your offense as a duke would be, your offense can actually be halfway decent, and you can level reasonably quickly if you are willing to stick past the beginning portion of the levelling that every charm type hates, so getting some DPS friends to get through that portion would be really helpful, the 2 AOE's are the main skills I like to use for my main offense when it comes to levelling as well, so you are mostly losing out with your offense once your skills are on cooldown, and you have to deal with the miserable downtime by doing auto attacks, those auto attacks are not going to be that great even with 4 in power though, so you are not in too bad of a spot offensive wise thankfully, and it is still pretty decent since your main offense that makes up the majority of the damage, and killing/grinding speed for charm types no matter the build are going to be your 2 AOE's, but you are still losing a pretty significant chunk of damage that way. The good news is, you would never have weight problems, and it will be pretty much impossible to kill your duke tank if you want to protect your party members with your ridiculously high defensive stats, your CC through deadly funk, and all those defensive buffs you have in your arsenal, with one of them actually scaling up the more party members you have making you a tank who actually gets more durable in a party, so you can always add some AP/elemental compounds to your gear if the downtime is too painful, and for better volley kicks, so you have quite a bit of wiggle room that way if you do not want to rely on others all the time. Otherwise, just focus purely on defensive stats, and you will be all set. Hope my advice helps you! Good luck, and have fun laughing at the damage the enemies deal to you with your duke tank in game! ...I should probably make a duke/diva guide sometime soon.
  4. marke34707


    I know that this sort of introduction is sorta late, because i already made 2 forum threads before making this, but whatever. Hiya guys! I never actually played on the original server back then, but when I recently saw an article about the game shutting down by sheer luck when I tried googling something entirely, I instantly became curious about trickster online, and googled it, so I am really new in general. When I tried looking into private servers when I became interested in the game itself, I found this promising server, even though it is still in beta, and has a low population, it doesn't look like it is pay to win in anyway, shape, or form, and there will be tons of additional content, and development with a really good staff, so I was immediately interested in this one. In most MMOs like this, I LOVE feeling immortal, never dying, and being incredibly tanky, so I play tank type classes, which means that charm classes are right up my alley when I actually started looking into the classes, and builds in this game. I also love single target DPS classes, and more durable melee DPS classes over ranged. Due to these two factors, I am planning on making a Duke tank, since dukes/divas are the more durable/tanky subclasses out of all the availible options for charm types, and a pure AP champion to focus on single target, boss melting melee DPS, I generally like charm/power type melee guys in general, XD. I am planning on making more guys after this, but these are the 2 I will focus on for now, XD. My duke is meatshielding(yeah, horrible name i know, I apologize,) and my bunny is lopato, go whisper me ingame!
  5. Wait...that was what causes this kind of error? I never knew that, and I never found anything saying that when I tried looking into it. No wonder I keep getting it, and the online bank told me to use it when I cannot play it, I feel stupid right now... Guess i will deposit more stuff, and see if that fixes the issue. Thanks for the help!
  6. Oh, and I attempted to reinstall the game as well, but that didn't work either, I can login to my other guys though, so this issue seems specific to my tank. BTW, sorry if this post comes across as hostile in any way shape, or form, I didn't intend for that to happen, and I know you guys have a lot on your plate as it is, so if I come across as hostile in anyway, I apologize, I am not trying to blame you guys for anything in this case, I guess I am just getting a little impatient, because nothing I can think of works in this case.
  7. Hiya guys! I got a huge problem that prevents me from starting the game. After I got the second job advancement for my raccoon issue sorted out, I found out why I was not able to get the second job, and I got my raccoon badge, I was able to play this game very smoothly, and I even managed to level my full HP comped pure DP coon extremely quickly once I learned, and mastered my impelling rage AOE skill, and advanced him to a duke despite how grindy, and time consuming it was to get the 2 mill required, and do all the quests in order to get to advance him. After I advanced my raccoon to a duke, I was planning on saving up some money to get my new skill cards, and actually get my guardian, so I started the quest chain to get the card identification skill, so I can start focusing on getting my guardian. I was having a fairly easy time getting the gaurdians, I got the cards, and drilled up the harkon shards to give to the artisan poppuri... When I tried taking the portal out of Path to Mermaid palace to give the harkon shards to artisan poppuri, so I can learn the card identification skill, the game took a while before giving me an error message that I think said something along the lines of: the game cannot read/write the data, or something like that, before automatically closing(I had no record of it anywhere, so I can't include a picture of the error, so I am just going off what I think it said, sorry!) It was a weird error message, but I didn't think too much about it at the time, so I tried to start up the game again, and select my duke tank, so I can get back to my duke, and start getting my guardian. When I tried selecting my duke after logging in, the game takes a while, before it gives the message: invalid data: ERR-0021, when I try to select my duke tank again, the game takes 10 years while the message says:selecting character... after that happens, the game gives me the failed to connect to the game server, meaning that no matter what, I cannot login to my character(go look at my the pictures in the thread for proof, oh, and sorry fo rthe godawful names). I then tried the check files button on the patcher to see if that could fix the issue, and make it so that the game could actually read the data after closing the client... the same errors came up when I tried selecting my duke again. Then, I went to google to try finding out how to fix this issue, and I came across this promising facebook enough post by the lifeto staff: So, I logged into the official website, and tried playing around with the buttons on the sidebar, but NOTHING works, or does anything to fix the issue, even the legacy bank function on the control panel that the control panel tells me to use if I get an "invalid data" message while selecting my character doesn't do anything when I selected my tank, and deposited some items into the bank didn't do anything when I tried to login to my tank afterwards. I literally tried everything, but nothing works. I guess it is somewhat good, since I can now focus on my lonely champ that I have neglected for so long in favor of my tank, still sucks though, :(. can anyone help me out, and figure out how to fix this issue, so I can go back to playing with my tank again? Thanks a bunch in advance, and sorry for making you have to go through this REALLY difficult issue right now!
  8. "The NPC's that provide the second Job Change can be found at Relics Town - Azteca, or Room of Job Master 1 and Room and Job Master 2, which are located in Garden of Skill Master" Taken straight from the wiki you linked, which I actually looked up before I did the job advancement, so I didn't mess anything up. I was not at Azteca, but I was at the Room of Job Master 2, which contains the job masters for charm, and magic type classes, and since my raccoon was a charm type, it was suppose to accomplish the same task, but just for proof, let me show you what happens when I try at Azteca instead, because I actually tried Azteca FIRST, before I tried megapolis when that failed. The EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED, so the issue wasn't the location, which I thought was the issue at first, until I realized that it didn't work on both locations.
  9. Hiya guys! I just started playing on here, and I am having tons of fun with this game so far. My first character is going to be a pure DP duke tank(though I will most likely also make a pure HP duke tank, and a pure AP champ later on,) because I love tanks, I want to feel immortal, and I hate playing squishy guys, so melee characters, especially charm type are right up my alley. My time as a raccoon tank was going very smoothly so far, either taking no damage at all, or 1 damage, even with crits(though that most likely also had a lot to do with having myshop equipment...) until I tried advancing my raccoon tank to cardmaster. The job advancement quest itself was fairly straightforward, I was able to get the 3 100k galder checks from the level up box, and I was able to take down kaboom fairly easily, and got my growth badge, but when I went back to my job master to advance my raccoon to cardmaster afterwards, apparently, the game didn't recognize that I had the 3 100k galder checks, and the growth badge required to advance my raccoon to cardmaster, and it didn't let me advance. Even the quest tracker itself says that the quest was orange, and completed meaning that I got the correct items, but I still can't advance my raccoon to cardmaster for some reason. Go look at the pictures I have attached on my post for proof that I actually completed the 2nd job quest, and got the required items. Is there any reason why I can't let my raccoon be a cardmaster? I know that the server itself allows second jobs, because I have already seen quite a few characters that already completed their second job advancement, so that can't be it. Thanks in advance!