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    Game Doesn't Actually Install?

    @TamiChipCookie Please Try the following steps: Create a new folder on your preferred download directory Add that folder(a) to your windows firewall/antivirus exceptions. ( if you are running malwarebytes or any other service please check there as well) Create a new folder on your x86 program files ( this will be your destination folder) Add the x86 newly created folder(b) to the exceptions Download the game to foler(a) ( after uninstalling all previous instances of game) Run the install wizard as admin Select folder(b) during the install wizard If all goes trough okay, launch the game from the Splash.exe file as administrator. If that goes trough as well then click check files to make sure all patches are downloaded and installed. Let us know how it goes and what problems if any you are running into. Best of luck. *** I'm not part of the support team. Just trying to help! ****
  2. Diary no. 323 IGN: Arminius New to the game and trying to catch up with my girlfriend. She is on her third job...