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  1. Diary Number 182 IGN Keroscene Finally got 3rd job on my sheepie!!
  2. Diary Number 177 IGN Keroscene Farming items to comp my weapons mid-third job quests because I suck. T3T #squishysheep #glasscannon
  3. Diary Number 149 IGN Musique Drilling for a Bloody Rune of Fate for each of my characters is a true test in staying positive.
  4. Diary Number 142 IGN Musique Finally able to play today. Had Thanksgiving a day late and then had to take one foster kitty for a quick tooth check up, now off to the vet tomorrow. But for now I can relax and drill.
  5. Diary Number 137 IGN Keroscene Back in Caballa to rework my sheep and choose new elements - not liking the water/ electric build.
  6. Diary Number 126 IGN Keroscene Finally at Mirage Island! Hoping to do third job once I'm done here!
  7. Diary Number 116 IGN Sorrel Finally finished Caballa Relics on my cat! Now off to Oops wharf.
  8. Diary Number 103 IGN Keroscene Farming Harkon Heirlooms for that darned necklace. T3T
  9. Diary Number 93 IGN Sorrel Hanging with Poppuri on my new cat.
  10. Diary Number 85 IGN: Keroscene Dyed my in game hairs today and discovered the wonders of the Daily Quests! Edit: Fixed typo. This is a journal, not a log for the milk man. (Diary vs dairy, haha.)
  11. Diary Number 74 Musique Drilling for quest items for my other characters while I watch the hubs play Red Dead Redemption 2.
  12. Poppy

    Crochet Projects

    Oh my lord that's so precious!! Great job! I don't have the patience needed for crocheting or knitting. I used to do it, but I get antsy and frustrated, so major kudos!
  13. Method: RedditKeyword: Trickster Subreddit (reddit.com/r/trickster), searched "private server"Details: Went through a few topics on different private servers, this one seemed to sound the most fun, active, and drama free, and more fun for more casual players.
  14. Hi all!~ I played eTO back when I was in high school, I remember when 3rd jobs were released and I had a fire/earth Soul Master. Found this server recommended on Reddit, so here I am! Loving everything so far, and I love that I can be more casual about the game since I'm kind of sort of an adult now. I found the discord yesterday, thanks all btw! I was able to beat Kaboom (even with the trackpad!) and am now getting to be 2nd job on all my characters. Seems like you guys have a great community here, looking forward to being a part of it!