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  1. minihinimeffort

    Server Reopening Date

    Great stuff, kudos to the team. Can't wait to return, think I'll start with a Fox this time round.
  2. Lil' Hiatus

    Just waiting for the server to officially launch. At the point in the episode where I require the Bloody Rune... My nemesis hides well. I do have a few personal projects to complete.

    See you all official release!

    1. Bluescreens


      I completely forgot about drilling the Bloody Rune. >.< Worst quest.

  3. minihinimeffort

    Hello :D

    Welcome to the community. Hope you make many new good memories here as you did back in eTO.
  4. minihinimeffort


    I think I seen your sheep at the gate to Mermaid Palace a few days back. Welcome to LifeTO.
  5. Well, I am finally out wandering Caballa island. You can catch me in-game as, Newf. Always up for acquaintances.

  6. minihinimeffort


    Welcome to LifeTO, always good to see some TO vets stop by. See you around in-game.
  7. minihinimeffort


    Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. minihinimeffort


    Welcome back to the island. Hope you enjoy LifeTO.
  9. minihinimeffort


    Welcome to LifeTO, see you around Caballa.
  10. minihinimeffort

    Connection error

    I was almost ready to give up until I found out that my anti-virus had some web specific securities that I failed to check. It was severing the connection between the program and the update server. I still need to find a way to get them to work together, so I ain't out of the thicket yet but it's progress and if I so wish, I can finally play. Thank you Nessie and Raymonf for the assistance. See you all in-game.
  11. minihinimeffort

    Connection error

    I may just be missing something. I do that a lot. I am having some issues with the Trickster Launcher as it opens properly yet crashes soon after a pop-up window shows up saying 'Can't Connect Update Server.' Any assistance in the matter would be greatly appreciated. Watch this be a simple fix. Thanks in advance.
  12. minihinimeffort

    Connection error

    I sure can. I'll send it over Discord.
  13. minihinimeffort

    Connection error

    I'm trying so hard to get it. Haha Yes please, that would make this much easier.
  14. minihinimeffort

    Connection error

    Hmm That dirty lil antivirus. That file is missing. Let me try something and I will be back with an edit.
  15. minihinimeffort

    Connection error

    Gave that a try. Did some reinstall. Tried all the mirrors. I even have the file exempt from my anti-virus and firewall. I could assume it's an issue with my router, which I can do a port forward but I don't have the info needed to do so. But I am not even sure that's needed. Here is a picture attached for a better example of my current issue. Running on Windows 10, I have tried compatibility mode.
  16. minihinimeffort

    Well Hi

    Hello everyone. Can't wait to jump back into Trickster online, it will make a good pass time on my otherwise long empty days. Thanks to the LifeTO team for their hard work and keeping a part of the community alive. My heart sank when the official servers went down. Anyways, see all of you out on the fields.