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  1. Diary No. 284 Dime cracking open a cold one with the boys as we fail harkon
  2. Diary No. 278 Dime preparing blocker for harkon bcuz no one does it :x
  3. Diary No. 268 Swole can't decide which 4g set to go for on this dude rip
  4. Diary No. 259 Dime finally got a 4g cape about god damn time
  5. Diary No. 248 Swole doin them dailies
  6. Diary No. 236 Swole fund merc to beat @Yohhsteve or buy gacha hmmm
  7. Gunna

    New Start!

    Welcome! Please feel free to join our discord server where we can help you out and answer any of your questions
  8. Diary No. 217 Dime good tournament, gg wp everyone !!
  9. Diary No. 200 Swole might be time to invest in gacha again xd
  10. Diary No. 182 Dime Approximately 500mill later and I FINALLY finish off one (last) slot on this meme hat R.I.P ready 2 quit xd jk
  11. Diary No. 170 Gunna that feeling when you farm over 1bill in a week and you can barely finish 2 equips and suffer from financial instability
  12. Diary No. 158 Gunna driller girl for once
  13. Diary No. 146 Gunna Praying to the temper gods
  14. Hello, I have seen many new players who ask the question, "where do I get gear"? While this question could be answered in a guide (unfortunately, I do not have the time to write one on this topic at the moment), many players have differing levels of experience when it comes to playing Trickster. Because of this, there is a discrepancy in knowledge between those who know an "optimal" path to gearing up and those who do not (i.e. experienced players may be more inclined to save their money and use questing sets to push through by grinding levels, whereas new players may have a hard time leveling with said quest sets). I propose that a few Myshop sets be included into the current leveling rewards (one before 3rd job, and one after 3rd job?). These sets could go a long way to making players feel more comfortable, allow them to gain some sort of progression in the game, and not quit the game prematurely or "give up" due to the fact they are unable to "get gear". This would ultimately help new players ease through leveling.
  15. Diary No. 127 Swole abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  16. Diary No. 116 Swole the usual
  17. Gunna

    1st Caballa Fight Club

    Registration form for 1 v 1:IGN: Dime Bracket: 300 - 400 Job: Gambler (Charm)
  18. Diary No. 107 Gunna tired zz
  19. Diary No. 99 Gunna I'm poor, help
  20. Diary No. 86 Swole levelling
  21. Diary No. 59 Gunna hungry
  22. Diary No. 44 Swole ready to get my daily pump at tap mines
  23. Diary No. 32 Swole pH still rising
  24. Diary No. 19 Dime alkalosisx2