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  1. Diary No. 6 Swole Alkalosis
  2. Diary No. 242 Swole last post
  3. Diary No. 231 Swole sdazzarrqweqw
  4. Diary No. 225 Swole smokin big ol doinks in amish
  5. Diary No. 220 Swole school
  6. Warrior Buffalo Box 220
  7. Diary No. 211 Gunna i need 5 bill
  8. Diary No. 204 Dime qq harkon quest items
  9. Gunna


    Welcome! Highly encourage you to join the LifeTO discord channel where you can ask any questions and get help
  10. Diary No. 198 Dime schoolx12445
  11. Gunna


    Selling cf230? Also how much for katana.
  12. Diary No. 180 Dime getting ready to do dailies
  13. Diary No. 177 Dime drill to 400 continues
  14. Gunna

    New here - Hi!

    Not sure what you mean by a "global chat". Do you mean using a megaphone and sending messages so all players can say? If so then yes, it is possible but you would need a microphone from myshop and megaphones (you can buy them from mega shop item girl). Otherwise, welcome! Highly encourage you to join the discord so you can ask any questions and check out the number of guides available on the forum.
  15. Diary No.168 Swole i should be studying
  16. Diary No. 161 Dime #DRILLTO400GANG
  17. Diary No. 154 Dime road to 400 continues
  18. Diary No. 147 Dime Mamma mia here we go again
  19. Diary No. 136 Dime School x 7338219238912389213891238912389123891238912389123891238912389
  20. Diary No. 126 Dime School school school
  21. Diary No. 114 Dime goal: hit 400 all drilling
  22. Diary No. 106 Gunna Bored again
  23. Diary No. 93 Dime Eating spicy salami while writing this
  24. Diary No. 82 Gunna Chillin~