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  1. Diary No. 70 Gunna 2nd spicy drop~~ free moola
  2. Diary No. 63 Gunna another makeover zzzz bored zzzzzzzzz
  3. Diary No. 49 Gunna zzzzzzz bored
  4. Diary No. 34 Gunna oof that spicy cunt finally gave me something, time to go eat some pizza
  5. Diary No. #23 Gunna Got a makeover and gloom ~
  6. Gunna

    Content Creation Star

    I'm interested in creating an extension (video-format) of my existing all-in-one beginner guide to LifeTO, and I can also contribute to a leveling guide (this would be based on efficiency -i.e. outline which quests you should do/not do). I can help create a how to farm/money guide (again this would be centered on efficiency regarding PD and Gloom farming). Discord: Gunna#4616
  7. Gunna

    Be part of the team!

    Could you please give a more detailed outline of responsibilities and expectations for the community manager and influencer position(s)? Thank you for your time.
  8. Diary No. 3 Gunna 50 seals, no unique. 6 kills in a row with no box. What's new with my shit luck? Might as well give up.
  9. Diary No. 256 Gunna Gloom and spicy yawnnn
  10. Diary No. 247 Gunna Casually glooming and relaxing
  11. Diary No. 239 Gunna When you take a break for the day and relax, and then see gloom being invaded...yikes
  12. Diary No. 224 Dime Card IDing on my alt~
  13. Diary No. 214 Gunna Last zone of quest items to get for my coon, then back to gloom to make trillions
  14. Diary No. 203 Gunna Drilling and getting items to level up my alt...i'm getting a headache...
  15. Diary No. 193 Gunna am i the prince of gloom?
  16. Diary No. 184 Gunna Big thank you to steve, erwin, and celest for filling and helping me get to 400. Just killing spicy before the onslaught of Christmas parties~
  17. Title. I had a fortune and dc'd due to server once and lost like over an hour on my fortune. I just don't see why this is a thing. Fix to make sure you don't lose time if you log out?
  18. Diary No. 174 Gunna Still looking for fillers. Back to farming. Full of christmas-y food though
  19. Diary No. 166 Gunna need more fillers for tap, so selling my soul to gloom. In the process of acquiring carpal tunnel syndrome!
  20. Diary No. 158 Gunna #Roadto400
  21. Diary No. 149 Gunna Still looking for fillers for tap/techi. Doing errands till I spend my day farming again
  22. Gunna

    Stuck in log in screen

    @aosapphire Hello, I don't know how to fix your problem directly but it may help if you join the Life TO discord and share your situation there as there is a support chat and it is easier to connect to people who can help you out. Hope this helps!
  23. Diary No. 139 Gunna still looking for fillers for techi and tap mine
  24. Diary No. 130 Gunna Someone fill for me pls :9
  25. Gunna

    Add brooms as a boss drop

    Title. As a drop from the boss and/or treasure box. Gives people who actively boss hunt a second chance at getting loot.