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  1. title, don't know if it's been suggested. just let me sell more then 20 items thanks
  2. Diary No. 121 Gunna DONE EXAMS ESKETIT
  3. Diary No. 107 Gunna Last exam tomorrow, can't wait to finally play again
  4. Gunna

    Buying nikarium

    Edit: No need anymore
  5. Gunna

    Buying nikarium

    I'll whisper you in game
  6. Diary No. 104 Gunna Drilling, the usual routine, buying your nikarium for 15 mill (only need 2 please sell me thank)
  7. Diary No. 94 Gunna Got the captain's hat 2 days ago~ next up hyena hairband. Also sell me your nikariums plox thanks
  8. Gunna


    Join the discord for the server! Everyone on the server can answer any of your questions there much more easily. The server still has active players but some are busy with school. I would recommend checking out the guides section, specifically the compact item quest list, how to get a driller boy, and the daily coupon guides.
  9. I don't know if this has been suggested before, but is this possible?
  10. Diary No. 82 Gunna ~Close to 300mill spent, no sight of Captain's Hat doe they really don't want me to be the best
  11. Diary No. 74 Gunna ~230mill spent for Captain's Hat
  12. Diary No.68 Gunna Spent 180m on boxes for captain stan hat, still no luck
  13. Gunna

    Bal rate changed

    Yes I agree. $10=100mill might be a bit much considering how few players play, and of those that do play would potentially donate. $1=5mill seems very reasonable, and in fact, every person that has donated or currently actively donates should be compensated with whatever changes are made. But there should also be small extra bonuses to those who donate, like maybe a chance at rare fuses etc (nothing crazy, and something adjusted to how much you donate) so it can support the server in some way.
  14. Gunna

    Snow Field 4 Iciclers

    i remember doing this quest, i died many times lol and it took me over an hour just to finish both quests
  15. Diary No. 61 Gunna Getting ready to get some bread after finishing my last essay
  16. Diary No. 50 Gunna We did it. 10 attempts to get to lvl 8 refine. Dank memes have been achieved. Life is good.
  17. Diary No. 45 Gunna Getting ready to save more money and finish refining my golden sword for my new character
  18. Diary No. 38 Gunna T-minus 11 days before I can actually dedicate time to playing again :?
  19. Diary no. 28 Gunna Still drilling cause school and essays hate me
  20. Diary no. 20 Gunna Still drillin
  21. Diary no. 15 Gunna Finishing my dailies~~
  22. Diary no. 10 IGN: Gunna Busy over the next few weeks, so just drilling
  23. diary no.190 ign: gunna grinding and trying to gear up now cuz i weak
  24. diary no. 185 ign: gunna grinding my *** off in snow hill cuz the drop rates for all items are so garbage fml
  25. diary no. 179 ign: gunna day was going well as i did card id, until i proceeded to LOSE a chance for a 2nd SC16 card on the first stage and now my day has become immeasurably dis-satisfactory and i will never forgive myself, oh well