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  1. Gunna

    Splish Splash yupika t4

    @momokoto can you fix this or can raymon lol
  2. Gunna

    Game Doesn't Actually Install?

    Hello, I may not be able to help with the technical aspects of your problem, but if you join our discord server there are more people active there willing to help you with this problem! Sorry for the delayed response.
  3. Olympic Flag, Mask, and Cape boxes
  4. Diary No. 343 Swole last post i think...if history repeats itself i will get 3 queen odinea pets
  5. Diary No. 333 Gunna waiting for new patch
  6. Diary No. 321 Swole i don't know what to do - kill some birds, level my cat/bull, or just drill smh
  7. Diary No. 314 Swole posted with the gang
  8. Diary No. 304 Gunna Luckiest I've ever been, S>>>>>
  9. Gunna

    Game won't launch

    https://kb.lifeto.co/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=851998 This link may help. Feel free to join the discord channel as it will better allow us to help you start the game.
  10. Diary No. 297 Dime come to harkon plox
  11. Diary No. 284 Dime cracking open a cold one with the boys as we fail harkon
  12. Diary No. 278 Dime preparing blocker for harkon bcuz no one does it :x
  13. Diary No. 268 Swole can't decide which 4g set to go for on this dude rip
  14. Diary No. 259 Dime finally got a 4g cape about god damn time
  15. Diary No. 248 Swole doin them dailies
  16. Diary No. 236 Swole fund merc to beat @Yohhsteve or buy gacha hmmm
  17. Gunna

    New Start!

    Welcome! Please feel free to join our discord server where we can help you out and answer any of your questions
  18. Diary No. 217 Dime good tournament, gg wp everyone !!
  19. Diary No. 200 Swole might be time to invest in gacha again xd
  20. Diary No. 182 Dime Approximately 500mill later and I FINALLY finish off one (last) slot on this meme hat R.I.P ready 2 quit xd jk
  21. Diary No. 170 Gunna that feeling when you farm over 1bill in a week and you can barely finish 2 equips and suffer from financial instability
  22. Diary No. 158 Gunna driller girl for once
  23. Diary No. 146 Gunna Praying to the temper gods