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  1. Diary No. 98 Knopka_Jr Chillin in Oops
  2. Dairy No. 89 Bazooka Bless boss trials without drilling!
  3. Diary No. 76 Knopka Knopka The Spicy Eggs Driller Slave
  4. Dairy No: #67 Bazooka Today I am at Tenichi
  5. Diary No.: 57 Bazooka Hunting cards for skill mastering
  6. Diary No. 45BazookaMass dc just when I was browsing shops and saw just what I need. Please, tenter box item seller, some back (~,..,~)
  7. Knopka

    Events are coming and we need your help!

    With my timezone, it is 8pm, 0am or 5am. So my vote on 1pm from your pole, 5pm possible but I'll be damned to wake up so early in the morning With people having work/study and living all around the world, it will be interesting to look at end results.
  8. Knopka

    270 items error and Online item management

    If it went to Suggestion, maybe we should ask to look into 270 items error overall. Considering that cards and items have same maximum of 300, we need to limit ourselves to 270.
  9. It is known bug in-game. If you have 270+ of 300 items in inventory, them when you try to move to another map - through wings or portals - you get map error and get disconnected. You can't log in until you free your inventory through Online Panel help. Question is not about fixing, if it still exist, there is no actual fixing I guess. But maybe you could add numeration for online part? So it would be easier to manage items until available amount.
  10. Diary No. 30 Bazooka With bunny and lion busy, I am left to play with Bazooka. Starting Episode and hoping to get to 300 today.
  11. Diary no: 18 Bazooka Doing quests for new sheep. With all the drillings done by lion, I just need to be there to kill (*,..,*)
  12. My very first Unique, My Precious~
  13. Diary No.: #2IGN: Knopka_Jr I got Spicy unique drop today
  14. Diary No. 255 Knopka_Jr Came online to say - HAPPY NEW 2018 YEAR!~ [ I am having mine in hour, See you in the future!] And here is my last entry of this Diary.
  15. Diary No. 244 Knopka_Jr Quest: Get 400 before New Year (Completed)!
  16. Diary No. 229 Knopka_Jr Funding our server most dedicated boss killer
  17. Diary No. 223 Knopka_Jr Let's admit, Hunter Robin had smexy gear back in his young days
  18. Diary No. 211 Knopka_Jr My own very first Guardian. I am true Trickster now!
  19. Dear Diary No. 205 Knopka_Jr If only his crits wouldn't combo me to death/Got the job done tho
  20. Diary №195 Knopka_Jr Mighty gods of RNG have mercy on me and gift me missing Secret Cards
  21. Merry Christmas!~ 🎅

  22. Diary No. 181Knopka_Jr On finishing part with Snow Hill Quests.
  23. Diary No.170 Knopka_Jr Meet my smoll wifey
  24. Diary No. 162 Knopka_Jr As bunny main, this makes me incredibly happy.
  25. Diary No. 157 Knopka_Jr Drilling out Trash. Please. Recycle!