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  1. oynetaknopka

    Daily Diary Event (December)

    Diary no 114 KnopkaJr Stayed up late to finish 3rd job change trials
  2. oynetaknopka

    Daily Diary Event (December)

    Diary No: 106 Knopka I am glad, that I don't need to do it myself.
  3. oynetaknopka

    Level 120 Bug

    Necroposting, but... Same thing happened today to my Sheep [KnopkaJr]. Leveled up to 120, got notification about mail. But no mail came. To be sure, checked mail, myshop, equips, bag(equips), bank, warehouse, online bank upd - Got face acc on 130 (bunny got it earlier)
  4. oynetaknopka

    Buying nikarium

    I have 3 Nikariums in bank. I can sell them to you.
  5. oynetaknopka

    Daily Diary Event (December)

    Diary No. 106KnopkaFound him. Finally.
  6. oynetaknopka

    Daily Diary Event (December)

    Diary No. 95 Knopka Room renovation in progress. No time for questing and leveling. So CardID time~
  7. oynetaknopka

    Daily Diary Event (December)

    Diary No. 84 Knopka Young generation in training
  8. oynetaknopka

    Daily Diary Event (December)

    Diary No. 78 Knopka Not in the mood to do quest today
  9. oynetaknopka

    Daily Diary Event (December)

    Diary No.69 Knopka Forgot about ep 4.
  10. oynetaknopka

    Daily Diary Event (December)

    Diary No. 64 Knopka Today is Ice Dungeon day
  11. oynetaknopka

    Snow Field 4 Iciclers

    1) I suggest to reduce number of Iciclers on map Snow Field 4. It is small map, but amount of Iciclers is too packed. They are on every step in groups of 3+. - Doing quests there is hard even for overleveled character, damage they do it big and they Break Armor as well. - Talking to NPCs to get quests takes a lot of time, because you must spend time to try and clear free space. And then while talking you pray that they wont see you. And you bet you won't read the text. - There is quest to kill 20 reindeers in 10 minutes. There are tons of Iciclers and little to nothing of deers. So to get to them, you must survive hordes of white killers. (That quest gave me grey hairs) It might have been ok, when there are actually people there, but when you are alone it becomes seriously scary. Some screens, I haven't risked to go to maps bottom, since I had quest on. It is ice-hell there.
  12. oynetaknopka

    Increase drop rate of Treasure Boxes

    Arcana cards(smart,brave,love,dream) - sure are fun, fun like getting waste compound from boss. With drop rates like that, getting card for Card Girl is fast enough to stock yourself with those for any alt you will ever level.
  13. So, whats up with X-mas events? Date is close. 👻

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    2. oynetaknopka


      But isnt it that time of year when every game have something Xmas related

    3. Gunna


      @Raymonf you heard it first, we need santa 

    4. Raymonf
  14. oynetaknopka

    Favorite games? (other than T.O)

    I like killing zombies games: Resident Evil, Dead Island, Dying Light... My fave genge is Horror, but I am terrified to play them on my own (my mind goes beyond gameplay. traitor!), so I watch good quality no-commentary video-walkthroughs.
  15. Date of last posted entry is sad. So lets pretend it is lively here. 1. Basics: What name do you go by? How old are you, and what timezone are you in? - My name is Inga. Knopka in-game - means "Button". 27 years old. GTM+2 for me. 2. When did you start Trickster? When did you start playing on this server? - I played TO on original server like ~8-9 years ago. I had bad PC, so I needed stuff that wont eat much. I had some nostalgic feelings past year, and WoW that I play on regular basis is boring af in BfA so far. Could be playing my untouched Steam collection, but it is laptop+bed+warm black season now, and TO mostly only needs screen and mouse. 3. What's your favorite class and why? - My original was pure Racoon, but I wanted to try going boss killer Bunny. And it is so chill, when you just need to poke mob to kill it, without some skill spam. As I wrote in №2, I go for mouse-only clicking style. 4. Which set is cosmetically your favorite? - I like Tenter unique set (*,..,*) 5. What do you usually do on Trickster? - Now. Quests. I want to do all of them on 1st character. I just realized, that I skipped most of them, because they were hard if doing on minimum required level. I am over leveled by a lot for them now. I even did 3rd job change on 220+, just *poke* *poke* *poke* . And story is actually pretty decent, I don't remember reading any of it. 6. Do you have any goals in this game? - Since game actually have "end", then, getting there would be good goal. 7. Did/do you look up to anyone ingame? - Not really. Mb I am late for party a lil bit. It is solo game nowadays. 8. Other than gaming, do you have other hobbies? - I am mastering naps, I return from work and go for a good nap, for 1hour, 2 sometimes. I can say, I am no noob at napping.