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  1. starmud

    missing item from myshop set

    thank you so much was a nice surprise seeing the items in my inventory randomly
  2. I picked up one of the newer fashion sets added (3rd job sheep set 3), i received everything in the package but the shoes. I did receive an extra ribbon though in its place. outside of reporting the bug, would there be a way to swap the duplicate for the missing item?
  3. starmud

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    not getting farewell letters was driving me crazy, thank you
  4. starmud

    Which OS do you use for gaming?

    i was a bit worried upgrading to windows 10 (i kept windows 7 before) on my imac but it oddly enough runs windows 10 faster than my newer HP windows box lol i used my 10 year old gateway fx gaming rig before but the hard drive and graphics card finally died (graphics card was ATI and always had compatibility issues even if it was a high end card). I felt i got my investment out of the hardware given how long it lasted (and stayed relevant to game on). it ran windows 7 perfectly but had nothing but issues with windows 10. i ended up going back to 7 before the HD died on me. I tend to play smaller scale games on my mac OS side and larger on my windows side, if a mac version of the game exists. its still hit and miss... EG: sims 4 runs smooth on mac, sims 3 is a mess but smooth on windows 10. luckily i have yet to have any issue with windows 10 and my legacy mmo's i play. trickster, luna online, phantasy star online all play as smooth as ever, though i find windows 10 has issues with bluetooth controllers/mouses, at least on macs... strange enough a game still in service officially, maplestory, gives me problems on windows 10.
  5. return newbie moment, i forgot i hadn't finished my advancement lol thank you for the response though!
  6. starmud

    Myshop Enhance

    did eTO even have that? i just remember having to constantly click repeatably in myshop for any quantity of item ;___;
  7. starmud


    I've been playing on playtrickster for sometime off and on, i also played on eTO up until the gamerage change. i've always used the same game IGN's if anyone may remember... Moto(motomage), starmud, brizzly and Litebrite... for as long as i've played trickster off and on i've only played sheep or bunny. im not so good at leveling once i pass lvl 250+ and usually end up making new characters to repeat the quests; which happen to be my favorite thing in trickster x) maybe this time around i'll actually try the other classes and push for max level, at least once lol I'm excited to see where this new community goes, the website/user dashboard is beautiful and feels like a true service reboot, kudos to those who have done so much work on it. feel free to say hi if you spot any of my IGN's around,
  8. mac user here too... i'd really recommend installing boot camp if you have a somewhat (2010+) modern machine. you don't have to purchase windows 10 to just run 3rd party apps... the only annoyance is magic mouse can be fickle with windows 10, but you can pick up a cheap Bluetooth mouse for like $8 if needed. if you only plan on playing trickster on bootcamp you dont need much hard drive space for the windows partition either. theres a ton of good guides on youtube to installing bootcamp if you dont know, but judging by your experience level with wine you'd have no issue :) as for sticking with wine, when i've used it with other mmo's i've had issues with automatic updaters before (maplestory would never update correctly for me)... the only solution i ever found for me was reinstalling a new client of the game all over with the updated patch data :| either way i'd recommend a clean reinstall as something could have easily corrupted which is causing the patcher to fail.
  9. kind off and on topic, the sheep cape from the myshop sheep lvl 50 box won't let me equip it... I've tried about everything I can think of and researching any set issue seems mute?