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  1. Diary No. 68 IGN: SoulSister Let's start it again
  2. Diary No. 57 IGN: Diego Finally got his Cutlass
  3. Diary No. 33 IGN: Diego Capt. Skull
  4. Diary No. 27 IGN: Diego Finally
  5. Hey SKy Just wanted to report that I got a different prize.. xD
  6. Diary No. 1 IGN: Diego Doin' tap quests
  7. Diary No. 251 IGN: Diego yaay
  8. Diary No. 238 IGN: Diego Gotta get moneey
  9. Diary No. 218 IGN: DDzZ At the swamp
  10. Diary No. 199 IGN: Diego Got bored
  11. Diary No. 189 IGN: DDzZ chekin' shops
  12. Diary No. 181 IGN: Diego Episodesss~~
  13. Diary No. 172 IGN: Diego A print before the carnage
  14. Diary No. 166 IGN: Diego Facing the Count
  15. Diary No. 159 IGN: Diego Let's drill some questies
  16. Diary No. 148 IGN: Aserdna Can't drill in peace
  17. Diary No. 137 IGN: Diego No luck on tombeth
  18. Diary No. 125 IGN: Aserdna I think the rate for Bronze frags is a bit high xD
  19. Diary No. 123 IGN: Aserdna Gotta catch stones for refine my gears
  20. Diary No. 104 IGN: Diego I hope he give me good results~
  21. Diary No. 94 IGN: Aserdna Let's get some harkonss
  22. Diary No. 81 IGN: Aserdna I'm the king of the world
  23. Diary No. 72 IGN: Aserdna Today I meet the king!!
  24. Diary No. 61 IGN: Aserdna Today I just started my CARD ID