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Found 262 results

  1. I'm back baybeee but my client is broken, It's the same error you get from not running it as an admin but I am running it as an admin so i dunno what to dimma do.
  2. I bought 10.000 bals via paypal today (12/05), the transaction was success and i already received the receipt from paymentwall but the balance still 0. its been hours since. can someone help or give suggestion? whom in LifeTO that i should contact/email ? thank you in advance.
  3. I was able to kill Kaboom and got my growth badge. I bought 3 100k galder checks from Andrew but it didnt let me advance to inventor when I talked to Inventor Gale.
  4. somethingevil

    Level 120 Bug

    Hi, I reached level 120 and got a notification for mail, but there was no system mail when I opened my mailbox. Am I supposed to get a level up box at 120? Thanks
  5. Hi, at first the issue was after hitting Start Game and entering in the log-in info, it would just freeze for a bit and then go back to letting me enter in the log in stuff with no error message. I tried getting a VPN and now it will show "Logging in.." after entering the info, but then I get a message saying "Connection to the server is disconnected" . If I load up "Test Server" by itself, I can log into my old Pre-release characters from before you relaunched the game. But it is completely seperated from the rest of the game, is it that my account is messed up because I played before that big update or are the servers really offline right now because my control panel also shows that 0 people are currently logged in, but I'm seeing the diary event posts updating every so often...so just wondering what's going on..
  6. Hi LifeTo forum members, Does anyone know why I cannot progress in the Sea Spirit Rumo quest after completing the first 2? http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Sea_Spirit_Rumo.html I spoke to Rumo in Mirage Island, and there is nothing leading up to it? Why is this? Transfer to: Mirage Island Dungeon 2 - Deepest Cave Thank you all. Mirage Island Field 2 - Cliff of Fate
  7. i cant see any driller pet in myshop
  8. Hi. I would love to play this server but am unable to due to the anti virus pick up. Is there anyway to play without disabling my antivirus? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hay can you reset or send me my old Security Lock. E-mail: [email protected] ty
  10. Was doing my shadow world quests when I found no shadow torobbies in Coral Beach 1. It seems like they are all stuck in this inaccessible corner. Prob bc I made it into a plushie and now it hates me.
  11. its pop this error everytime I try to open game I reinstall the game already but nothing change
  12. I was continuing with episode 3 earlier today and when I received the Holographic Photo and double-clicked it to proceed, the game disconnected in the Hologram Chamber. I relogged in to continue where I left off but it kicked me out of the map and I can no longer find the Holographic Photo to proceed with the remaining episode quests. There seems to be no way for me to skip that chapter as the Bonus chapter would not activate without clearing the Don Cavalier's Proposal quest first. Not sure if anyone else had this issue other than me...
  13. I kill kaboom around 15 counts. Droping all charactor EXCEPT SHEEP !!! Is that bug ? Or It have some condition like own job cant drop own badge, something like that ? please tell me attached pic of my inventory. --------------------- It's just a bad luck to drop. haha
  14. Discord integration to show that we are playing LifeTo or Trickster Online?
  15. Hi. The Crying June Pet for Reina's Scavenger Hunt requires 50 Salamandrine eggs, which are not obtainable. [Fixed] Also, can't exchange for Gymnast Warren. [Still not Fixed]
  16. Since the latest patch, it is impossible to obtain driller king bags, and the farewell letter drop rate is much lower than usual. About 1-2 weeks ago, I have done the letter quest in about 15-20 mins, and only got a few more of the other letters than farewell. This time: I don't think this is normal. I have also drilled on the whole map, the only area which seemed to have them (very sparsely) was the southwest one, near the portal. And again, while I have drilled up all these letters, used up a whole basic drill, I have found ZERO driller king bags.
  17. hi GM is the server down atm because i cannot log in the server
  18. My character is stuck I can not enter I get an error that the inventory is full and I can not enter the game please help
  19. I'm a newbie here, and I purchased Bals to use in Myshop, but it won't let me log on to Myshop?
  20. So I've found a rather obscure bug where my newly-acquired Focus Argent Helm with 2 unused compound slots are unfortunately unusable. I understand this is rather minor, but I'd like to use this helmet if possible.
  21. I tried fiesta.. got fiesta marbles, but cant find SARA to exchange them with ? Bug ? Removed ? or not implemented ?? pls help
  22. I haven't dropped a single Stellar's profile* so far and I have a feeling it wasn't added at the same time Neil's camp was implemented. It is the item required for Stella's 3rd daily quest which is located at Techichi Volcano at Neil's Camp. The quest description does mention that the item should be dropping from monsters at Snow Hill, Techichi Volcano, Tapasco Volcano and Abyss. Can someone confirm this? Thank you! *I am not talking about Shtella's profile for Megalopolis' daily quest nor Stela's profile for Ghost Blue's daily quest, there is a 3rd profile item for a different quest.
  23. I just got a Rook 240 Pet. It said that one of its features would be the Autoloot. But he's not looting the galder that is dropping. Also he's a voice pet but I don't hear anything.
  24. My alt can't have her stall up for long, maybe 8 or 10 minutes, before suddenly d/cing. I was even playing with two clients up so I could use my witch while having a shop up with an alt, so I know it's not my internet since only the alt disconnected. AND it's not just standing still or being online that d/cs her, because my alt has been standing without a stall afk for that same amount of time now and hasn't d/ced once. ^ Nope, she d/ced just now, my other character did not. The two items I'm trying to sell are white and black elixirs for less than 1m each 10 each, which isn't very much so I don't think it's related to the other bug in the thread about trying to vend expensive items. If it's a crash then there's no error message, the screen gets stuck a moment and then the exit game or return to start menu button shows up. What to do? D: UPDATE: I had my main vend instead of the alt while I was away for a few hours and when I came back the game was on the 'game start' screen.
  25. Alright Sky, Raymonf and any other fools reading this. I would like to start off by apologising for any comparison with other servers. This server is trully unique as it is a "Play to Win" server, hence the rules have to be bent a little and I understand that. Yet I feel like this issue should be addressed. So today I worked a bit on getting me this: The problem fortune refine enhencements do not actually translate to the refine. How it is meant to be In my Trickster career I have gotten well over 20 equipments to lv 13. My secret? I sometimes use refine fortune to give me a bit of extra luck. If I remember it correctly, a ~30% - 45% refine translated to an actual 25% success rate increase on levels 1-4 and then gradually lowers to 3% success rate increase for lv 12 --> 13. (I am certain about the lv12-13 success rate increase but for the rest I'm just aproximating). This means that from level 1-4 is almost 100% guaranteed, at a total 95% chance of success from lv 3 --> 4 and a total success rate of 85% from level 4 --> 5. The total refine success rate for level 12 --> 13 is 8% (5% for the equipment + 3% from the fortune). If this sounds too easy, I agree but keep in mind that this item is normally hard to find and expensive to buy. In this server As you can see from the screenshot, from level 0 --> 1 it increases a meer 1.35%. This is completely insignificant. Keep in mind that this value drastically decreases to 0.54% increase for level 8 --> 9. The proposed solution So I understand that this game is play2win, and hence you dont want to make it too easy for players to get whatever they want. Increasing the rates to how they were in eTO and other servers might not be the best solution, as it'll make it too easy for players to get their equipments to level 13. What I suggest is deleting all these refine fortunes from people's inventory (they are completely useless so people shouldn't have a problem with that), make it harder for them to be obtained (such as: reward for completing abyss key quest or EP6), and then increase the rates that the card gives to what they are supposed to be. This solves the issue of everyone obtaining them easily, and it gives them a purpose in the game. As this issue also fits the topic a little, you guys could also remove EXP fortunes, they are also useless as the server strongly promotes questing and not grinding.