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Found 262 results

  1. After completing Happisto Stallone's quest 'Make Happisto's Compass Frame', I couldn't finish the quest,Room of Ordeal Key - Find Compass Frame' (talking to explorer reina with the compass frame). So, as a really smart person, I deleted the quest and attempted to talk to explorer reina to get the quest again. With no luck this happened (see attachement). Plis Send Halp, i was being realllly smart sorry ,
  2. Hi all. I want to ask why I keep getting disconnected whenever I'm afk for long periods of time (say, afk opening a vendor) or when I'm generally not inputting anything into the game. It gets sent straight to the X "Move to main menu" and X "End game" I have checked the PC's sleep settings and it's set on 'Never'. This has never been a problem before any possible explanations? Cheers.
  3. I sent 12 Chaos Feathers 215 in one account and other 12 in other account for "type" - Mail trading (but I didnt realize that the IGN was wrong), so I deleted the emails, but they didnt return my Feathers... is this normal? do I have to wait more - I already waited like 5 days... Thanks
  4. it says, 2am edt its 3am now cant get pass Client - it just go "updating filelist >> Making filelist >> then client closes" help pls ? is there a way to download the latest patch alone ?
  5. I have been playing with sound off because of this error(infinite loading...). Is there any way to sort this out and enable sound to play? reference topic
  6. I purchased air capsule 65 from ms and compounded my weapon. shortly after i found out about torando crystal which basically allows me to compound higher bases than the air capsules. is there any way i can get a refund on the air capsule 65?
  7. I fused a Inferno cape with a trickster cape on my buffalo (AbaddoN), and I regret it because i mainly use 1st job buffalo, so the fuse is useless. Unfortunatelly there is no way to disassemble the fused item. Also, trickster capes are untradeable, even on web marketplace. I don't see a reason why. I wanted to move the cape to my Raccoon (Spectre). I really wish to trade because 4g capes are so hard to get. If possible, could you guys please trade the trickster capes between them? Or just make trickster capes tradeable.
  8. I've tried everything I could to get this error to go away.
  9. I'm not sure if this is a bug or the game itself intend it to be(but there's alot of empty slot at quest window btw), I can only receive 6 Quest at a time if I try to receive more it will cancel NPC Chat when you try to receive. This quite annoyed for me I hope Limitation should be 20+ or sth like that.
  10. After going completing the Leonardo Perfume quest (yes it took a VERY long time) --> Janitor --> Storage bin --> General Manager Penguin, you are supposed to be teleported to the employee room to receive access to the VIP level 4. Instead, you get teleported here (Spicy Boss room (Past): Wish Spicy spawned, but no can do unfortunately ;-; PS: Storage Bin on lvl 3 is speaking 한국어 , but you guys prolly knew that already xD
  11. If I bought the wrong compound stone in the ms shop, is it possible to get it swapped for the correct one? The 9x AC 365 are still in my myshop inventory. I accidentally picked 3x "3AC Magic Stone 365" instead of 3x "3 AC Magic Stone 395".
  12. I think it happens when i put something to sell for a high value (I can't even open the shop)... it ALWAYS happens - "client stops working" so it crashes need to reopen... so I can't put stuff for sale by a high value I guess...
  13. Whirwind Blaze, best skill 2018.
  14. speaking to kochi to tp to techi takes us to abyss town courtesy of ms @Hayi finding the bug
  15. Jaydee


    I'm new to LifeTO. Is Galder the only way to buy myshop items? or im kinda confused as to how this works
  16. So I've been going through key quests and all has been fine up until I hit Caballa Relics / Azteca. When trying to accept quests, the dialogue suddenly cancels and I get the message "Conversation with NPC cancelled." even though I was just trying to accept quests. This has also happened with Kochi when trying to sign up for teleports. Episode 1 NPCs are okay and I can accept quests from that, but not the key quests. I've tried updating my client but that doesn't seem to fix the issue. Edit: wait I'm an idiot. I had too many ongoing quests and that kept me from taking on more. oops ;;
  17. These two crucial Champion skills are reliant on accuracy, just like any other skill is. However, there is a random chance of missing for absolutely no reason. These skills are paramount for a Champion in both PvM and PvP scenarios. The fact that they can randomly miss on Torobbies regardless of you having 3k AC goes to show how broken and unreliable these skills are right now. This might make people stray away from using this class altogether.
  18. So everytime i alt+tab to other client i get a black screen like this: I have to close that client with alt+f4. i'm trying to run on the same launcher. I tried to install another game in another directory to run it in 2 different launchers but the second game didnt work :( Any idea? Thanks Edit1: I already tried changing to different resolutions and window/fullscreen mode Edit2: Always executing with admin mode Edit3: uninstaled all the game and deleted every register still not working :/
  19. Basically I can't proceed or teleport out of here at all, selecting the NPC's dialogue option softlocks the game and I need to ALT-F4. This is even more distressing because I had 2 hours left on my Driller Boy and Red Pouch that I wanted to use before they expired :(
  20. Hi all. So a friend of mine has had a problem where he accidentally exchanged his galders for Myshop at the Control Panel. Is there any way that he can revert it back since this is an honest case of someone screwing up? I'd like to know. When I first joined the server, I also though the exchange system was two ways. Meaning you can exchange interchangeably. But I do understand why there is not one, since people can just donate and exchange real life money for galders (essentially making the server a p2w). Please let us know of any information. Thank you~ Diogenes.
  21. Hey! I have a big problem. I was in the Nora sewer and theres an NPC who wants 500 galder coupon. When I gave it to her it said that this Map is not available and now I get this error and can`t log back in. Please help!!!
  22. Hello, So I downloaded and played LifeTO for about two hours. Then, when I tried to launch it again, my computer displayed this message and said it blocked a trojan virus. Any ideas?
  23. The Lv.320 rewards refine cards gives drop rate % instead of refine %. Please look into this :) https://gyazo.com/7f8355117abf74e05a83621dba44600d
  24. I don't think this is a part of the game. Whenever I log back in after a lag spike or after days has gone by, my skills disappear from my hotkeys and I have to re-set them again. Anyway to fix this?