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Found 262 results

  1. I tried buying 2nd job fashion for lion, specifically 'Black Gloves' It just keeps giving me the error "Unknown Item. The server was unable to find the requested item." So far nothing seems to be giving the same message on other fashions from the Lion section. (AFAIK) I'll keep a lookout.
  2. When I use HP potion to increase my power stat and when it go to power aura lv 2 ,it turn back to Charm aura lv 1 and it alway be that . After that I continue use hp potion 2500 potion , my power stat don't grow up . Please tell me the solution about this. Sorry for bad English .
  3. I've been drilling here for quite some time for diamonds, however I have not seen a single Spicy Egg being dropped. Is this a bug? Linked a pic of the wiki page below for drops:
  4. So, these pets from Egg Shop (Splish Splash Yupika & Cheerleader Stella) have the same stats range in every level (T1, T2, T3), but in T4 max range is 54 for stella and 72 for Yupika (According to wiki). Information about Yupika is right. I'm just wondering if Stella's stats are wrong. Could anyone confirm the training range of this pet, please?
  5. The Fortune teller stella always only allow 1 card per day ?? is it Fix to 1 ? or just some really bad luck Op Re-reroll everyday ? thx in advance for someone who will clarify :)
  6. This is the quest chain that starts it all: And the quest I am trying to complete is: However, everytime I try to select "Do the [Quest]" when talking to Eliza Bath, I get a "Conversation with NPC cancelled" error. As you can see, these are the only two quests accepted, so it can't be that my quest log is full. I have tried many things such as relogging, changing to a default resolution, and even forfeitting the initial quest, but no luck.
  7. I think it bug. Don't get damage from attack
  8. I was doing daily quest in snowhill (winnie) when im about to go portal, it hang, so i restart (esc> move to menu) when im logging in again.. I cant get through character selection screen its say "Your Inventory is full (ERR-0021) then disconnect to server help pls ? Love this game.. pls help :'(
  9. So, since the last maintenance, I've been unable to even get to the login screen. At first it started to freeze before the login screen after waiting a long time. So I tried to uninstall and download the client again. I have installed it and tried to start. Failed. Clicked on check files and it started to download some files, but it ended in a strange way, and I tried to enter the game again and it gives me this message now. Thats my game folder. I don't know what to do now. Any help?
  10. Hi. Right after I launch, the client freezes. I tried restarting the pc, changing the screen resolution, putting on window/fullscreen mode and waiting for a long period of time, but nothing solved. Help, please!
  11. Guys, When i try click in "Game Start" on game client.. happen this: anyone knows what fix it?? Thanks. IGN: Lyoko or Heartless :)
  12. Hi, I downloaded and installed the game. As instructed in other topics, I opened it as the administrator, but when the update status gets to "making the filelist" it stops responding and it must be closed. What should I do to make it work?
  13. I was playing normally, when the game crashes and I open the launcher and this happens... (and I wait and stays in this screen forever)
  14. Gm i dont know if its problem with settings but I cant click anything inside fortune telling no exit button too i have to close trickster to get out pls look into it Thanks more power to LifeTo !! :)
  15. Whenever I click marketplace it says nothing here o-o? Is the marketplace not up? Or is something wrong on my end?
  16. So, I just bought the lion fashion set, the orange one. All the items came correctly, except for the boots, which gave me the black and white boots instead of the orange one. What should I do? I left the items in the myshop inventory for now.
  17. I just bought a time capsule ticket and when I tried to freeze my character, it says I dont have a ticket in my inventory. How is it supposed to work? :(
  18. This technically isn't a bug but I feel like this is still the most appropriate place to put this. Also, this issue is pretty minor, given that it's regarding an unimportant optional Paradise quest, but I think it's still at least worth it to at least bring it to your attention. In Eliza Bath's quest in Paradise Spa she asks for Lucky, Cursed, Love, Confession, and Farewell letters. The Farewell Letters seem to have an extremely low drop rate compared to the other 4 letters. I managed to accumulate over 50 of each letter before finding 4 Farewell Letters (the 5th one was given to me) and I was not collecting them all from the start, I only started collecting the other letters after I realized how hard the Farewell Letters were to obtain, just to get an idea of the rates between the Farewell Letter and the 4 others. I used up my Bubble Drill with 700 durability, half the durability of a Sand Drill Neo and about 200 durability on a Flicker Drill before finding 4 Farewells. I'm not mad about it or anything but I did think it was interesting enough to try and complete! So I think it's safe to say that the rates on the Farewell Letter miiiight not be entirely fair LOL Again, I know this is far from being an important issue so it's you're discretion in fixing it tbh.
  19. Hi everyone. So i just want to ask whether a compound item would get removed when you use the Nate's bottle? I have not played TO for years now and am in need of some clarifications. Thank you and I hope everyone are enjoying the server.
  20. I'm reporting a bug that, Yamu King doesn't drop its item 'Blue race', so I can't complete the Neil's Camp's key quest..
  21. Hello. I was leveling and everything was working fine till i used an teleporter to Carbigal. Suddenly my game closed and i started getting this error when i try to login with my character. The other character is able to login. i dont know how to exclude the post. I really had too many things in my inventory altough it wasnt full. Excluded some via item manager and i was able to login again lol
  22. I'm trying to delete a character that I haven't touched since this server first opened, and they somehow managed to accumulate 30 Daily Coupons (probably from some event while I wasn't playing). I want to delete this character but I don't want these to go to waste. Why can I not transfer them from another character on the same account in the control panel or store them in the shared bank?
  23. Wanted to do the Farmer Tsetsech - Help The Plantation 1 (15 haro required) but whenever i click accept quest it always "conversation with npc cancelled", is this a bug?
  24. Can you check if the following phenomenon is a bug? The depth of Tapasco Theme Spa 1st Floor is 280-300, but there are cases where it can not be digged with Thiefmon-Drill of maximum depth 500. (Not always) *Also please check it D2~D4 Thank you
  25. So after last server issue had been resolved I was able to play, but because it was already very late here, I stopped playing and leave it AFK drilling. When I woke up, my character stopped, even tho she still has drill life left. But I was in a hurry so I just logged off. Now, I can't log in. I've entered my ID and pass, it loads.... and stop! Nothing happened, it didn't go past that screen no "logging in" text appearing. I asked my friend and apparently, she can log in no problem.