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Found 262 results

  1. Hello, Tricksters! Kaboom is having a hard time dropping character badges. So while we're waiting for the next maintenance, we'll be giving out free character badges! Just reply with your IGN and the badge that you need. Once your badge has been given, I'll be hitting like on your comment. We apologize for the inconvenience!
  2. Hi GM im doing the card identification quest but when im doing create a trickster crest quest and i talked to the npc it says conversation with npc cancelled. Is it a bug or what please respond GM
  3. first of all I dont know if it is actually a bug (or just me being really dumb), but i dont knew here to put it, i'm sorry if it is in the wrong section... so I lost my adventurers book, and i dont know what to do, so I came here to ask help :c
  4. Spa Employee Mingo on floor 1 of Tap Spa Pet Trainer Shara on Floor 2 Changing Room on Floor 2
  5. So according to the wiki here, I am supposed to be able to get a quest from Al-Hauri when I have "Theme Spa Case Investigation" in quest log. Ok, so I get that quest. And when I talk to Al-Hauri, he just.... "Conversation with NPC Cancelled." No, I am not full on quests. Also it was like this before this recent patch too.
  6. the teleporter thing that appears after PQ/MQ completion doesn't work here :[
  7. not sure why Armor Squirt is dropping these all of a sudden but... yeah edit: from wiki.... http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Torture_for_Morons_2.html "only droppable in summer"
  8. Hello! We keep getting an exceptional error at the Spicy Dragon trial, after completing trial one and going into trial two. We've already done the check files on the client. It happens at the same spot each time. The odd thing is that we defeated Spicy once then the error started immediately after. Haven't made it past trial one since. Thanks
  9. Hello!! Me and a friend of mine are having some trouble hunting for our character-specific badges for 2nd job. After 45 min of hunting, each Kaboom drops only a single Growth Badge. We have also asked other players around the map and they're experiencing the same thing as well, just single Growth Badges at a time. Has there been anything from the patch that might have affected this?? ty!!
  10. MysticASAHI

    Job Change

    Hi, im new to LifeTO, may i know how to get the 2nd job pure sheep badge?
  11. Has anyone mentioned that these have broken images?
  12. powerrangerpurple

    MyShop Poll?

    Will there be a MyShop poll after each new box is released, similar to the July poll, in which players will be able to vote?
  13. So I made an account, downloaded and saved the second mirror file and I have installed the game client. Now I have an issue...the client is closing. And it only happens when this appears....
  14. So, I'm actually running Windows 7 on VMware Fusion 10 because I had trouble using bootcamp (it wouldnt register USB 3.0 and I couldnt fix it), and Trickster runs fine usually except when there's a ton of people. Events like X/O where theres a ton of people make it impossible to move or type at all. I think the CPU spikes a lot as well, but I forget to check sometimes. I'm not really sure what the cause of this is. Could anyone give me some advice? I'm running the virtual machine with 4 GB memory with 2 processors. Would upgrading to Windows 10 help? Thanks!
  15. Fashion and Pets are swapping.
  16. really not drop in dev underground except Spiteful Developer Spirit only drop is it bug ? i need it for build guardian sorry for bad ENGLISH
  17. It's a small typo on the level requirement for the quest: According to wiki:
  18. Vamp Lydia is in a VERY difficult spot for players to see. Took me like 20 mins my first time to find her. Move her to where wiki says please. Also who is this "Mr. Pao Ver Tea" person
  19. I'm trying to log in and I get a message saying my inventory is full? My inventory is definitely not full, not sure what is going on here.. Anyways, because of this I cant play. I need help pls
  20. As I said before, there is something that I wanted to ask. Finally, have the time to do so. So I noticed that my TM level is higher than my normal level, before, in the old game, it is usually 5 -10 level below. Well, I will admit that I did more TM quest more than the past, but still, later I noticed, The TM exp bar never really reach all the way to the top. even when I was drilling, I never really see the bar at around 50% or 75% or more. So, I took some notes at TM level 130, I was at 19.6%, did a mermaid palace daily quest, + 1,157,331 TM exp and I leveled up my TM at TM level 131, I was at 18.6%, did a caballa relic daily quest, + 617,097 TM exp and I leveled up my TM. It looks like 20% = 100% not sure tho....I started taking more TM quest around level 90 to 100, before it was 10 level below. Now it is almost 10 level over. is it just me? is it normal?
  21. Are they bugged? Hunted King Yamus in NE Forest for a few levels and not a single one dropped. Is this normal?
  22. im from norway, and the mint payment methon is not avalable to me. what do i do? would really like som myshop points to reset som bad choices while leveling up.
  23. I was at Gate of Popuri Dungeon and used a "Silver Wing Port" so I can quickly go to Oops Wharf, then suddenly a notice of map error appeared and forced me to go back to the Start. When I tried to re-log in, a notice of "Your inventory is full! (ERR-0021)" appeared and I can't log in as that character since then. ( I can still use a different character from the same account tho) And I did restart the whole program and still no result.
  24. Hi, I am atm trying to do the quest 'Eclipse - The story of the Gods 4'. However, I have spent 2 full ingame days at Azteca in the top left corner (where he is supposed to spawn) - of course with Mind's eye on, and he simply doesn't spawn - ever (at the page it says that he shows up only between 01:00 and 01:20). Both Stela and Shaman Girl Jia are there. Anyone else having the same problem or a solution? I would really love to finish that quest. Thank you.