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Found 262 results

  1. Hi all, Having issues since the recent patch with the Card UI. The window is selectable, but options are not clickable (ie. "-", "X" and the drop down box does not work). Have already done the following: - Deleted UI & UInori folders, and clicked the "Check Files" option - Completed a fresh re-install with the latest v06022018 client. Any ideas on a fix?
  2. Broken myshop refined item can't be equipped, idk if this was meant to be that way but it's not in patch notes and I was able to wear it before the maint. Usually you can equip them even if they're broken.
  3. Got a Cursed Sword from the Gacha Megalopolis Box 4 and I don't see this item on the Eclipse Gacha Box guide in any of the boxes? Edit: I got 2 more from the same box.
  4. Is there any way to speed up the process to hatch your Soul Egg? maybe make the bars have some significance, like leveling up the types, instead of just being there looking pretty?
  5. Dear all, Just wanted to know if there were any players out there who ran the game using Wine and whether it works or not. Additionally if there are any installation guides for Life TO using Wine that would be great. I did have a look at a previous thread that mentioned Mac but it didnt quite answer the questions I had. Edit: Also interested whether Bootcamp will be able to run the game as well. Thanks a lot, super eager to play again, just hate having a mac sometimes.
  6. The Level Up Rewards for Lvl 240 are bugged and no one has received them. They are supposed to contain 3x Master's Authority. I can confirm that it is not just me that has no received these rewards. Please fix it.
  7. Hi, My AK3 70 has been missing from my inventory after the patch. How can I get it back?
  8. Okay, so when I drill for sense points, it sometimes switches to charm or magic. I don't know why it does that when Nessie's guide clearly states that only Sense is affected by drilling. I think it's a bug. Is it possible to fix this? it's frustrating the heck outta me.
  9. It just says that the cane is uninstallable
  10. plase check for me. I can't move this skill Berserker for key shot.
  11. When i'm bossing and use a ress. scroll , my eletric skills stop doing damage and start healing the monster~ Plus , shard of the glacier combo stops working with eletr skills.
  12. I recently did a refine fortune where I have +70% refine rate. While refining level 5 to 6 with the rates 60% + 42%, it failed twice. This shouldn't have happened on 102% success rate. Please check it out, thanks!
  13. I understand that Tap mine PQ monsters has low spawn rates but while doing the PQ monster spawns went from 5 (manageable within the time limit) down to 4 (nearly impossible to complete). I've searched everywhere in the mine for the last monster but I wasn't able to find the 5th. Maybe this is a bug in the places where some of the PQ monsters spawn.
  14. since gacha in Myshop does not work. Where to get these boxes? Help me, THANKS
  15. I can log into my account but when I try to use my dragon, the game shuts down. I can use my cat on the same account, however. It isn't because I have too many items because I only have 144 items on my dragon. Please help.
  16. So I went to get a divorce cause the player I was married to is no longer playing - or with me for that matter hahaha Aaaaaand I first clicked Kyu and asked for a divorce, he asked if I was sure, etc etc okay Clicked him again and it showed the "I don't want to be single!" option But when I checked My View the Couple tab is still there, and my title is still avaiable.
  17. I forgot my security code.. :( is it possible to reset it yet
  18. After I accidentally capitalized one of the characters for my account's ID, I was still able to login to my account (i.e. if my ID was "username," "Username" or "usernamE" would both yield a successful login, assuming I typed my password correctly). On the other hand, password fields are correctly checking for case sensitivity.
  19. I have killed the Tenter Lion the previous days and today without a problem. The last 3 times i entered and started the trials, i keep getting exception error exactly after i finish the 3rd Trial (Calm Down Suu). Does anyone else have this error or any idea how to fix it? Also a suggestion, why do you not change the cooling times of the bosses to something shorter? It is one of the most fun things to do but the long cooling time of the higher bosses especially, kills the fun when you have an hour or a couple to spare in game active.
  20. Can kill these guys with physical skills like Stone Strike and Landmine, but not with any type of gun skill.
  21. Are daily quests and the daily reward from the control panel reset on a specific time of day or is it 24 hours after the last time you finished them?
  22. Okay, so i was afk drilling in tap mines. Just chilling. I check the game every now and then to make sure my character is not drilling in empty areas. So I do a check, lagged a bit, then disconnected. Okay, whatever, this isnt anything unusual for me (i dont have the greatest connection). However, when I try to play again, i get the message as shown in the picture. Why did I get this message, i was only afk drilling? Im scared to log in now, can someone help me out with this, id appreciate that a lot. edit: ok i logged in lol, i really want to continue drilling. so far everything seems alright, i still want to know whats going on with the image here.
  23. It cancels on most of the NPCs and I can't start quests. Don't know if this is the only area with this problem
  24. Two things... 1. Pachi, Professor Komby, and L are all stuck together and floating in space in the first floor of Tower of Chaos. I can talk to each of them, but it's still jarring. 2. It seems incomplete. 2nd floor lacks monsters and there's no portal to the third floor and up. Of course, that must have been what Ntreev was planning to do before it shut down, but... yeah.