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Found 4 results

  1. Reina's an explorer who collects various valuables for different customers. Due to the terrible summer heat, she wasn't able to complete them and now she's running out of time. She's offering high-value items as reward for those who will help her. She'll be in Blooming Cora until the 16th of October. How to start? Go to Blooming Cora town and find Explorer Reina NPC. What are the rewards? Go in-game to see the stats and the requirements.
  2. Robin has been reunited to the mother of his son after many years. Now, he'd like to take his partner out of Caballa Island for a vacation. He needs your help on collecting the food they'd bring for their trip. You can find him at the center of Megalopolis Square. The event will run until August 4, 2018. Finish his quest and receive this limited edition Summer Set (Headgear, Weapon, Shield, Cape, Acc., and Pet). You will be choosing your weapon and pet. Please double-check before exchanging. Requirement: At least Level 200 Preview when worn: Summer Crab Sword + Bikini Mint (Pet) Summer Seahorse Staff + Bikini Bunny Maid (Pet) Summer Dolphin Gun + Bikini Bunny Maid (Pet)
  3. Genius Cochma is needing our help to find his long lost father. He has received a hint from his uncle that his dad is roaming somewhere in Caballa Island. Finish his quests and receive this limited edition I <3 Dad set (Headgear, Weapon, Shield, and Pet). 2 sets are available, for level 70 and 190. You can only take one of the 2 sets: Level 70 - 189: Old Picture A (Azteca) | Level 190+: Old Picture B (Laplanoel) Tip: If you're not yet Lv. 190 and you'd like to get the 190 set, please get to Lv. 190 first before finishing the quest. Preview when worn:
  4. Many thanks to all who have joined us on our first day! We have peaked 157 unique players earlier and we're expecting more in the coming days. To help our newbies to catch-up, we have 50% bonus experience until June 9, 2018 @ 11:59 p.m. Also, I advise players to check out our New Tricksters' Guide. It contains all the custom features that you should never miss.