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  1. Hello, Tricksters! The maintenance has ended at exactly 2:30AM. Thanks to all of you, we've reached our 1st month (July 2, 2018) and we expect many more months to come! Neil's Camp is now available in LifeTO! We'll just highlight the updates that are important: Techichi Mine (Golden Ash) has been added. Entrance is at Techichi Field 4. Techichi Set has been added (Mint Exchange). Vagabond Eloy has been moved to Silent Lava and removed the Techichi ore and chaos feather exchange. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tapasco Spa is now available in LifeTO as well! We'll just highlight the updates that are important: Tapasco Set has been added (Mint Exchange). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MyShop Updates: Major Updates: Driller Boy and Driller Girl's stats have been changed Driller Boy's Old Stats: Lv. 10 | MP +60, WT +160, HP +120, and 1 slot. Driller Boy's New Stats: Lv. 50 | WT +4000, MD +100, DP +50, and removed its slot. Driller Girl's Old Stats: Lv. 45 | AP +96, WT +800, DA +6, LK +5, HP +300, 2x HP & MP Recovery, and 1 slot Driller Girl's New Stats: Lv. 100 | WT +8000, MD +200, DP +120, 2x HP & MP Recovery, and removed its slot. PVP Colosseum Update: Higher Colosseum will no longer have level restriction (Lv. 1 to 400) but Lower Colosseum will remain exclusive for players between level 1 and 200. Ending of Long Lost Father Event. Bug Fixes: Merchant Mon and Part-Timer now drops 500 galder coupon. Fixed the typo at Shaman Girl Jia's message in Azteca. (She was saying the minimum level required is Lv. 325) Fixed the typo at Card Girl quest in Gate of Black Swamp. (corrected the minimum level requirement per riddle) Moved Vamp Lydia at Rose Field 2 to a more noticeable location. Regent Orc's Magic Resistance has been set to 95% (No more damage absorption) Funky Orc's Physical Resistance has been set to 95% (Same as Regent's magic resistance) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Summer Quest and non-major MyShop update will be coming next weekend! We did not have enough time to test them.