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Found 262 results

  1. I bought Bubble Gum 250 from my shop but i didn't receive it it doesn't appear at My shop inventory
  2. I have this error show up when open the game. its happen after I change the new pc with window 10 home version
  3. So I just watched Roxe and Vampyr get married, and the text is still in a different language.
  4. they showed up from T2 to T3, but not for T4
  5. I've tried to fuse my brand new pet and i get an error. Im trying to fuse Card master roan 240 to Fallen Angel Mea. I already tested it's just Roan glitched. Please fix it
  6. Alright, so my homeboy Gado bought a Titania set for 13900 myshop points. When he bought the set his pet was a simple Titania (without the "E1") as he didn't receive it in a crystal. I remember I bought my Afrit pet from a set too, but that one came in a crystal... hence it got the "E1" name, therefore I can level it up. If something can be done about this, Gado would very much appreciate it.
  7. Alright guys, so today I spent a little over 40m on trying to get a 3s Artisan Regal Shield. I needed it for my AFK drillers. 33 Shields later and still no 3s. I am not sure if this is a bug in the game or not. (if it is not a bug and 3s shields are atainable, I suggest we increase the rates). I hope this issue can be resolved as I feel super ripped off! Thanks for reading.
  8. I was trying to put hardant on my Rook 240 pet(2slots) when I saw that the free Pink and Amethyst Elixirs from mail(Lv. 360) doesn't work but Amethyst elixirs from the current Reina event works. Is this a glitch on the free Elixirs?
  9. MagicianHana

    Tapasco Spa

    So I know no one really quests in Tapasco Spa, but I did notice while I was drilling that the items being drilled up on floor 3 should actually be coming from floor 4 (according to the wiki). These items are Magma Moss, Magma Earthworm, Tapasco Hot Sauce and Spa Salamander Eggs. The ones that should be drilled up from floor 3 are Mud Herbs and Herbs Pocket. Floor 1 and 2 drilled items are where they should be. I don't have access to floor 4 so I can't say whether or not the drilled quest items just got mixed up between the two. Also since I'm at it, there seems to be a lag when attacking monsters in the entirety of Tap Spa. When the monsters are attacking me and I use my skills on them, there is a roughly 5-10second lag where the monster is still continuously hitting me before it dies (or the damage shows up on the monster). This only happens when the monster is currently attacking; if I attack the monster first from a distance and it isn't currently targetting me, there is no lag between the attack hitting and the monster receiving damage.
  10. Two times in-a-row happened to me: last part of Spicy trial i talked to fortune teller and the game freezes... thats so uncouraging please fix this bug
  11. Has anyone noticed that Kitty Earring 190 which has 80% movespeed is slower than the Lv. 110 MS sprint which has the same movespeed. Also the Lv. 110 sprint feels the same as the Lv. 230 sprint which is 90%.
  12. I have been digging for 100 trickster years now in Rose Garden and I cannot find this box. Did they accidentally removed it after the update???
  13. Hi, Recently there was a patch that was applied so Mermaid Palace monsters will drop Lv. 95 stones. All monsters drop Lv. 95 stones now except the Waterweed Witch(Lv. 95). She still drops 80 stones.
  14. Here is the problem, can anyone help?
  15. Heya! I've had a certain issue with the game; the game won't launch, and I have already excluded the game and the game's folder from my antivirus. I've already clicked 'Check Files' on the game launcher, and it seems clear the game folder's contents were updated, but when I click 'Game Start', the launcher disappears as it should, and the game never loads up. There's no error window that shows up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, only to see the same issue happen again. What do I do?
  16. Hi, I'm reporting that I'm coming back to play, but when I went to look at the panel to update my password, one of my accounts disappeared from the panel, I do not know how it happened. but I have access to it, but not on the dashboard. posting the impressions of the information, I hope to be able to help me! I can not unlock the lock see that is the email I use, at least I wanted to reset the password lock, but I do not read
  17. Hi. I'm new to the game and have been trying to play it for almost an hour now. I was able to log in and even make a character at the first try but then when I'm about to start, an error appeared i think... Something about server disconnecting or something like that. Then when I tried again, I tried to log in but then the game freezes for few seconds or minute and just stayed there. Is there anyway to solve this problem I'm having? I really want to play the game...
  18. Im stuck at the loading screen. I've waited for like 10 minutes already. Help pleaseeeee.
  19. MegaKittenMonstah

    Can't open the game

    Hey, I saw someone had the same issue but I didn't understand what the solution was. I installed the game and when I launch it there's a message that says "making filelist" and then it immediately closes. Does anyone have to same issue? How can it be resolved?
  20. I keep getting this error never even tried to play the game... I already done everything about the antivirus nothing works please help
  21. I got only Megalo Pouch. I could not get a Mr Hauler.
  22. Well, i have been trying to get a Guardian for a quiet a while now but nothing seems to work to get the last 6st point in magic. I have tried everything, checked every site that said something about how to get this point but nothing seems to work for me. Can anyone help me please?
  23. can't seem to access server or it is for everyone?