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Patch Notes [2018-05-26]

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Hello Tricksters! We're applying the third wave of major and minor updates. Many thanks to the people who have helped us to test and document all the problems they've encountered. Please see the applied updates below:

Major Changes:

1. The updates from our May 14 maintenance for Spicy Dragon will be reverted. He'll no longer be shared with other players, you'll have your own boss room. His resistance to Poison Assault and Shield Breaker has been removed.

To enter the trials, please proceed to Spicy Island and talk to Guard Gilbert

2. Draconic Restraint Pendant is no longer obtained through the treasure and has become untradeable again. The quest for the Spicy Accessory has been fixed. Players who wishes to get it will follow the official method. The "In Search of the Last Piece" (from Eclipse) quest is still a work in progress, we'll be implementing it together with the trials. 

3. Egg Shop has been finished. All quality capes from MyShop that were timed in eTO are now permanent and can be exchanged with Bonus Egg. We've also added Pet eggs (VR). In our main server, the Pet Eggs will be updated every 4-5 months depending on number of days needed to collect the eggs.

4. Episode 6 - Chronos' room has been transformed into a solo boss room so you don't have to worry about him not respawning once killed by another player.

5. Episode 6 - Our client doesn't support the animation thingy so I've removed the credits at the end of Chapter 3. The NPC will send you directly to the Gate of Alteo.

6. Episode 6 - We've also removed Protect Pastor Tau quest from the bonus chapter as our client doesn't support it yet. Players will go straight to the part where they have to kill the Flashire Snake.

7. New PVP Rooms - We have made 2 separate lobbies, Lower Colosseum (Lv. 1-200) and Higher Colosseum (Lv. 201+). The difference is that the Lower Colosseum will use the original battlefields and scores will not be recorded in our ranking. The Higher Colosseum will be using the new battlefields (larger). Also, the lobby of the Higher Colosseum allows players to duel fellow adventurers. Guard Gilbert (Guild Battle) has also been moved inside the Higher Colosseum. In our future update, we'll be adding rewards for Dueling and Guild Battling.

Bunny Maid is the gatekeeper for the Lower Colosseum and Miranda Watty for the higher level.

So, here's a preview of the Higher Colosseum's lobby:

To duel a player, just right-click him/her and click 1:1 Battle. Duel allows player to fight in peace without the risk of getting killed by nearby players' AoE skills.

Introducing our new battlefields: Battlefield of Paradise and Aquarius
Using the old Paradise map

8. Permanent Removal of Phantom Dungeon (Skirmish) - Why? To give way for the new PVP Rooms and the coming updates in Phantom School. Also, the galders generated in the map is too much for a small-populated server like ours. Imagine if we have newbies coming only to see our veterans already over-farmer and still farming. How would they feel seeing them making 60m-100m a day? Also, given that they're making 60m-100m a day, the prices of uniques and other future valuable items will rise.

What else you can do to earn galders? There are uncommon maps where you can generate the same amount, go explore the game.

Minor Changes:

1. Mind's Eye duration has been increased from 80 seconds to 5 minutes because it's kind of annoying to press it again and again while in the Shadow Sanctuary.

2. Moved Eclipse in its right position at the Garden of Skill Master.

3. Moved GM_Ssi in a better position in Megalopolis Shop so he's not blocking Item Girl.

4. Removal of Chaos Tower questies from Azteca Fields. (Expensive film, lens, and the bones)

5. Removal of Monkey_T from Desert Field.

6. Renamed Merman Aqu to Merman Aku to be consistent with its card name.

7. Added ??? NPC (Dark Lord Quest) in Snow Hill Mine.

8. Fixed the Spicy Dragon Set Aura.

9. Don Giuvanni's Tears can now be sold in NPCs. (still untradeable)

10. Whalse Essence is now tradeable.

11. Daily Coupon can no longer be traded and stored in bank - Preventing the impending mass production of Driller Boy & Girl.

12. Applied the English map signages.

13. There are other issues that we've fixed that I no longer remember but they can be found here:

14. Updated setup.exe (configuration program) to work better.

We'll now resume the development of our webpage. We'll include introductions to our customized contents linking them to a guide in the forum. We're also gonna work on improving our panel; adding more helpful modules.

I also regret to inform you that we'll not open this May 2018 because the last day is on weekday (I'm at work) so we've moved it to June 2, 2018. I hope everyone's okay with it. We'll post an official announcement this coming Sunday.

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      Merry Christmas everyone!
      Kuusi's Set is now available for 8,000 MyShop Points per piece of equipment and 15,000 MyShop Points for the pet! The itmes are available in the "Equip" sub-sections. Winter boxes are now available in Set & Special > Special Box!  
      Megalopolis Square is now the winter-themed version snowy.  
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      Hello, Tricksters! The maintenance has ended at 11:00 PM. Many thanks to the people who have reported the problems they've encountered. Please see the applied updates below: 

      MyShop Update: 
      Official Event: 

      Major Changes: 
      Phantom Dungeon Improvement 👻

      So what's new?
      2F and 3F are permanently removed. The monsters inside 1F's room were changed to the following:

      * Phantom Dungeon 1-1: Bully Maro & Bully Marie
      * Phantom Dungeon 1-2: Red Eyed Lady & Undead Boy
      * Phantom Dungeon 1-3: Undead Stranger & Blanket Ghost
      * Phantom Dungeon 1-4: Picture Ghost & Haunted Straw
      * Phantom Dungeon 1F Toilet: Outsider & Haunted Toilet

      What else is new?
      * Monster spawn in Phantom Dungeon has been doubled.
      * We've also added a not-so-hidden shop NPC at the gate. (west of the map)

        Updated Level 280 and 320 Rewards
      Level 280: 
      Level 320: 

      All players who have reached 280 and 320 will receive the following:
      280: 3x Adamantite and 3x Alexandrite
      320: 10x God's Anvil

      Why are we changing this?
      Because the refine fortune cards aren't working as intended. Minor Change: 
      Added additional description on autolooting pets; informing players that the autoloot feature is not functional. Bug Fixes: 
      Bunny Fashion Sets have been fixed!  Focus Argent Helm has been fixed! (it cannot be compounded last time)
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      Hello, Tricksters! The maintenance has ended at 12:30 AM. Please see the updates below: 

      Bug Fixes:
      Phantom Dungeon has been fixed, monsters are now dropping with the same rate as last year.  Bunny MyShop Fashion has been fixed. Eh, another disappointing patch. We were going to add the new fashion but we were getting an error and the cause is currently unknown. We'll have an emergency maintenance as soon as we figure out how to fix it. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
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      Hello, Tricksters! The maintenance has ended at 11:00 PM. Apologies for the delay of updates, we're now behind our timeline of changes and we'll make up for it on the coming weeks. Many thanks to the people who have reported the problems they've encountered. Please see the applied updates below: 

      New 3rd Job Dragon Fashion (7,100 MS)

        New 3rd Job Sheep Fashion (7,100 MS)

      Special thanks to @Nesuki and @shanni!
      Major Changes:
      Re-implementation of Phantom Dungeon. 
      If you're wondering what's so special about PD? Well, you can earn galders here just like you're gloom farming but without a guardian. 

        Monsters in Phantom Dungeon are no longer spamming Banish. 
      Banish is a skill that warps you back to Megalopolis. Last year, monsters in PD are casting them for no reason.
        NEW GACHA BOXES! (from Special Town)
      @Maple updated her guide.
      Spicy Dragon Witch Broomstick has been added to GM_Ssi rewards. (GM Gift Certificate Exchange NPC)
      What is it for? A broomstick allows you to skip the trials and go straight to the boss room.|
        Mermaid Palace monsters are now dropping level 95 stones only.  Minor Changes:
      Increased the spawn rate of King Yamu in Northwest Forest. Increase drop rate of Rim of a Sieve. Bug Fixes:
      Gate of Tapasco teleportation to Gate of Techichi has been fixed. Tapasco Spa teleportation to 4th floor has been fixed. Important Note:
      All fashions are going to be sold in set by the next update. You will no longer be able to buy them per piece. We are aware of Phantom Dungeon having a lower drop rate. It will be fixed in the next maintenance.