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Guide for Dark Lord

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This guide is more on what I've experimented with my Dark Lord build. May it be with PVP or PVE. I have several builds on my dark lord depending on or who I am facing against with.

Okay, First off is my skill set when I was a Shaman and Magician Class.

For shaman class, I got the ff skills:


I bought Mana Web and Rust skill for pvp purposes.. So, It's okay if you don't want to get them. Also, Rust can be used in PVE. Rust the boss and their physical damage will be lowered.

Magician Class


I mastered most of my skills because I am using them every time especially when I'm boss hunting. Your key skills for 2nd job is Dark Lance, Hellfire, Wicked Flame, Blood Testament, Dark Barrier, and Gravity crush(Your first aoe skill. Although you have Mana storm as a requirement to get Gravity crush, but mana storm doesnt really do much of a damage so, I suggest lvl it up to 10 only.) I mastered dark distractor because I was a pvp player before so, If u want to pvp this skill will come in handy ;)

Dark Lord Class:


These are the only skills available in LifeTO for Dark Lord class. If I remember correctly, We do not have CT skills, so yeah. I immediately mastered all of them because, When I changed job to Dark Lord(tbh, I was already lvl 300+ when I changed job because of some reasons xD) because, I use it every single time. Especially the Scythe skill. That is your most powerful Skill depending on your Dark attribute Percentage. The higher the dark attribute, the higher the damage.



1423 BUILD (Recommended build for starters)

This is also the build that I use when doing Boss hunting. It helps me to increase my defense because, I am using Golden lion shield so it doesn't have that high DP. Sometimes, I use Draconic shield(lvl10) to increase my DP significantly but, my Damage will be a bit lower. 


Invest all of your points to MA for higher Damage.


  • Mid WT (could carry around 80+ or 90+ 2k mp pots)
  • Mid DA(You won't have flat 90 DA but, when you reach high lvl it's close to instant find for drilling)
  • You might miss sometimes when hitting an enemy but, Overall, it's good and just put some LK equipments and you're good to go.
  • Has mid defense.
  • Has mid HP (like 25k or so)


  • 50% to miss the target.

1432 BUILD 


This build is more on having WT and enable to carry more MP potions. And also, giving you a bit higher of DA which, helps you in drilling when you are doing quest lines especially when doing Rose Garden quests which will deal a lot of drilling stuffs to do.


In this build, You can invest your points in 2MA and 2 HP so that you could balance your damage at the same time your defense.


  • High accuracy when dealing magic damage to enemy.
  • Average damage to enemies.
  • Helps you on quests and other stuff like drilling and WT.


  • Low HP
  • Low Defence.

Take note: IF you are going to try this build, then you will die often. I REPEAT. you will die often. So, don't lose hope.

1441 BUILD


This is the build that I use when I do PVP. I won't recommend this for starting players because, you will have very low HP and defense which would make things harder for you to do quest lines. I've written the procs and cons of this build down below.

Sometimes I use this build to Boss hunt. Why? Yes, I won't have very high Defense and HP but, At least I know my skills will 100% hit when I do boss hunt. Although for PVE, accuracy isn't that much required. Even with 600LK you could hit all monsters in the game. Not unless you want to PVP.. That's a different story.


I won't recommend to put all of your status points in MA. I suggest if you are gonna use this build, put all of your stat points in HP so that you will live longer


  • You are most likely to hit all the enemies when you are doing quests
  • More WT so more Items to carry especially drilling quests.
  • More DA (for instant find)


  • Very very low hp.
  • Very very low defence

PS:THIS IS MUCH WORSE THAN 1432 build. You will really die when you use this build when questing especially Don G in oops wharf. He will mostly OHKO you.

1414 build:


This build is more like having high defense and hp but you won't have WT or DA. WT is for carrying items and DA stands for Drilling Ability(Correct me if I'm wrong) which helps you get instant find when drilling. Instant find is really useful because, you won't waste any life on your drill.


If you are gonna use this build, I suggest you invest all of your points in LK so that you will be able to hit some monsters. As for DA, I suggest you find a Dagger or an Equipment that has a high DA and use it when you wanna drill :jey:


  • High HP
  • High Defence


  • Low Accuracy
  • You will need to comp LK in your equipments to actually hit.
  • Low WT
  • Low DA


As for leveling ,

  • 1-200 Main quest and Mirage Island Episode quest.
  • 200-275 Party Quest at Snow hill Mine. Need to kill Guard Ian
  • 275-300 More likely you are around in swamp or snowhill going to Techichi Quest.
  • 300-330 Techichi and Tapasco quest including dev room Episode quest.
  • 330-350 Quests in Black Ash dungeon.
  • 350-370-380 Party Quest in Tapasco and Black Ash
  • 380-400 Tapasco Quest

If you need personal advises, feel free to message me here, in Discord, my Discord name is Noctis#9743 or in-game, my IGN is Tinnky.

Thank you for reading and Happy gaming to all  POI :)

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Fix formatting, please. :sobbing:

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The guide is nice and the sentiment is there but the information is all over the place and so is the format. Like I understand if I read slowly but it needs some work, it looks like several guides plastered together on top of each other. I never reached 3rd Job class but I've heard Dark Lords are purely 1v1 classes and can make short work of any boss. A 1441 build is perfect for them but leads to a lot of deaths.

We do appreciate the feedback and helping build the guide sections!

Keep up the good work :heart:

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Yeah.. I will try to edit this guide and put up some thought on it... Like putting some pictures and stuff to show some actual footage :peace:

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I'm in the midst of making my first Dark Lord right now, so this is interesting to look over. I like seeing how other people play the classes. Thanks for posting!

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The guide need some more polish, you forgot to add skill learning progression.


What is priority till you reach high enough to start investing on secondary stuff?

As you said, you made the guide as a higher player and had all stuff in, but along the way, what you picked first, what was left for later? That separated for PvE and PvP to avoid confusion, specially for new players who never played the game before.


Thank you for taking your time to make the guide.

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I'll just put the Guide for Champions. So, here's the best Guide for champion bunny. Just go full AP.... :lol::lol::lol:

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