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Updated Statistics Page [2018-06-22]

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Hello Tricksters!

We have updated our statistics page, which is available on our control panel.


To see this page, you can log in to our panel and then click the "players online" text, or this link: https://beta.lifeto.co/app#/statistics








To see this page, you can log in to our panel and then click the "players online" text, or this link: https://beta.lifeto.co/app#/statistics

Thank you for your support!

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    • By Sky
      Hello, Tricksters!

      We've recently added web-related stuff for LifeTO and we just realized that we should a write a news about it .
      We've updated our logo into something more Trickster-ish. Thanks to @Alioran.

      Old Logo:

      New Logo:

        Our HMs, @Nessie and @Maple have started LifeTO's wiki development.Contributors will be given a unique Wiki Contributor Level 1 (up to 10) forum title.
        Players who are known to be very helpful in the forum and Discord will be given this Player Support forum title. (prob. after 300 reputation)

        We've hosted our own backup of the old GGFTW Wiki. https://wikimirror.lifeto.co/
        We've updated the forum title icons. @Maple made them animated and fixed the longest-running typo on Community Contributor's icon.

      Here's the typo...

      (we still you, Aly)
        Lastly, we've added the "Punishment History" sub-forum. All sanctions applied to players in-game are going to be posted there.
    • By Raymonf
      Hello Tricksters!
      We have added a web-based couple request system. Simply put, it lets you become couples with a character that wouldn't normally work. (If you haven't caught the drift yet, it means we added gay marriage.)
      Please note that we have not tested marriage with couples created with this system. Please let us know how that goes.
      Also, we understand that some players may be offended by the existence of this system. In that case, please bear with us and keep in mind that the gender of a character may not necessarily represent the gender of a player.
      To use the system, head to our control panel at https://panel.lifeto.co. Then, select "Miscellaneous" and then "Couple System".

      You will need to ask your partner to accept your request, as there are no notifications.
      Known Issues
      The person that you request may see themselves as partners with themselves. Marriage requires us to change one character to the opposite gender if the couple is same-sex. After a same-sex marriage, the skill will only work for 1 player and the game will still think that one side isn't married/a couple.  
      Thank you for your support!
    • By Raymonf
      Hello Tricksters!
      Based on a suggestion from @shanni, we have updated the level ranking page to have a search bar so you can see your rank and a guild name column.
      In addition, you can now go through multiple pages using the page switcher.
      Each page will show 300 characters, and only characters past level 20 will be ranked.
      You can see the ranking page on our control panel's sidebar: https://beta.lifeto.co
      Thank you for your support!
    • By Sky
      Hello, Tricksters!

      Introducing LifeTO's help center, visit https://kb.lifeto.co. We aim to populate this with helpful articles on how to troubleshoot frequently experienced errors and answers on commonly asked questions. We've also added links to the help center in our website:

      Top Navigation Bar:

      Main Navigation Bar:

      Download Page:

      Interested players who wishes to help us populate our Help Center with articles may send me a DM.

    • By Sky
      Hello, Tricksters!

      To make our forum more Trickster-ish, we've added more emoticons and revamped the existing reactions.

      New Forum Emoticons:

      New Forum Reactions and Point System:


      Be sure to react Thanks and Love to the threads and comments that have helped or made you laugh. 

      That's all! Thank you and enjoy playing. ~