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Changes to Eclipse's Gacha System

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With the current system, we have 2+ different Gacha sets in one box.

For example, Azteca Box II has 5 different sets (shown below) in the same box, making it much more difficult to get the items we actually want. Unfortunately, sets are actually much harder to obtain here, than if we were to have eTO's Gacha system :/




My suggestion is to change it so that there is only one Gacha set per box (more similar to actual Gacha) and have the contents within the boxes rotate with every MyShop-changing maint.


Beginner Town - Blooming Cora Box

This box could contain the Spiker Tinnie & Squire Gilbert Set for a few weeks


and then the contents within the box could be changed to Stern Marie Elle & Gallant Stephano Set during the next big maint


And so on for the other boxes;

Town 1 - Megalopolis Box

Town 2 - Oops Wharf Box

Town 3 - Rose Garden Box

Town 4 - Azteca Box

Special Town - Tapasco Box (I am aware that we currently do not have SP Gacha boxes, however I've decided to include this as it may be relevant in the future)


I've made a list of Pros and Cons of this alternative Gacha system - may edit as I go along

*lol sorry i keep using roseus as an example here for some reason


  • Players can spend their money on the Gacha sets they actually want - e.g. only interested in Roseus set, but current box contains 4 other unwanted sets too rng pls
  • Less items = easier to get specific items - e.g. wants Roseus Shield in Azteca Box II. rather than a 1/24 chance of getting it, will have a 1/5 chance!
  • Lower chance of getting loads of the same item, from sets we aren't interested in pls no more duplicates from unwanted sets, they hurt
  • Easier to complete full Gacha sets!


  • Players will have to wait for certain Gacha sets to come around, however, we could have a poll (as we did with MS boxes) to see what sets the community wants in the boxes
  • Certain items that were almost impossible to get / extremely common before may increase/decrease in value, but value of items will always change regardless
  • Having to update often might take up loads of extra time


The current prices for the boxes are pretty fair in my opinion. Each Flicker drill (guaranteed set item/no consumables or modifiers) used in eTO Gacha costed us 2 coins, which was equivalent to 2k MS (if the player bought coins separately and not with the Gacha coin bulk deal) & 2k MS here is 2mil galders, so yeah, no other changes here.


Many thanks,

& @everyone, let me know what you guys think :]



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Update: We will be implementing something else.

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