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Gearing as a Wind/Earth SM

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New to this server and I'm just wondering what do I do in terms of gearing. Do I wait for MyShop boxes or are there other ways to obtain items in-game (boss drops etc) without MS. And what pet should I try and get around the lvl 120 range? I don't know what kind of items are on this server cause no one sells in Mega and its really tedious to go through the entire web marketplace :confuesd:

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In the beginning aim for 1k MA (with Mist of Mana), 50k HP and 600~700LK and you'll be baller and then once you have that more MA. 

Basically Draconic staff and shield, or 3-4 Slot Powerful Chrome Staff and the highest level hat, innerwear and accessories that have the highest stats in MA, LK and HP.

So you'll probably be looking to get Amelie Sheep set + pet and roan coldvice accessories like innerwear and hat. The character sets were released last year, so only old players would have them. Also get a shoestring (sprint) from MS, and the beige and red MS WT pouches and start farming gloom equips 24/7. 

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